NBA "That was Underrated!" MOMENTS

5 feb 2021
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This video features players like: Stephen Curry Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Kelly Oubre Jr, Anthony Edwards and Luka Doncic

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    • How many shot clock violations would there be

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  • Might as well put the jazz franchise on this list

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  • why is lebron in an underrated video

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  • you gotta love that Lamelo and Bridges connection

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  • Make a video of your favorite teams highlights if you really love us

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  • ah yes a thumbnail with lamelo and the title is underrated lol wtf

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  • Lebron James.

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  • These are great to watch while im at school :D

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  • You should do NBA “He can shoot?” Moments

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  • Coment:Lamelo Ball Like:Lonzo Ball

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  • Brooklyn

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  • As a Timberwolves fan I’m glad to see us in these even though the plays were on us

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  • Kelly oubre sucks

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  • 2:31 Bam Bam haciendo un clutch aparte triple😱😱

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  • Is it just me or are the announcers mad dry this year

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  • Scary Gary needs his own mixtapes this season man. My guy's too damn good at this game!

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  • Bagley slipped

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  • thats what that rb lb do 5:50

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  • Letsgo Kelly🔥

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  • why are there only two portland clips?

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  • Bro lamelo ball is so good than his brother

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  • What a three from Cedi Osman

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  • Yo kings if ya have time how bout some NBA clips

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  • Good the see Cedi

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  • You can’t put underrated in the title and not put De’aaron Fox

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  • No crowds make the games so dead

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  • Lamelo Ball in the thumbnail is the underrated.

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  • "1:13" when yall needs a lot VC then just try NbaWorlD.BuCin.Best best to all people. 🏀

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  • "1:13" when yall needs a lot VC then just try NbaWorlD.BuCin.Best best to all people. 🏀

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  • The titles are just getting wrist but good vid

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  • Thanks for reminding me to check for a game on fr

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  • Anthony Edwards dunk was amazing!

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  • Is Wiseman not in gs

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  • 00:49 I love how the guy says oh my goodness

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  • So there’s no embiid in the top plays and still no embiid in underrated play. Y’all hate embiid.

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  • But I am a fan of golden hoops

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  • A couple of plays were not underrated they were just NBA players playing basketball

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  • “Oh my god”- Josh Richardson

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  • Make a alley oop dunk moment (i'm a fan of golden hoops)

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  • Mannnn I’ve been looking the new look of the rockets

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  • How do you call this underrated plays?

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  • Who else didn't know Lamarcus Aldridge could still dunk like that? 🤷‍♂️ 0:52

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    • I did. He's still got his prime game in him. Just the play style for him is different under pop by a long shot with the other guys he has around him.

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  • Just kindly asking. where is Siakam's posterizing dunk?

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    • @Walter Bolch true

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    • It's not underrated

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  • Day 4 of asking Golden hoops to make a video of Kyrie Irving's Highlights from the year.

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    • Golden hoops believes earth is round not flat

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  • Yo soy a fan of Golden Hoops. I mean I am a fan of golden Hoops.

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  • What Kelly oubre and Golden hoops have in common. They both underrated af

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  • -Golden Hoops "I Am A Fan Of Golden Hoops" Everyone's A Fan Of Golden Hoops

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    • My bruh giannis’s brothers could beat you in a 1v1 any time it’s just that there are better players in the nba

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