Jayson Tatum is ON THE RISE! 2021 MOMENTS

20 mar 2021
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  • PT2 ASAP 🥺🖤

    Falcon ProductionFalcon Production4 giorni fa
  • He’s ma favourite player

    Andreuz PoteteAndreuz Potete4 giorni fa
  • tatum can be very unguardable if he attacks the paint jus as he takes those sidesteps and midrange shots

    bossmansavbossmansav7 giorni fa
  • People say Donovan Mitchell and DBook are better than him just because of the recency bias... if the Celtics weren’t this bad this year people would probably be arguing that he’s better than Luka 🤷🏼‍♂️

    LeonLeon12 giorni fa
  • Hey Guys I love you fans thanks so much for watching me play it means a lot to me

    Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • Lowkey he the Allan Houston of this era his game and style looki it up Houston was a smooth scorer

    Garnel jr pierreGarnel jr pierre26 giorni fa
  • "I was dead broke, yeah, zero (0) N**** looked at me like Jayson Now they see they bossed on (Boston) Now they look at me like Tatum" (Celtics) - NoCap (Handgun)

    King HassanKing Hassan27 giorni fa
  • you forgot the game winner on the pistons the behind the back on the layup against the rockets and the almost halfcourt buzzer against the rockets again also the and one dunk on the clippers yes i am a celtics fan

    Michael SardarMichael Sardar27 giorni fa
  • He will be the best out of all the players of the new generation. Clutch as fuck, elite on defense, unstoppable on offense when he doesn’t have bad shooting nights. I mean look how many difficult shots he takes AND makes ? This is ridiculous. He is the best overall young player if you include D. Better than Trae, Luka and Zion. Lukasexuals will disagree but even though Luka is phenomenal, he will never play D like Tatum.

    Tan CressTan Cress27 giorni fa
  • Next Kobe all ima say

    Sebastian VillasenorSebastian Villasenor29 giorni fa
  • JT has one of the most smoothest jumper in the league

    Jordan XhJordan Xh29 giorni fa
  • And hes only 19!

    Charles WrightCharles Wright29 giorni fa
  • This is carmel0 rings all over the place. A lot of empty calories buckets 0 championships

    Mario GalleguillosMario GalleguillosMese fa
    • @Mario Galleguillos yes he can be the celtics were contenders an he was the best player on the team besides the year kyrie was there he pushed a lebron led cavs team to 7 games in the confrence finals as a rookie

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud22 giorni fa
    • @Mario Galleguillos ok? the point was that he's only been in the playoffs 3 times, and 2 of those times he's helped them into the conference finals, not to mention the fact that the celtics had almost no chance of winning a ring in any of those years. the rings argument for how good a player is is dumb. period.

      Nolan ZNolan Z27 giorni fa
    • @Nolan Z taytum is not a number one in a championship team

      Mario GalleguillosMario Galleguillos27 giorni fa
    • He's played 3 playoffs, 2 of which he helped the celtics to the conference finals, and both those were close series. Besides, rings are completely irrelevant when talking about how great a player is.

      Nolan ZNolan Z28 giorni fa
  • but our team isnt

    black roachblack roachMese fa
  • Golden Hoops, can u pls tell me the name of the beats u used, they are catchy.

    KyriediculousKyriediculousMese fa
  • 1:50 Did he just say “Oh what a pass from Tayton” 😂

    SpearzSpearzMese fa
    • @Jayson Tatum 😂 nice name

      SpearzSpearz18 giorni fa
    • I think he did

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • The NBA's future is in good hands

    EspokaxotaEspokaxotaMese fa
  • He reminds me of Kobe Bryant for some reason

    Nikeem HopperNikeem HopperMese fa
    • Thanks that is like such a complaint seriously I'm not joking

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
    • he trained with kobe in the off season an he learned kobe one legged step back fadeaway

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud22 giorni fa
    • actually, he copied almost every kobe's signature moves

      Caleb BallentineCaleb Ballentine28 giorni fa
  • Hes so clutch but the celtics arent good this season

    IndigoIndigoMese fa
  • Yaas my favorite player

    Gang GangGang GangMese fa
  • Since brown and tatum drafted to celts i become more of a fan of celts.

    Karl MontealtoKarl MontealtoMese fa
    • Your comments and everyone's make me smile

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • What's up

    Christian BellChristian BellMese fa
  • Do Luka

    Mavericks Fan4444Mavericks Fan4444Mese fa
  • This team may suck but it’s still fun to watch Tatum play

    Mattyice1.4Mattyice1.4Mese fa
    • Well thanks for that comment but please don't say my team sucks

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • People really call him overrated but yet he gets 27+ a game it’s only him and brown for their team yet they find a way to hate the man 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Shea’s CardsShea’s CardsMese fa
    • 25*

      Ebubechukwu OkekeEbubechukwu Okeke12 giorni fa
    • Exactly it’s crazy

      Eighty CaponeEighty Capone27 giorni fa
  • With the Celtics struggling, Tatum has a golden opportunity to step up and lead them back into Championship contention. With the bucks, nets and 76ers as the cream of the crop, and the heat as the defending conference champions, the Celtics can no longer wait for the future or development of talent. They need to band together and do what we as a fanbase believe they can do, which is contend for a title. This second half of the season and the Celtics success is going to hinge A LOT on Tatum, who needs to step up his play. These highlights are wonderful, and I believe he can do it, but when you watch him play game in and game out I am starting to see some trends that are very concerning. He has to stop taking such difficult shots and use his handle to get to the cup more often. I really want the team to win, so just take this comment as constructive criticism for one of my favorite players.

    LudyBros EntertainmentLudyBros EntertainmentMese fa
  • トラベルテイタムでてないかー?

    qs 86loveqs 86loveMese fa
  • CP3 plssss🙏

    Chard ParceChard ParceMese fa
  • Tatum is a talented player compare to others that not experience playoffs game!

    Jake MarionJake MarionMese fa
    • Yeqh

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
    • @Jayson Tatum yow jt☘️

      Jake MarionJake Marion18 giorni fa
    • Sup 🙃

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • il rw3

    신발장수신발장수Mese fa
  • Future MVP

    Starscream 1234Starscream 1234Mese fa
  • talented scorer, has the length and athletiscm to be a great defender, and he's only 23. he's got all the potential in the world to be an all time great.

    Nolan ZNolan ZMese fa
  • for Jayson Tatum iam celtics fan , from Argentina☘️🇦🇷

    Valentino GuidiValentino GuidiMese fa
    • Hey Valentino by the way that's a cool name

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • Future GOAT right here 🤙

    Brayden WBrayden WMese fa
  • I have a theory that when the Celtics are attacking one side in the first half, that half is the good one. The other side is bad in my view

    Bei ShenBei ShenMese fa
  • My Favorite Player In The League After LeBron & Russell Westbrook.

    Dontavious DouglasDontavious DouglasMese fa
  • Soo dangerous player

    abdulrezzak altunabdulrezzak altunMese fa
  • I like your videos its the best

    Gloria SamatarGloria SamatarMese fa
    • But im a boy

      Gloria SamatarGloria SamatarMese fa
  • Yessir

    WaveysWRLDWaveysWRLDMese fa
  • 2:16 the spurs announcers only excited bc they still leading

    TanTanMese fa
  • The Young Fella I See You

    vRamenvRamenMese fa
  • Jokic next please 🙏

    Garreth PillayGarreth PillayMese fa
  • You should do Jaylen Brown!

    InfernoInfernoMese fa
  • I'm a Celtics fan...The Celtics are in 8th place (ugh)

    InfernoInfernoMese fa
    • Yup it’s frustrating

      Ray AllenRay AllenMese fa
  • *Me and my homies beated jason tatum in Walmart when he abused my sister I AM SORRY BRUH...*

    A R H A MA R H A MMese fa
    • i-

      Caleb BallentineCaleb Ballentine28 giorni fa
  • Tatum and Durant actually the same both three level scorers

    Ozigbu KingsleyOzigbu KingsleyMese fa
    • @Monsieur_Baguette yea, dont get me wrong I love JT but he's not comparable to durant just yet. KD is an all time great, like him or not. JT has all the potential and skills to be one, he's just got a long way to go, and I hope he gets there.

      Nolan ZNolan Z24 giorni fa
    • @Nolan Z respectable and well said

      Monsieur_BaguetteMonsieur_Baguette25 giorni fa
    • Not even close. If JT can show that he can lead a team and facilitate like kd can, then that comparison can be made. Kd is one of the most complete players In nba history, JT is getting there.

      Nolan ZNolan Z28 giorni fa
  • Tatum may be on the rise, but the C's are not.

    Walter BolchWalter BolchMese fa
  • Congrats on 700k

    Hype B-ballHype B-ballMese fa
  • Can you do a Trae Young video?

    Howard The AlienHoward The AlienMese fa
  • I wanna be like my idol, Jayson Tatum🥺

    Mckenlee ChiokietMckenlee ChiokietMese fa
  • Great youtuber 💯💯💯

    amir martinezamir martinezMese fa
  • Honestly golden hoops deserves 3 million at this point

    amir martinezamir martinezMese fa
  • Jalen brown next

    Manpreet SandhuManpreet SandhuMese fa

    Arush BArush BMese fa
  • can u pls do 1 for pascal siakam, hes been killing it this season!

    Shayaan FarooqiShayaan FarooqiMese fa
    • Bey(fucking)blade

      Monsieur_BaguetteMonsieur_Baguette25 giorni fa
    • spinny boi

      Jack DudaJack Duda28 giorni fa
  • He is only 19!

    GazdaGazdaMese fa
    • My birthday is March 3

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
    • Actually I'm 23

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
    • @Brody Little wake up hes jokin

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud22 giorni fa
    • he is not 19 your trippin

      Mohamad TheebMohamad TheebMese fa
    • NO HES NOT

      Brody LittleBrody LittleMese fa
  • My idea was next

    ItzJosh12ItzJosh12Mese fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops!

    DA Basketball ChannelDA Basketball ChannelMese fa
  • jt🔥

    Alexander LlamadoAlexander LlamadoMese fa
  • Do giannis and shout me out

    NT ClanNT ClanMese fa
  • He’s in somewhat of a slump but he’s still my favorite player

    PJ KingPJ KingMese fa
    • @Krish Patel he hasn’t been leading the team to wins like he’s doing alright but I’ve seen him do so much better

      PJ KingPJ KingMese fa
    • nah hes been lights out since the break fym... he played bad yesterday but thats it

      Krish PatelKrish PatelMese fa
  • can you do Brandon Ingram next or MPJ

    Jakari OdenJakari OdenMese fa
  • what was the second song you used called?

    NadiaNadiaMese fa
  • LuKA bEtTeR

    • ur trollin right

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud22 giorni fa
  • Congrats on 700k subs

    JL WashingtonJL WashingtonMese fa
  • Golden Hoops is on the Rise!

    TrescoPelotaTrescoPelotaMese fa
  • Yall better get my man 2 one million

    Ryanisbeast 102Ryanisbeast 102Mese fa
  • I don’t matter since we keep losing all these fucking games and we sure as hell know Danny excuses Ainge isn’t making a trade at the trade deadline.

    Colin CinqColin CinqMese fa
  • Devin booker next plzz

    Maha TrooperMaha TrooperMese fa
  • WOW jaysontaume so good

    Ashley SinghAshley SinghMese fa
  • One of the NBA best scorers and clutch time buckets 🪣

    Ishan JainIshan JainMese fa
    • Fax

      E Just PerfectE Just PerfectMese fa
  • I'm a C's fan , and Tatum is one of my favorite player , but they are dissapointing this year

    Tom et SabTom et SabMese fa
    • Why disappointed

      Tiring ArmecinTiring Armecin2 giorni fa
    • Hella

      LoginLogin17 giorni fa
    • I will try and step up for yoh

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
    • Same C’s forever but, disappointing.

      17Fxture17Fxture18 giorni fa
    • Same

      Lucas CelticsFan13Lucas CelticsFan1322 giorni fa
  • Can you do a Jaylen Brown one?

    Noah HastingsNoah HastingsMese fa
  • Boston ❤

    mathis boissinotmathis boissinotMese fa
    • Thanks for being a fan of my team

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops The Best 😆 😊 😈 👉 🏀 💣 🔥

    Zacarias RodriguezZacarias RodriguezMese fa
    • 100% true.

      DA Basketball ChannelDA Basketball ChannelMese fa
  • Best of all, he's only 19

    KawhiLowry-GamingKawhiLowry-GamingMese fa
    • @Noah Hastings hes joking, wake up

      Caleb BallentineCaleb Ballentine28 giorni fa
    • cappp

      Mohamad TheebMohamad TheebMese fa
    • Whoosh

      KawhiLowry-GamingKawhiLowry-GamingMese fa
    • Isn't he 22 or 23

      kristimptkristimptMese fa
    • He isnt 19

      Noah HastingsNoah HastingsMese fa
  • 0:23 vom.lol

    Kenneth MurphyKenneth MurphyMese fa
  • I agree tatum is playing like a all star this season. I’ll still destroy his ass in the playoffs

    Damian Dame Dolla LillardDamian Dame Dolla LillardMese fa
    • Plus you won't ever play me dude

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
    • Oh yeah let's make that a bet bro

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
    • stop trollin tatum, pushed a lebron cavs team to seven games as a rookie in the confrence finals an u got swept by a warriors team without kd an a pelicans team

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud22 giorni fa
    • @Damian Dame Dolla Lillard 20 yh but not 50 ur in west hes in east

      Olivette LomingoOlivette LomingoMese fa
    • @Damian Dame Dolla Lillard he is in east

      Olivette LomingoOlivette LomingoMese fa
  • This is a very close but low budget Lebron

    Video game MichaelVideo game MichaelMese fa
  • Give Golden Hoops 1 million subs

    Søren Kühl AndersenSøren Kühl AndersenMese fa
  • Jaylen Brown video?

    Chillboi OakwaChillboi OakwaMese fa
  • hes going to have a great future

    just a normal human beingjust a normal human beingMese fa
    • Thanks bro

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • If only his team was winning

    Jumbo GumboJumbo GumboMese fa
  • I stay early

  • Hey Golden Hoops, remember me?

    random blue guyrandom blue guyMese fa
    • Of course !

      Golden HoopsGolden HoopsMese fa
  • Not even one minute in yet and the syncing of the dunk and the beat drop at 0:26 is making me hype!

    Saltwater BoySaltwater BoyMese fa
    • @Saltwater Boy bars hahaha he hater of tatum

      Rafaell ManaloRafaell ManaloMese fa
    • @Tate Eaton nobody cares about you too 😂

      Saltwater BoySaltwater BoyMese fa
    • Dude nobody cares

      Tate EatonTate EatonMese fa
  • My friend I a Jason Tatum simp!

    • Haha

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • JT let’s Get it

    DJFlowGamesDJFlowGamesMese fa

    Janice TurnerJanice TurnerMese fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops !

    Eric CunhaEric CunhaMese fa
  • Tatum is so cute look at his muscles in the thumbnail beautiful 🥺💖 Pause

    Sa ESa EMese fa
    • @Golden Hoops you know it 😉

      KawhiLowry-GamingKawhiLowry-GamingMese fa
    • Keep going

      Golden HoopsGolden HoopsMese fa
    • Bruh

      Olivette LomingoOlivette LomingoMese fa
    • Resume

      KawhiLowry-GamingKawhiLowry-GamingMese fa
  • hi

    e 2e 2Mese fa
    • Hey

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • One of the most clutch players in the league

    fog3fog3Mese fa
    • The cool thing is that hes a nice guy and doesnt talk shit. Has my respect for sure

      EffectedGamerEffectedGamer6 giorni fa
    • @random guest Still hungover with that block huh.

      Paulo StaticPaulo Static27 giorni fa
    • Yep

      Vielkys PaulinoVielkys Paulino29 giorni fa
    • @random guest wow, just cause of one play. Where's his other 5 game winners? Where's the most efficient shooter in the clutch in the league?

      AREEN PANDAAREEN PANDA29 giorni fa
    • I agree especially when he dunked it on Bam to win the game in the conference finals....

      random guestrandom guest29 giorni fa
  • 6’10 Power Forward, w guard skills, playmaking, elite shooting and finishing, also a great defender as well

    Forever FinesseForever FinesseMese fa
    • Not the best playmaker atm, but hey, he's only 23, he's got ages to develop playmaking and leadership skills. He's got a bright future ahead of him.

      Nolan ZNolan Z23 giorni fa
    • @KINGTALEM brah he’s taller then 6’8 Daniel Theis 😂😂

      Forever FinesseForever FinesseMese fa
    • 6’8😂


  • 0:53 vom.gen.in

    Sophie RobertsonSophie RobertsonMese fa
  • You shine JT

    GioGioMese fa

    HYDRO FannHYDRO FannMese fa
    • Hey HYDRO fann

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
    • Is goated

      LoginLoginMese fa
    • I said the same thing

      FlavFlavMese fa
    • @Saba Ahmad Yeah bro really...

      A R H A MA R H A MMese fa
    • I really don’t know what to say

      Saba AhmadSaba AhmadMese fa
  • Finally Jayson Tatum!!!

    Anton BiehlAnton BiehlMese fa
    • 😁

      Jayson TatumJayson Tatum18 giorni fa
  • His team is below .500 .

    Michael Olayinka BelloMichael Olayinka BelloMese fa
    • no

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud22 giorni fa
    • Doesn’t make him a bad player lmao

      AdeTo VAR’s motherAdeTo VAR’s motherMese fa