NBA - Strongest Moments of 2021

30 mar 2021
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This video features players like: LeBron James, Zion Williamson, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Rudy Gobert and Julius Randle

  • Who’s the strongest player in the NBA? Only funny answers allowed 😂

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops22 giorni fa
    • Curry

      Shawn Merritt-HollowayShawn Merritt-Holloway17 giorni fa
    • Tyler Herro, no doubt fam 💪🏼😤 💯

      Mr420zachMr420zach18 giorni fa
    • Pretty obvious it’s trae young, Jared Dudley or MCW

      Katie HeilmanKatie Heilman18 giorni fa
    • Javale "The GOAT" McGee

      20iq20iq20 giorni fa
    • Giannis or Zion

      John DuvalJohn Duval20 giorni fa
  • Music is dope 👌

    Tushar DuttTushar Dutt17 giorni fa
  • 2:14 even the Afro knows not to jump sometimes😂

    Robert ClevelandRobert Cleveland18 giorni fa
  • Where my mans Sabonis at fam? He definitely got some Bulldog moments this season. But CLEARLY, Tyler Herro is the STRONGEST by far 💪🏼

    Mr420zachMr420zach18 giorni fa
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    Bryce HenryBryce Henry19 giorni fa
  • I call some of those posters "get outta the way moments"

    sarin nheksarin nhek19 giorni fa
  • Some of these moments aren't strong

    Akeem ThomasAkeem Thomas19 giorni fa
  • I remember when NBA players didn't pose and clown.

    Moe BettaMoe Betta20 giorni fa
  • Strongest ppl in the league in no order zion,LeBron,giannis and Steven Adams change my mind

    Gifted skillzGifted skillz20 giorni fa
    • @Nicole McClarynope top 10 tho

      Gifted skillzGifted skillz18 giorni fa
    • AD is 2 times stronger than lebron

      Nicole McClaryNicole McClary18 giorni fa
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  • bro this video should just be giannis and zion

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  • vSpaceX

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  • Sleeping on keldon johnson

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  • look at golden man, so inspirational

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  • This is a great video

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  • Giannis enter the NBA- One of the weakest Now- Holy Crap

    Joel EmbiidJoel Embiid21 giorno fa
  • It's kinda sad when you see your favorite player ( Frank Mason II ) gets absolutely stuffed

    Brodie ClarkBrodie Clark21 giorno fa
  • after dunk scowl please !!

    UFUK KAYAUFUK KAYA21 giorno fa
  • They don't got the best players, but I do think that philly has the strongest players all around.

    Owen PrestonOwen Preston21 giorno fa
  • For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life John 3:16

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    • Favorite is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13

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    • Yes that is my second favorite verse

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  • shoulda put zion flexing in the thumbnail

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  • Zion crazy

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  • why is it that all his videos are exactly 10:01 minutes long. I know why I'm just wondering why exactly 10:01

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  • Golden hoops best basketball ITworlds channel there is

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  • Just make a Giannis/Zion compilation and can still keep this title 🔥

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  • 7:45 massive pause😬

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  • I love when Giannis dunks on a 6’3” guard and screams in their face lol

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  • Harden mvp 🙉🙉👑👑

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  • 0:47 That soft as a pillow

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    • Lmao

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  • Real goat

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  • The name of the title may has well be “Zion is To strong”

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  • 1:28 best Pg snatch ever 🔥

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  • Has to be Jacked Antetekonmpo !!!!

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  • Look at Golden hoops man so inspirational thy should've hit 1,000,000 a long Tim ago 👀

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  • Marvin ain't want no smoke Embiid Crushed it😤😤😤💪💪😯

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  • Mark ingram

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  • the strongest player is obviously LaMelo Ball

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  • Fun fact: Next time we see Isaiah Thomas in the league, he will be 6’7 290lb

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  • Joel Embiid is not the strongest mentally

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  • Issac bonga is obviously the strongest player in the nba EVER

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  • 2:15 lmao

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  • Damn son

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  • 0:16 Anybody else feel like that was a side bump? Just me. K

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  • Zion is the NBA hulk

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  • Look at Golden Hoops man, so inspirational

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  • Ok, I think Diallo is hella underrated, who agrees

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  • Noti gang wya

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  • Harrel is that 1 Dude that just wakes up and chooses violence..”Peace Was Never An Option”

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  • Can you do far shots moments

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  • Karen comes into store: Panik The store has guards: Kalm The guards are on lunch break: Panik

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