NBA "When Players are Not Clutch!" MOMENTS

3 apr 2021
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This video features players like: Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Zion Williamson, Kemba Walker, Luka Doncic and Zach LaVine

  • Who is the most clutch player in the league? 🤔 Only funny answers pls

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops18 giorni fa
    • Kevin Hart

      Sammy BucketsSammy Buckets8 giorni fa
    • Alex Caruso

      T AbdilT Abdil10 giorni fa
    • @nolimitmarkie _ ik

      T AbdilT Abdil10 giorni fa
    • Danny green

      Jubal PrasadJubal Prasad14 giorni fa
    • Dame but curry still clutch

      A CA C15 giorni fa
  • 2:04 The next day, Theis was traded to Chicago.😂

    Aditya SharmaAditya Sharma7 giorni fa
  • Knicks fan here, should’ve just shown clips of Julius Randle and the rest of the team besides RJ in the 4th quarter

    Jared BerlinJared Berlin12 giorni fa
  • 2:36 um

    David GrandboisDavid Grandbois13 giorni fa
  • the worst of all is that many of these "non clutch plays" were actually really well contested-tough to make shots.

    Juan Sebastian Raad MezaJuan Sebastian Raad Meza15 giorni fa
  • Half of these players have some nice game winners like Luka

    Lucas GoatdawgLucas Goatdawg15 giorni fa
  • I bet zion can bring down the whole backboard and stanchion with one punch

    Shuayb KhanShuayb Khan15 giorni fa
  • This isn't not being clutch it has happens to like everyone

    gszgsz16 giorni fa
  • this is the most unsatisfying video

    namename16 giorni fa

    FuriousFlackFuriousFlack16 giorni fa
  • Stephanie Curry aka the 0%FG in the PO money time can have a mix for himself Worst clutch player of all time Stephanie aka the 0/9 guy Stephsexual cry so much

    Le ComédienLe Comédien16 giorni fa
  • Gall missed soo many game winners

    Sauce SavantSauce Savant16 giorni fa
  • Rartors's judgment was so good. Siakam is still young, so he has chances and possibility to lead to win the game. But, Powell is also good player and has the potential. Trade is so difficult. I expect their success!

    水町亮介水町亮介17 giorni fa
  • That play with Draymond will never not be funny lmao idk what he thought he was doing there

    King KalilKing Kalil17 giorni fa
    • the defender pretended like he was gonna foul him so he chucked up a shot to try and get 3 FTs insead of 2

      BlakeyBlakey15 giorni fa
  • Just imagine.....

    Zean GentonZean Genton17 giorni fa
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    Nina RoxasNina Roxas17 giorni fa
  • Kyle needs to be taken these shots not Pascal

    BallDontLieBallDontLie17 giorni fa
  • Who thinks tacko fall clutch😂😂

    JC&FamJC&Fam17 giorni fa
  • In yo face moments

  • What is that guy on the right doing 5:25

    Rip Van WinkleRip Van Winkle17 giorni fa
  • The title is another version of “Top 10 ten not cash money moments”

    Anthony ScaranoAnthony Scarano17 giorni fa
  • I do feel bad for Pascal missing two clutch shots. GOOD GOD HOW YOU FRUSTRATE ME PASCAL SIAKAM!

    Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming FanSonic The Hedgehog Gaming Fan17 giorni fa
  • Dislike for the fact Steph is on the picture

    Finn LeinerFinn Leiner17 giorni fa
  • Yo love ur Channel

    noah negronnoah negron17 giorni fa
  • Harsh on zion

    Michael TeljeurMichael Teljeur17 giorni fa
  • Caruso on the long 2 pointer

    Numb 2005Numb 200517 giorni fa
  • Can you pls do nba hangtime moments

    stixycosmo10stixycosmo1017 giorni fa

    Jovan IćitovićJovan Ićitović17 giorni fa
  • 5:17 He tried to pull a De’Aaron Fox 🤣

    Daniel HarrisDaniel Harris17 giorni fa
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    dsob egudsob egu17 giorni fa
  • Lol a lot of shots that didnt needed to be at the 3pt line 😅

    Billy Joel BaguioBilly Joel Baguio17 giorni fa
  • Ofc dame on here not that clutch hes fooling everyone id have curry than him

    EsF .DEsF .D17 giorni fa
  • Imagine how different the standings would be if all those went in.

    Tajwer RehmanTajwer Rehman17 giorni fa
  • Man... Portland has gotten lucky in a lot of these games

    Surviving in CreativeSurviving in Creative17 giorni fa
  • Theis was traded the very next day after that missed 3

    RyDawg084RyDawg08417 giorni fa
  • I feel bad for pascal. All of his potential game winners go in and out lol

    Stephen CurryStephen Curry17 giorni fa
    • Ya really tough for pascal

      Parker WattsParker Watts10 giorni fa
  • How u doing ?

    Bryden FisherBryden Fisher17 giorni fa
  • I thought this video was gonna be buddy hield 😥

    Tyrese HaliburtonTyrese Haliburton17 giorni fa
  • You didn’t put Steph and all his misses?!???

    German ValeraGerman Valera18 giorni fa
  • Sometimes those rings are just...... *just fantastic.*

    The Question Mark AnimatorThe Question Mark Animator18 giorni fa
  • Before this I didn’t know nba players weren’t clutch

    NBA GNBA G18 giorni fa
  • L moments

    Andrés _clvAndrés _clv18 giorni fa
  • Rims hate pascal siakam

    NBA GNBA G18 giorni fa
  • Let’s get this man to 1m

    Joshua JacksonJoshua Jackson18 giorni fa
  • Not gonna lie, even if imma Raptors fan I knew I would see a lot of Siakam here😞

    SpicyBaller43SpicyBaller4318 giorni fa
  • I've been watching your daily videos ever since last year

    David NicholsonDavid Nicholson18 giorni fa
  • If Refs missed that foul on Wizards Vs Nets and said that it doesn’t count even tho it is a foul and counts. They just want the wizards to win so they should get fined for missing a call.

    Eli The kingEli The king18 giorni fa
    • foul was after the buzzer

      BlakeyBlakey15 giorni fa
  • You shall all become fans of the golden hoops

    Deacon BrayshawDeacon Brayshaw18 giorni fa
  • No I’m the biggest fan of golden hoops

    Myst1cFNMyst1cFN18 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Fyke FnFyke Fn18 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops came in with a clutch moment

    Jaxon TrimmerJaxon Trimmer18 giorni fa
  • damn and they traded theis the next day

    samii1xsamii1x18 giorni fa
  • First😺🙂

    yeraldo Ramírezyeraldo Ramírez18 giorni fa
  • poor Pascal man lol

    Veyronp87Veyronp8718 giorni fa
  • obv lebron, my mans airballed the game winner free shot(this is a joke do not take serious)

    Alexis MartinezAlexis Martinez18 giorni fa
  • Nice video

    김조디김조디18 giorni fa
  • Lance Stevenson

    WonkaWonka18 giorni fa
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  • Shaquille obvious on those free throws man

    Landen RiewerLanden Riewer18 giorni fa
  • Gotta be Fred Vanvleet😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️

    Slimeball1Slimeball118 giorni fa
  • As soon as I saw the title i knew Pascal siakam would be on it

    Leavemealone brawl starsLeavemealone brawl stars18 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops never gets old

    Julio JonesJulio Jones18 giorni fa
  • 0:21

    Феодосии ЯкутинФеодосии Якутин18 giorni fa
  • as a diehard curry fan, i hope that curry's 2019 game 6 finals 3 point shot isnt here.

    Toyota SupraToyota Supra18 giorni fa
  • I am the best fan of Golden Hoops

    Hilo Hi Hello CACKADOO BillyBobJoeHilo Hi Hello CACKADOO BillyBobJoe18 giorni fa
  • Saw some clickbait description.

    DevDev18 giorni fa
  • Stil, possed at dray for throwing that shot up when he had the greatest shooter next to him who was already on fire the whole 4th

    Menkir DennisMenkir Dennis18 giorni fa
    • And there was 7 seconds left no need for a desperation half court shot 😬

      Lawrence LogicLawrence Logic18 giorni fa
  • I am indefinitely a fan of golden hoops! no doubt whatsoever

    AbhinhoAbhinho18 giorni fa
  • 0:22 dam Zion screamed mad loud 🤣😂

    David PaviaDavid Pavia18 giorni fa
    • the fuck🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Souvik DeySouvik Dey18 giorni fa

    A weird memer and comedianA weird memer and comedian18 giorni fa
  • Could almost do the entire video with Pascal clips. Great player with an unfortunate buzzer beater record

    christeebschristeebs18 giorni fa
    • The rim just doesn’t like him.🤷🏻‍♂️

      Tydebo’s SonTydebo’s Son18 giorni fa
  • Im A fan of golden hoops

    XavierXavier18 giorni fa
  • new intro music boiiii

    Valid Frac-JoshxzValid Frac-Joshxz18 giorni fa
  • lol

    Kheycool #the bestKheycool #the best18 giorni fa
  • Love the vids.

    William RossWilliam Ross18 giorni fa
  • Pascal has been getting robbed lmao

    SP ProductionsSP Productions18 giorni fa
  • Your the best golden hoops

    NIFF 04NIFF 0418 giorni fa
  • wow

    Shayan IslamShayan Islam18 giorni fa
  • 🎶👏

    Kenneth TruebloodKenneth Trueblood18 giorni fa
  • Let's just give a moment of silence to Pascal Siakam on in-and-outing clutch shots twice

    Norton Fumera IINorton Fumera II18 giorni fa
    • @Joey Razote he’s still averaging 20, 7, 4 on an efficient fg this year tho 🤷🏽‍♂️

      MOLLY.MOLLY.17 giorni fa
    • @Joey Razote 2yr wonder

      End K.End K.17 giorni fa
    • 1yr wonder

      Joey RazoteJoey Razote17 giorni fa
    • What did u search up for ur profile pic

      A R I !A R I !17 giorni fa
    • The most unlucky player in the league

      End K.End K.18 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Monnark BhavsarMonnark Bhavsar18 giorni fa
  • We all know LeMickey will be here

    John CenaJohn Cena18 giorni fa
  • Idk about you guys, but I’d consider myself to be a pretty big fan of golden hoops myself

    Joshua TrudellJoshua Trudell18 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops 🔥

    Aahil HoqueAahil Hoque18 giorni fa
  • Yesssssir

    Lavish2kLavish2k18 giorni fa
  • Do best of trade deadline players moments, I know it’s late but still

    Mr. Big BrainMr. Big Brain18 giorni fa
  • Well let’s see here the most clutch player is Tristan Thompson with his half court shot with like 10 seconds left.

    Kamron ChristianKamron Christian18 giorni fa
  • Siakam boutta dominate this list with all his missed game winners this season also I make videos as well

    Ben Talks SportsBen Talks Sports18 giorni fa
    • Haha LeBron sucks and there’s nothing you can say to defend that

      MK GMK G17 giorni fa
    • @Itachi Is Invincible are you kidding, LeBron scored 16 points, had 2 assists and a block all in the 4th quarter. He also scored or assisted on Miami's 22 of 30 points scored in the 4th quarter. LeBron made the Game saving block on Igoudala and throughout the whole playoffs was the overall better player

      Tadiwa MaenzaniseTadiwa Maenzanise18 giorni fa
    • @Tadiwa Maenzanise Ray Allen and Kyrie Irving saved his legacy he doesn't belong in the Goat conversation.

      Itachi Is InvincibleItachi Is Invincible18 giorni fa
    • @Itachi Is Invincible if that's true then you definitely don't watch basketball

      Tadiwa MaenzaniseTadiwa Maenzanise18 giorni fa
    • Surprised LeMickey isn't here...

      Itachi Is InvincibleItachi Is Invincible18 giorni fa
  • Can you do “crazy passes” moments

    Carrie MartinelliCarrie Martinelli18 giorni fa
    • Not tryna sound corny but I made that video like a week ago if you’re interested

      SP ProductionsSP Productions18 giorni fa
  • I'm convinced if it wasn't for Skip Bayless nobody would think LeBron isn't clutch.

    Sasuke Is better than youSasuke Is better than you18 giorni fa
    • @Stephan A.Smith I dont know what the hell you talkin about cuz i dont even watch anime and second, i was asking what injuries had anything to do with clutch shots especially when most of brons injuries werent even that serious dumb*ss

      Logics MightyLogics Mighty16 giorni fa
    • @llrp 123 Ok even if he does get a chance, he still misses. Second, even if injuries does have anything to do with this, how come other players who came back from an injury or didnt play in the nba for a long time hit more clutch shots than him?

      Logics MightyLogics Mighty16 giorni fa
    • @Logics Mighty stop this and go watch sum trash anime nobody heard of or sum, idk watchu doing talking basketball bc u clearly don’t know what ur talking abt 🤦‍♂️

      Stephan A.SmithStephan A.Smith17 giorni fa
    • @llrp 123 exactly, bums don’t even watch LeBron and make claims bc they hating on him for being great 😂

      Stephan A.SmithStephan A.Smith17 giorni fa
    • @Antonio Pusateri he hit one last szn , u even watch Bron? check all the clutch statistics he’s always near if not at the top And funny is he’s hit more and taken more than Jordan ( with better percentage ) I’m not here to argue he’s more clutch than MJ. I’m just telling u he’s clutch 😂

      Stephan A.SmithStephan A.Smith17 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops🇵🇭🔥

    Macmac DunksMacmac Dunks18 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops, ngl

    Norton Fumera IINorton Fumera II18 giorni fa
  • curry's clutch

    Yong AchuothYong Achuoth18 giorni fa
  • F for all these players

    AngelAngel18 giorni fa
  • golden hoops what is your fav nba team?

    ツGRIZZREGツGRIZZREG18 giorni fa
  • First like first comment

    Jairus ApayaJairus Apaya18 giorni fa
  • I am not a fan of golden hoops🤫

    Σαββας ΝικολαΐδηςΣαββας Νικολαΐδης18 giorni fa
    • @Kamron Christian lol i am

      Σαββας ΝικολαΐδηςΣαββας Νικολαΐδης18 giorni fa
    • You better be I was about to find you and slap you.

      Kamron ChristianKamron Christian18 giorni fa
    • Sike

      Σαββας ΝικολαΐδηςΣαββας Νικολαΐδης18 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Carrie MartinelliCarrie Martinelli18 giorni fa
  • i am a fan of golden hoops

    Anthony Spivey JrAnthony Spivey Jr18 giorni fa
  • Nobody will ever be as clutch as Michael Jordan...

    Itachi Is InvincibleItachi Is Invincible18 giorni fa