NBA "Wet like Water! 💦" MOMENTS

29 mar 2021
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This video features players like: LeBron James, Zion Williamson, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Rudy Gobert and Julius Randle

  • What team is the most fun to watch offensively? 🤔

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops22 giorni fa
    • Nets

      Craig CrynesCraig Crynes12 giorni fa
    • Bucks, clippers or woriors

      Goated GamerGoated Gamer12 giorni fa
    • Clippers

      Animal SlowAnimal Slow12 giorni fa
    • Golden State

      davidmillerartdavidmillerart15 giorni fa
    • Warriors

      Pranav DhayalanPranav Dhayalan16 giorni fa
  • I thought of cashnasty when I saw dis

    Jacob PathisJacob Pathis11 giorni fa
  • Water is not wet lol

    Myles MURDOCKMyles MURDOCK15 giorni fa
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    Paul KingPaul King15 giorni fa
  • Cash nasty saying 😭🤣

    Keon KuntzKeon Kuntz15 giorni fa
  • Bro I looked at all of these comments and only 2 people said the deer. 🤦‍♀️ better start to fear the dear everyone

    jack hoarejack hoare16 giorni fa
  • Utah Jazz

    Brycen PickelBrycen Pickel16 giorni fa
  • That one idiot who clearly was not loved as a child and needs to be kicked out of the universe : “Water isn’t wet 🤓”

    Jonah CoplenJonah Coplen16 giorni fa
  • My favorite you-tuber is golden hoops

    Turab AliTurab Ali17 giorni fa
  • water aint wet

    BenBen17 giorni fa
  • @cashnasty for the title credit

    kevin38kevin3817 giorni fa
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    Максим ДубровинМаксим Дубровин18 giorni fa
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    Christian GallagherChristian Gallagher18 giorni fa
  • #IkatanCintaAttaAurelAkad

    Sisca SalvitaSisca Salvita18 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Gavin MegawGavin Megaw19 giorni fa
  • Would it be a “Wet like Water” video without Curry in it?

    L LL L19 giorni fa
  • Water isn’t wet

    Active YoutuberActive Youtuber19 giorni fa
  • there was one constant i see all video aside from the WET LIKE WATAAAH. Most are against the Pels. Pels should wake the f up!

    ZikryAfiqZikryAfiq19 giorni fa
  • Keep up the great work golden hoops

    Saad DarsotSaad Darsot19 giorni fa
  • vYankees

    Sheryll AgnewSheryll Agnew19 giorni fa
  • Jazz

    Gia KazarianGia Kazarian19 giorni fa
  • Who else read it in king shawn's voice??

    Josh Is GarboJosh Is Garbo20 giorni fa
  • A white man made the NBA so i dont understand "Built by black history."

    Kalel ColbertKalel Colbert20 giorni fa
  • wet like i'm book should be a better title

    Pierre PrinPierre Prin20 giorni fa
  • I wish I could be good at basketball 🏀 I play everyday and night and kept this for 1 whole year and I’ve been feeling so much leg pain due to that I have really long legs I just don’t know what to do, I can only beat my cousin the same age as me but he’s trash and I can’t beat anyone else I’m 5 ft 2 as well it’s just that my legs are too long what do I do any tips please 😭😭😭😭

    Fireball Bros ツFireball Bros ツ20 giorni fa
  • U should've added LeBron logo 3

  • I am a fan of golden hopps yes I am so lets get him 1 mil before 2022 he really deserves it he should have 200 billion subs rn but he doesnt even have 1 mil so please shoot yo jumpshot over to the subscribe button click the like button hit the notification bell and share love you Golden Hoops

    Tetevi SoboTetevi Sobo21 giorno fa
  • “Wet like water” - The heck man 😂

    CT 7CT 721 giorno fa
    • Water ain’t even wet

      Daniel AlbertDaniel Albert16 giorni fa
  • 2:50 is that Chris sale?😂

    Clutch TimeClutch Time21 giorno fa

    Petros BoroPetros Boro21 giorno fa
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    Margaret MargaretMargaret Margaret21 giorno fa
  • This channel deserves a million sub been watching since last year of January

    HanzNicholas BieHanzNicholas Bie21 giorno fa
  • You know you garbage when you let draymond green hit a three on you

    Quarnell AllenQuarnell Allen21 giorno fa
  • I love the how he does videos every day, I always have something to watch

    Double ADouble A21 giorno fa
  • Golden state is the most fun to watch because of all the off ball movement and curry splashing 3’s

    Owen EllisOwen Ellis21 giorno fa
  • I love your videos's

    Shayan NBAShayan NBA21 giorno fa
  • hornets ball spin aroud move

    Beverly HorshamBeverly Horsham21 giorno fa
  • @cashnasty should watch dis since he always say “Wet Like Water” lol

    DJ MooreDJ Moore21 giorno fa
  • Mj is not the goat its goldenhoops ovb

    Cole masonCole mason22 giorni fa
  • tell me you didn't say wet like water every time some one made it lol 😂😂

    Evan AlexanderEvan Alexander22 giorni fa
  • Where is Danilo Gallinari with ten triples...

    FrafraFrafra22 giorni fa
  • goated vid

    Chance J 2027Chance J 202722 giorni fa
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    max dubmax dub22 giorni fa
  • Cashnasty would be proud


    jaiden millsjaiden mills22 giorni fa
  • Do a video "player become prime kobe for an second"

    KingStarXD GamesKingStarXD Games22 giorni fa
  • What is up with the title😂

    Psyche 16 YTPsyche 16 YT22 giorni fa
  • I remember when they was talking about melo that he can,t shoot

    ayy manayy man22 giorni fa
  • I've subscribed now G'Hoops

    Matthew Zsigmond ArcheMatthew Zsigmond Arche22 giorni fa
  • What is the name of the song of the starting?

    Martin MICHELENAMartin MICHELENA22 giorni fa
  • I remember CashNasty

    Jeirouze NeoJeirouze Neo22 giorni fa
  • Who isn’t a fan of golden hoops?

    MrDoggraMrDoggra22 giorni fa
  • Starting up a highlight channel of my own, inspiration directed to you!

    NBA Highlight CentralNBA Highlight Central22 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops

    Avp palls.Avp palls.22 giorni fa

    LPCOBRALPCOBRA22 giorni fa
  • Kyrie fans since he drafted ... so Nets For championship

    POLOY TvPOLOY Tv22 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops 🚫🧢

    panda gamer ytpanda gamer yt22 giorni fa
  • Idea: Best "Top of the key" -Cash Nasty moments

    panda gamer ytpanda gamer yt22 giorni fa
  • You make the best edits and background music.

    FireBen31FireBen3122 giorni fa
  • Shout out to cashnasty...and you can't forget golden hoops🔥🔥🔥💯💯

    1000k please1000k please22 giorni fa
  • Me seeing this video right after watching a cash nasty video

    raick444 YTraick444 YT22 giorni fa
  • Hi golden hoops

    Joe LipezJoe Lipez22 giorni fa

    WAVY TGWAVY TG22 giorni fa
  • @Golden hoops is the best basketball ITworlds channel in the world

    Gil RipKobe2Gil RipKobe222 giorni fa
  • Tout les fr liker le com

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  • Golden Hoops, make a video of Andre Drummond highlights because he sign with the Lakers, pls.

    MIGUEL Dominic RodriguezMIGUEL Dominic Rodriguez22 giorni fa
  • Water isn't wet

    Esai RasconEsai Rascon22 giorni fa
  • Day 7 of not sleeping until golden hoops pins my comment Also, LaVine better be in here

    Shuayb KhanShuayb Khan22 giorni fa
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    Reed PiorkowskiReed Piorkowski22 giorni fa
  • Am a fan of Golden Hoops

    Kayla ReynoldsKayla Reynolds22 giorni fa
  • Can you do "NBA "All That For Nothing" Moments" like were a player does a saucy play but they get blocked or sum shit?

    tyler the created yesterdaytyler the created yesterday22 giorni fa
  • Paul George is a different breed

    Jacob FrazierJacob Frazier22 giorni fa
  • Lakers

    The Man Cave With DerrickThe Man Cave With Derrick22 giorni fa
  • u know what, i am a fan of Golden hoops too

    George KapralosGeorge Kapralos22 giorni fa
  • You should do LaMelo’s highlights compilation with this song in the background

    dbzfan4ever mj23dbzfan4ever mj2322 giorni fa
  • Cash watch this

    CL4MPSCL4MPS22 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Jess OJess O22 giorni fa
  • Golden Hoops Heart this comment if you think your the best youtuber in your opinion

    Yo YezidYo Yezid22 giorni fa
  • Wet like Watta

    Warriors FanWarriors Fan22 giorni fa
  • This video is special for CashNasty

    Plata o PlomoPlata o Plomo22 giorni fa
  • Knicks content on Golden Hoops?! Am I dreaming! Let's go!

    Joetheshow15Joetheshow1522 giorni fa
  • golden hoops is the GOAT

    malachi woodhousemalachi woodhouse22 giorni fa
  • i love this content keep it up its the best

    afdfsdffafdfsdff22 giorni fa
  • Why did I read the title in CashNastys voice?? 😂😂 "Wet like Water"

    Mahir RehmanMahir Rehman22 giorni fa
    • Same

      JrJr14 giorni fa

      2HYPERX2 22HYPERX2 221 giorno fa
    • Facs

    • yea me too😂

      Glove MavenGlove Maven22 giorni fa
    • Who the hell is that?

      Matthieu SaadeMatthieu Saade22 giorni fa
  • Bro this guy needs more LOVE because he is insane and ITworlds his vids are “Golden” and he deserves the million so sub it up!🔥❤️🔥

  • The days are getting shortened, Jesus is coming back soon. accept the free gift of salvation. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

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  • Why isn't lebron there

    Kevin CarineauKevin Carineau22 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops won't pin this

    SCP ExplorationSCP Exploration22 giorni fa
  • I think it’s the nets

    C HouzC Houz22 giorni fa
  • 0:40

    Terry PatriciaTerry Patricia22 giorni fa
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  • I AM A FAN OF GOLDEN HOOPS! Golden hoops if you’r reading this. Keep the grind going!!!

    Extreme Mario BrosExtreme Mario Bros22 giorni fa
    • Thank you 🔥🔥🔥I will

      Golden HoopsGolden Hoops22 giorni fa
  • golden hoops always make my day better watching him makes me want to sub everytime i watch him i watch almost 10 billion times love it

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  • I always get a notification on golden hoops because he is my top 1 good youtuber lets get him 1 million before april is out

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  • 0:57 That spin move was wet like water screw the shooting lets take another look at that lol

    Spyder_YTSpyder_YT22 giorni fa
  • Lets all take a moment together to realize how much effort he puts into his videos. He uploads 2 times a day and never misses a day. He puts all of his effort into his videos. Now what the hell are you doing subscribe he's been doing ITworlds for 10 years and is still not at 1 million subscribers.

    Ryanisbeast 102Ryanisbeast 10222 giorni fa
    • @Kenonte Steverson it's obvious that I'm making fun of you lol

      Solid ClapSolid Clap21 giorno fa
    • @Solid Clap idk if you making fun of me or on my side

      Kenonte SteversonKenonte Steverson21 giorno fa
    • @SyedSuhaib Ali Ikr he had to of taken advice from you

      Nathan WeinerNathan Weiner22 giorni fa
    • @SyedSuhaib Ali i don't get these people's points

      Ryanisbeast 102Ryanisbeast 10222 giorni fa
    • @SyedSuhaib Ali whats with these GH haters?

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  • I am a fan of Golden HOOPS

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  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops... But then again shouldn't we all?

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  • Yeh

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  • If I clicked any of golden hoops videos in my mind atomatically comes iam fan of golden hoops ❤️❤️❤️

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