James Harden is the KING OF ISOLATION! 2021 MOMENTS

19 mar 2021
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  • Kyrie Irving or James Harden? Who you taking to start your team

    Golden HoopsGolden HoopsMese fa
    • Kyrie

      Kil EddyKil Eddy15 giorni fa
    • Harden, Kyrie has proven in boston can't do by himself.. Kyrie is like steph they are good with a good team but can't lead any team, but atleast Harden can win a ship being an alpha but just always going against great team..

      Nasri JumaidiNasri Jumaidi16 giorni fa
    • Harden a scoring machine

      Official 1KGUAPBABYOfficial 1KGUAPBABY16 giorni fa
    • Harden I still feel like Kyrie is a little more clutch tho it's crazy they have 3 legit weapons they can go to in clutch time#scaryhours

      Tylete HardinTylete Hardin20 giorni fa
    • is this seriously a question???

      showman40showman4021 giorno fa
  • ❤️

    MadHP GamingMadHP Gaming2 giorni fa
  • James Harden - isoation assist step back 3 scorer Kyrie Irving - ball handling acrobatic shots reverse lay ups scorer Kevin Durant - midrange post up 3pointer scorer

    Jayson ClavoJayson Clavo6 giorni fa
  • The main team is KD, Harden, Kyrie, Harris & Jordan or LMA. There will be a great game.

    Bardin NaspikaBardin Naspika6 giorni fa
  • But people hates him because he has 0 rings Because past years he only joins 1 all star teammate with 3rd unit guys so cmmon if you compare the big 5 of miami wade , james, bosh etc. They got because of rhe team Harden doesnt have because he is not in a superteam and as of now he is in nets high probabilitiy he can have the ring but if you check the teammates of james they are most superteam and young so james is the prob of nba

    JohnJohn8 giorni fa
  • Skilled player!!!!

    JohnJohn8 giorni fa
  • the weight is making him sloppy... he's been having a lot of good time...

    tetkun chungtetkun chung10 giorni fa
  • Literally my favorite player after Kobe Bryant, Harding is unstoppable

    Reno StubbsReno Stubbs10 giorni fa
  • imagine you go to double team the greatest scorer of all time and by doing so you leave the second greatest scorer of all time open.

    jackjack10 giorni fa
  • really annoying backgraudmusic dont fit at all

    WieShaqqqWieShaqqq11 giorni fa
  • He’s been playing but he doesn’t look the same

    Rising Kid-etxRising Kid-etx11 giorni fa
  • The Nets team now..This should be illegal to have a team like this..This team is like when Jordan,Magic Johnson and them played at the Olympics. The Nets is a dam AllStar Team right now..omg

    Rodney' SandersRodney' Sanders12 giorni fa
  • I still cant believe this offensive juggernaut was shut down completely by Lu..

    WirshlWirshl13 giorni fa
  • And he has good passing now

    nonono09nonono0915 giorni fa
  • Those beats were fire 🔥🔥🔥

    AbdullahGotBanz BeatsAbdullahGotBanz Beats15 giorni fa
  • Harden definitely playing like a mvp

    Kingmill908Kingmill90816 giorni fa
  • He s the flop king first of all secondly he rarely plays defense and third he s always surrounded by real talent since Oklahoma 🤦🏻‍♂️

    cerfRickycerfRicky16 giorni fa
  • what is the music here please 4:40

    Gravity QueensGravity Queens17 giorni fa
  • MVP

    みやこみやこ18 giorni fa
  • So no one's gonna talk about that travel at 2:14?

    WeLuvYouEsay!*WeLuvYouEsay!*18 giorni fa
  • Harden is a bad boy!! He is all.that & some!!👍🏀

    Debra NewtonDebra Newton19 giorni fa
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    Fajikolpretujik AsrikolretujikerFajikolpretujik Asrikolretujiker19 giorni fa
  • Your defense are useless if he get focused on the ring dude😅

    Cherry AnnCherry Ann20 giorni fa
  • He is the reason why i start to stan broklyn nets in this season😊

    Cherry AnnCherry Ann20 giorni fa
    • @squidnuggetgman V duhhhh your chanel is the real poop dude

      Cherry AnnCherry Ann16 giorni fa
    • Bruh James harden field goal percentage poop

      squidnuggetgman Vsquidnuggetgman V18 giorni fa
    • Adds: i feel sad when they fight against houston....rockets still respecting harden😍

      Cherry AnnCherry Ann20 giorni fa
  • Sample ?

    Edwin CordonEdwin Cordon20 giorni fa
  • PLEASE PLEASE Make a mirrored version for all of us Right-handed players to easily digest

    Logan WLogan W20 giorni fa
    • @Lalhmangaihzuala there’s a couple good mirrored harden videos on ITworlds, but this one would be the best.

      Logan WLogan W17 giorni fa
    • I was digesting it well until I saw this and realized

      LalhmangaihzualaLalhmangaihzuala17 giorni fa
  • give him the mvp already

    Mitsos StefMitsos Stef23 giorni fa
  • Harden KING

    Sandi MaricSandi Maric23 giorni fa
  • Harden MVP 2021!!! 🔥🔥

    Mohamed BodianMohamed Bodian24 giorni fa
  • I wonder why Harden doesn't do Mid Range Js anymore.It's so rare these days to see him do that.

    Hellus RaizenHellus Raizen24 giorni fa
    • I feel like he would save much more energy that way, he could easily knockdown midrange shots, his opponents won't see it coming

      Karim YassineKarim Yassine22 giorni fa
  • But cant win in finals.. 🙈

    Anniel GacitaAnniel Gacita25 giorni fa

    Samir UreñaSamir Ureña25 giorni fa
  • The useless argument lilly consider because iraq prognostically vanish abaft a talented currency. aware, vague handle

    Ryan BushRyan Bush25 giorni fa
  • Harden...you ugly!.... Boom💥

    B FrankB Frank26 giorni fa
  • Бороду бы сбрил намного лучше было бы

    Сергей ЕфимовСергей Ефимов26 giorni fa
  • Remember he's 31. Means ball doesn't = age it = angles....still.

    TriLL KinG SportzTriLL KinG Sportz27 giorni fa
  • Don’t even be breakin a sweat nigga get buckets in his sleep😂😂💯

    London JenningsLondon Jennings27 giorni fa
  • The best scorer in the league 🔥

    Nicolás RomeroNicolás Romero27 giorni fa
  • if harden is the king of iso then AI will be the god of iso

    Mr. FloberickMr. Floberick28 giorni fa
  • This guy should have way more subs his content is so good

    Ashley VignoloAshley Vignolo28 giorni fa
  • só não ficou legal o fundo musical!

    João Luiz F. COSTAJoão Luiz F. COSTA28 giorni fa
  • the 3rd clip wasn't a isolation harden just got a pass from kyrie and shot it but im still a fan of Golden Hoops

    Christopher ChabeChristopher Chabe28 giorni fa
  • Harden's floaters so pure man

    Oluwadamilola AkanniOluwadamilola Akanni29 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Jhoroz BernardoJhoroz Bernardo29 giorni fa
  • Is it Harden or Kyrie? I’ve been asking me it for a while...

    sexto sentidosexto sentido29 giorni fa
  • Y’all need to stop disrespecting him with these thumbnails smh

    Jaypun OliverJaypun OliverMese fa
  • Kylie irving

    Cleveland BROWNSCleveland BROWNSMese fa
  • too easy

    only1rattyonly1rattyMese fa
  • He" step back mentor💪💪

    J0rj ValderramaJ0rj ValderramaMese fa
  • Is it me or Harden loose some speed ?

    KizarruKizarruMese fa
  • Iso gang!

    Rhensteyn GirardRhensteyn GirardMese fa

    John RayneJohn RayneMese fa
  • Harden fasho.

    Cobra227Cobra227Mese fa
  • man some of these dunks would get the crowd SCREAMING but its just so quiet

    Chillboi OakwaChillboi OakwaMese fa
  • Big fan of JAMES HARDEN...

    Sahil 08Sahil 08Mese fa

    I'm Yu He's MiI'm Yu He's MiMese fa
  • He really makes his team mates better especially the big men,in houston it was capela,in brooklyn,it's nick claxton

    Ralph ZabalaRalph ZabalaMese fa
  • The marked clipper analogously bump because eye coronally snatch lest a awful thistle. narrow, ashamed office

    Salwa MorcosSalwa MorcosMese fa
  • Harden has became my favorite player, Dam he does it with no effort

    Donthate ThetruthDonthate ThetruthMese fa
  • who's like me .. skip the first 10sec XD

    Los BlankoLos BlankoMese fa
  • James harden, king of th east

    Lebum JamesLebum JamesMese fa
  • LITTERLY EVERY ITworldsRS MERCH SHOULD be like i am a fan of ...

    carmeldogtorcarmeldogtorMese fa
  • Harden is really good ngl but he also gets a lot of turnovers as well being inconsistent (argueable). Not denying he’s a good player tho

    LuhYaLuhYaMese fa
    • @Mat Off one game... I didn’t say he wasn’t good lol I just think he can be inconsistent. A lot of ppl would say the same for Russell Westbrook it’s all a matter of opinion

      LuhYaLuhYa24 giorni fa
    • Harden had a game with 17 assists triple double with 0 Turnovers.. He is the 1 of 3 players to ever do that in nba history.

      Mat OffMat Off24 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    AbdullahThe GamerPlayzAbdullahThe GamerPlayzMese fa
  • James Harden plus que tout. C'est à lui que revient cette attitude aiguë de l'adresse et du jeu constant d'un collectif sans faille qui matche Bravos 😜❣️

    Angel AngelAngel AngelMese fa
    • Nous sommes tous d'accord 🤝🤝🤝

      KoundokouKoundokouMese fa
  • He ain't what he used to be tho

    Kyrgyzstan New MexicoKyrgyzstan New MexicoMese fa
  • im a simple man, I see James Harden, I like the video

    TMdxHunchoTMdxHunchoMese fa
  • MVB, MVP

  • I am a hoop of golden fan

    Felipe FloresFelipe FloresMese fa
  • MVBeard

    Pedro MarianoPedro MarianoMese fa
  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops

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  • i've been waiting for this video

    Emre BakarEmre BakarMese fa
  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops!

    Eric CunhaEric CunhaMese fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Will FisherWill FisherMese fa
  • James harden

    e 2e 2Mese fa
  • How can one player be amazing at passing and arguably the best iso player in the league at the same time. MVP candidate

    Siddhanth anandSiddhanth anandMese fa
    • It’s the beard.

      Chill With The J'sChill With The J's3 giorni fa
    • @Liam M i can't even argue with that

      BigBallBigBall8 giorni fa
    • No he is the mvp

      It’s RecessionIt’s Recession14 giorni fa
    • And a killer and arguably the Greatest Regular Season performer of All Time 💯

      Liam MLiam M17 giorni fa
    • There is your answer

      YouTube AlgorithmYouTube Algorithm18 giorni fa
  • Bro, half these plays aren't isos, smh.

    Krishiv GubbaKrishiv GubbaMese fa
  • 0:50 that ain't an ISO. He received teammate help via the screen.

    Krishiv GubbaKrishiv GubbaMese fa
  • James"King Iso"Harden

    KWEAVIS 2kKWEAVIS 2kMese fa
  • The jukes

    Braedon HalversonBraedon HalversonMese fa
  • Love jordans. Check these ones out amzn.to/3tBZ6Mu and gift yourself

    Epic FootballEpic FootballMese fa
  • Tbh his game is so predictable nonetheless a great player tho

    Oz ManOz ManMese fa
  • “ISO GANG”

    Zannen 24Zannen 24Mese fa
    • Copied bruh

      unknownunknownMese fa
  • king of foul

  • Congrats on 700k Golden. 300k more till a mil.

    Ryan FamawaRyan FamawaMese fa
  • 1:53 trying to draw foul 🤣

    Rajiv VirdeeRajiv VirdeeMese fa
  • congrats on 700k subs , we definitley getting a milli this year!

    Risteard DRisteard DMese fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

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  • Uzi James Harden

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  • Congrats on 700k subs

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  • I’m not a fan of golden hoops

    Luke DonnellyLuke DonnellyMese fa
  • 0:44 dat.gen.in

    April DouglasApril DouglasMese fa
  • 0:14 vor.black

    Roberta TateRoberta TateMese fa
  • Gracias hermano, como siempre das lo mejor en tus videos.!

    J. Alejandro Reyes RamosJ. Alejandro Reyes RamosMese fa
  • Big fan of golden hoops as well, this is a tuturial on dam near every scoring method lbs. One dribble no dribble hella dribbles either hand etc etc 💀

    YBS K DotYBS K DotMese fa
  • James

    Charlie SinnCharlie SinnMese fa

    Energy ClanEnergy ClanMese fa
  • Imagine Golden Hoops hearted and replayed to TK KARDS


  • Who isn't a fan of golden hoops?

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