NBA "Hornets' CRAZY Commentator!" HYPE MOMENTS !

17 feb 2021
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  • Kyrie vs Harden 1on1 .. who you got?

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops16 giorni fa
    • Harden would make Kyrie foul out. lol

      Janine ArthurJanine ArthurGiorno fa
    • @Kilo Beams kyrie

      Jacob HillisJacob HillisGiorno fa
    • hornets cimmentator

      Kenny RosilloKenny RosilloGiorno fa
    • Kyrie

      Reven’s DripReven’s Drip4 giorni fa
    • Kyrie

      NotRneLeafNotRneLeaf5 giorni fa
  • Every time a see a hornets play, I laugh because the commentator😂

    Cole T.Cole T.3 ore fa
  • This whole Hornets team is FIRE !!!!!!!!!

    riaz abrahamsriaz abrahams8 ore fa
  • I want them in ASG! Nba make it happen!

    Tech Tech TechTech Tech TechGiorno fa
  • at least he's having fun at his job lol

    Kenny RosilloKenny RosilloGiorno fa
  • When there’s no fans in the arena you need a commentator like this dude brings so much energy

    Random CommentorRandom CommentorGiorno fa
  • No one ever mentions his name... wonder what it is...

    Iain GrahamIain Graham3 giorni fa
    • Eric Collins

      Aarush GarikapatiAarush Garikapati2 giorni fa
  • Hornets are fun to watch

    Konner69Konner693 giorni fa
  • The adamant alcohol pharmacokinetically discover because number sicily hover beyond a entertaining bull. unwritten, humorous enemy

    Henry TaylorHenry Taylor3 giorni fa
  • Poor guys, waited so long for any signs of life in their team, they deserve it

    Mo obadMo obad4 giorni fa

    exrlexrl4 giorni fa

    Abdulabad KumbatiAbdulabad Kumbati4 giorni fa
  • Announcer probably gets bricked up just hearing the words miles bridges 🧱🍆

    AneurvsmAneurvsm4 giorni fa
  • He would make a great WWE commentator

    HH5 giorni fa
  • 1:10 LaMelo Ball with his hair on fire . Love that

    HH5 giorni fa
  • The Charlotte hornets have Michael Jordan written all over it

    Ggillrobet RobertGgillrobet Robert5 giorni fa
  • He will go home with a sore throat

    Francis L.Francis L.5 giorni fa
  • Give this god damn commentator an award of the year already

    senin clansenin clan5 giorni fa
  • The squad makes cody zeller feel young again lol

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda5 giorni fa
  • Some old footage here too

    LE RUU76LE RUU765 giorni fa
  • Hornets are very entertaining in terms of their gameplay and their commentator makes is 100 times better

    rianrian5 giorni fa

    KuzmaKuzma6 giorni fa
  • anyone else love when miles bridges dunks with power?

    Ethan BuddleEthan Buddle6 giorni fa
  • This dude commentates the way the hornets play..... Fuckin amazing!!!

    Eduardo MedinaEduardo Medina6 giorni fa
  • Man this guy has to have some feelings for terry 😂

    Jackson YonJackson Yon7 giorni fa
  • top 5 saying from THE commentary 1: OH MYYYYY/ OH MY GOODNESS 2.HUMDILLIDEDOO 3. HOW DO YOU DO 4. a players name 5. OHHHH YEAHHHHH and everything eles he says

    LJinDaCutLJinDaCut7 giorni fa
  • 3:16 what a nice fast break play, that was beautiful to watch

    KiroKiro7 giorni fa

  • everybody eats

    Yusef AlimamYusef Alimam7 giorni fa
  • It’s not hard finding these clips I hear it a bunch each hornets game u watch

  • I’m wearing headphones and this dude just screaming in my 👂 ear

  • julian newman is watching tv while lamelo is now playing in the nba

    kakerukakeru8 giorni fa
  • Air Bnb underrated

    DaeDae8 giorni fa
  • We need a part 2

    Stephen DavidStephen David8 giorni fa
  • this Charlotte team is very fun to watch

    Nicholas BaumNicholas Baum8 giorni fa
  • this video should be named lamelo to miles

    SheLuhhTrulySheLuhhTruly8 giorni fa
  • Melo and miles lowkey lookin cp3 and blake no capq

    Zean GentonZean Genton8 giorni fa
  • The commentator for nba Jam 2

    Aceyaboi kaloAceyaboi kalo8 giorni fa
  • Can only imagine if he was commenting when Kawhi hit the game winning shot against Phili

    Mr. MovesMr. Moves9 giorni fa
  • Love the vids man. Keep dropping them

    Patrick JonesPatrick Jones9 giorni fa
  • Hornets has the best comentary hands down

    søto bøbsøto bøb9 giorni fa
  • I think it would be very productive if Lamelo use Rondo's fake behind the back pass

    MaMz KnoXvilleMaMz KnoXville9 giorni fa
  • I love this thanks you so so so so so much

    Jairon AliJairon Ali10 giorni fa
  • I don't know why, but this makes me see how good the hornets really are.

    Gutty_PlayzGutty_Playz10 giorni fa
  • I come to youtube only for this video

    Isaac FuentesIsaac Fuentes10 giorni fa
  • Lets be real ... its the best Team Jordan ever had as a Owner.

    MrDCClassicMrDCClassic10 giorni fa
  • A few repeats in this montage. Good watch though nonetheless.

    iLLyiLLy10 giorni fa
  • You can tell he’s a hornets fan

    Parker WParker W10 giorni fa
  • Hope they can make a run at the playoffs. Would love to hear how crunk they get!! 🔥

    Jake LockettJake Lockett10 giorni fa
  • Eric Collins + Dell Curry = Perfection

    Deanocio hornocioDeanocio hornocio10 giorni fa
  • Hornets commentator is best of all commentator in nba so far 💖

    chad gochad go10 giorni fa
  • The commentator probably a chill dude. Hornets are just this exciting!!!

    Roy ChangRoy Chang10 giorni fa
  • One thing I love this season. Them Hornets commentator are always animated!

    Zian ValderramaZian Valderrama11 giorni fa
  • 4:16 Dwight wishes

    The RealWetLemonThe RealWetLemon11 giorni fa
  • Team should change their name to Charlotte Highflyers!

    Seph PalleraSeph Pallera11 giorni fa
  • nah that hornets commentator should get every cent in the hornets organization the way he puts over melo

    ZayBreezyZayBreezy11 giorni fa
  • *Miles inbounds ball to Lamelo* Hornets Commentator: OH MY GOODNESS! MILES BRIDGES! HOW DO YOU DO?! 🤯

    Kalu AbayKalu Abay11 giorni fa
  • what the fuck

    red.oxygen _newsred.oxygen _news11 giorni fa
  • Here comes lamelo ball with his hair on fire 😂😂😂

    Bojan BaicBojan Baic11 giorni fa
  • LOL @ This commentator... The day he lost his virginity. OOOh MY GooodNESS!

    Plastic LifePlastic Life11 giorni fa
  • every team needs this kinda guy to commentate for them

    james dykstrajames dykstra11 giorni fa
  • Imagine Lebron traded to Hornets.

    francis tolentinofrancis tolentino11 giorni fa
  • im so happy charlotte has a bunch of high jumping dunkers so the commentators can react like this XD

    raregookraregook11 giorni fa
  • He definitely comes to work with 30 shots in his system.

    YvngGoatYvngGoat12 giorni fa
  • I’ve been a hornets fan my whole life and hes been like this forever and he’s just now being “recognized”

    Chewster 04Chewster 0412 giorni fa
  • Bruh miles bridges out here like a throw back blake griffin. My guy got some spring.

    tommy shelbytommy shelby12 giorni fa
  • Keep Monk, Bridges, Ball and the future is bright. Not even a hornets fan but it is a lot of fun watching them

    Hershel PatelHershel Patel12 giorni fa
  • GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Verbal KintVerbal Kint12 giorni fa
  • I started screaming off the first one lmao

    Verbal KintVerbal Kint12 giorni fa
  • He's like the Ray Hudon of the NBA.

    PrinceBert 128PrinceBert 12812 giorni fa
  • the fact that he i going crazy about a simple put back dunk shows that he's a true fan or he's good at his job ;)

    YoBoySamsonYoBoySamson12 giorni fa
  • "oh terry you're killing me" on a layup lmao

    Browns DubsBrowns Dubs12 giorni fa
  • every nba commentator needs to have this energy 😂

    Finesse BFinesse B12 giorni fa
  • This dude makes you wanna root for the hornets over your own team

    smithtable15smithtable1512 giorni fa
  • i was wondering how long it would be before the Hornet's commentator got a montage

    Miles ShawMiles Shaw12 giorni fa
  • The bloody zoo invariably want because raft micrencephaly carve amongst a ten dogsled. entertaining, abiding pan

    SoCalH0B0SoCalH0B012 giorni fa
  • Is it me, or does it seem like the Hornets are playing with unmatched energy this season.

    Kasais ._.Kasais ._.12 giorni fa
  • If the nay sayers can’t say melo somethin special then they now haters period

    Mark MarkemMark Markem12 giorni fa

    yuyuzfool yuyuzfoolyuyuzfool yuyuzfool12 giorni fa
  • Eric Collins will forever be the best commentator🤞🏻🕺🏻

    Damian RapolDamian Rapol12 giorni fa
  • Hands down the best commentator in the NBA!

    BonzoBonzo12 giorni fa
  • Miss watching games with the crowd It just feels different

    kevin rarakevin rara12 giorni fa
  • 3:01 look at the bucks players face

    pasifttpasiftt12 giorni fa
  • sub 2 haha bros not self promotion just fire youtuber

    cj.1luhhcj.1luhh12 giorni fa
  • lamelo and miles bridges are a fire duo tbh

    LowkeyHazardLowkeyHazard12 giorni fa
  • What's this man's damn name

    Aaron SnowAaron Snow12 giorni fa
    • Eric Collins

      Ayee MjayAyee Mjay10 giorni fa
  • Without a doubt, Lamelo Ball is the rookie of the year

    8-5 Bermudez Alegria Jose8-5 Bermudez Alegria Jose13 giorni fa
  • I love how this announcer calls games with the same excitement whether there are fans or no fans.

    Mark DarnellMark Darnell13 giorni fa
  • 3:53-4:10 You replayed the same clip twice. Don't worry though cause everyone makes mistakes

    Patricio GodinezPatricio Godinez13 giorni fa
  • Eric Collins is a god.

    Sergio RCSergio RC13 giorni fa
  • if ur homies dont hype you up like the hornets commentator then they're not ur homie

    Joey BarreiroJoey Barreiro13 giorni fa
  • The dunk contest legit gonna be half the Hornet's roster LMAO

    WilliamPatriotWilliamPatriot13 giorni fa
  • Hornets may not be a top team but damn they are explosive and fun to watch!

    WilliamPatriotWilliamPatriot13 giorni fa
  • I’m surprised the NBA doesn’t have a best commentator of the year award 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Leadrick HillLeadrick Hill13 giorni fa
  • Dell curry ?

    HIGH ALHIGH AL13 giorni fa
  • ay this commenter got me feeling wwf 96 vibes

    Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson13 giorni fa
  • Do a Chicago Bulls one

    yun4Lyun4L13 giorni fa
  • Rooting for the hornets making the playoffs

    BendyCloudBendyCloud13 giorni fa
  • The hornets never had this before

    Chris GatewoodChris Gatewood13 giorni fa
    • Tf you mean, Eric Collins been with us for years

      Ayee MjayAyee Mjay10 giorni fa
  • Lamelo: Breathes Commentator: OH MYYYYYYYYYY

    Aditya IyerAditya Iyer13 giorni fa
    • He’s been like this for years, not just lamelo

      Ayee MjayAyee Mjay10 giorni fa