Joel Embiid is the Best Big Man in the League! 2021 MOMENTS

18 mar 2021
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  • Is Embiid the best big man in the league ?

    Golden HoopsGolden HoopsMese fa
    • Embiid playing consistently: scoring underneath; passing (quickly) out of double teams; rebounding; blocking shots; drawing attn away from shooters. Yes!!

      speedoflite1speedoflite13 giorni fa
    • Oh yeh

      Big BallerzBig Ballerz3 giorni fa
    • Thanks and goodnight people

      speedoflite1speedoflite122 giorni fa
    • @Timothy Martins Compare Jokic vs. Embiid career statistics, to reach an objective conclusion about performance.

      speedoflite1speedoflite122 giorni fa
    • @speedoflite1 yhyhyh

      Timothy MartinsTimothy Martins22 giorni fa
  • for a man this big to move like this..this is ridiculous

    WithGod E.WithGod E.8 giorni fa
  • Easily!!!!!!

    Chuck DeAngeloChuck DeAngelo11 giorni fa
  • Sometimes I feel bad for embidd and zions knees

    Pow PowPow Pow15 giorni fa
  • I can not believe embiid is injured now he will not be MVP.

    Grayson TrainerGrayson Trainer15 giorni fa
  • Who?????????????))

    PKPK22 giorni fa
  • Joël and antetokoumpo are the best

    kevin38kevin3829 giorni fa
  • Best player in the world big or small

    Joe JohnsonJoe JohnsonMese fa
  • MVP

    Thurl Sixers FanThurl Sixers FanMese fa
  • Finally this is the video I’ve been asking for!

    Jake BaringerJake BaringerMese fa

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  • I think nikola jokic. Is better you know

    Ahmed AbdulgamidovAhmed AbdulgamidovMese fa
    • No I don’t now embiid is better cus of his defence

      Timothy MartinsTimothy Martins23 giorni fa
  • 8:44 song? 🥺

    Dylan_ 16Dylan_ 16Mese fa
  • Jokic is better

    nikola živkovićnikola živkovićMese fa
  • 4:36 the flow was impeccably on beat XD

    ChisilChisilMese fa
  • What is the name of the song at 3:38?

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops

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  • I'm going Jokic

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  • 700k

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  • My man hit 700k

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  • golden hoops post the best and the most accurate basketball content

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  • NBAndo on FB 🙂

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  • Congrats on 700k 👏👏🙌🙌

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  • Who is better Jamal Murray or D'Angelo Russell

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  • Joel Embid needs to bring back the mask he was beast with the mask on

    Jorge LaraJorge LaraMese fa
  • Im comming for mvp but my main thing im comming for is nba champion and finals mvp

    Joel EmbiidJoel EmbiidMese fa
  • i like this player, but Jokic is far better

    ottavio jolyottavio jolyMese fa
  • Dame dolla next

    Amira GrantAmira GrantMese fa
  • Video Idea: Lowest IQ plays of this season

    J ColdHeartedJ ColdHeartedMese fa
  • shit embiid save your energy for the playoffs!

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  • James harden pls

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  • This guy is so dope !

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  • 6:23 perfectly synchronized move

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  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops

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  • Jokic*

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  • giannis better then embiid

  • Ben Simmons and Dwight Howard have been turning up lately, if Embiid can’t make it, it’s all up to them

    MinerGTMinerGTMese fa

    a_flood13a_flood13Mese fa
  • Curry is injury

    munkhbayar bayarmagnaimunkhbayar bayarmagnaiMese fa
  • das cap brodie jokic>embiid

    Omar BuamimOmar BuamimMese fa
  • He looked like 280 pound KD at times. Its really not fair

    Kamere LawrenceKamere LawrenceMese fa
  • 2nd best* big daddy Dwight is #1

    ViSioN SpeedyViSioN SpeedyMese fa
  • he cant get mvp anymore.even if he returns in 2 weeks and plays the rest of the games he will miss about 20% of the szn and no one has ever won mvp while missing that much

    Kosta RadulovicKosta RadulovicMese fa
  • 0:12

    Mertz RobertMertz RobertMese fa

    Trevon PrestonTrevon PrestonMese fa
  • Do Derrick Rose 🌹 next😳😳

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  • Your consistency is crazy! Keep up the great work bro!

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  • Good comp but is anyone going to talk about the beat in the backgroud

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  • EmiVP

    SAM. BE ._VIBIN 05SAM. BE ._VIBIN 05Mese fa
  • 0:32 Steph, is that you?

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  • Giannis is the best Big man in 2021

  • Please do Devin booker

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  • fun fact: they are a fan of Golden Hoops

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  • joel embid. crazy

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  • Love joel embiid plus golden hoops

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  • Some good trades just happened PJ Tucker to the bucks Trevor Ariza to the heat

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  • 0:55 i thought he was about to break the rim!

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  • Was about to be like wherers that upload, i was waiting for it LOL

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  • Make Ben Simmons please

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  • Hi idol shout out from Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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  • He’s having a really good season, he’ll be able to finish that really good season in about 2 weeks

    MXMO SportsMXMO SportsMese fa
  • I have Joel on my fantasy team... But I also have Christian Wood who just returned

    MXMO SportsMXMO SportsMese fa
    • Robin Lopez always makes a surprise run second half of the season. I never sports bet or fantasy but i know basketball. If i were you id grab Robin Lopez, and DeAndre Jordan

      Alan BrownAlan BrownMese fa
  • I just wanna see Joel bully everyone on the court. Speedy recovery big guy

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  • Golden hoops best ITworlds

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  • I’m a fan of Golden Hoops!!

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  • get this man 1 million

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  • Nice sub count as this video was made!

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  • MVP

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  • Sayang MVP SEASON NYA PERO OK LANG KSI KY Lebron James namn mppunta for sure!

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  • And after


    e 2e 2Mese fa

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    • Thnx Golden hoops hope you make it to 1 mil

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  • Hope he can recover fast 🙏🙏🙏

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  • 3rd comment!

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  • yo! how he keeps doing this. when this came out like last night or something

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  • First and ima fan of golden hoops

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  • Keep the good work man

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  • Is he tho?

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  • this type of videos is arriuning your career

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    • @Golden Hoops you know what you are doing ,no? haha love from panama

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    • Not sure I know what this means 😅

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  • 🔥🔥☄️☄️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • MVP

    Thomas BThomas BMese fa
  • If Embiid didn’t get injured he would’ve for sure been MVP but now it looks like other players can strengthen their cases also I make NBA breakdown videos

    Ben Talks SportsBen Talks SportsMese fa
    • He will still win mvp I can tell you that he’s a monster

      Andrew MeierAndrew MeierMese fa
    • I’m here to tell you right now, we don’t care.

      George LongGeorge LongMese fa

    Elite BallerElite BallerMese fa
  • Everybody take a minute to appreciate how much work Golden Hoops puts into his video to entertain us. He searches the internet for clips every day to create a video for us to watch. Thank you Golden Hoops.

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    • @Golden Hoops no problem at all! also how long does it usually take you to find clips for a video?

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    • Facts

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    • No problem fam! ❤️ Thanks for watching 🔥🔥🙏🏽

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  • I love💚,Golden Hoops👌❤👑

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  • joel is amazing this season best center in eastern c

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  • Early!:)

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  • Knowing his stats as a big man he’s in the favourite for the mvp

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  • Am a fan of Golden Hoops

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  • I love golden hoops

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  • Joel 99.9% deserves this who agrees

  • Love the content 💕

  • It's very unfortunate Joel got hurt. Hope for a speedy recovery and he can come back stronger than ever like the MVP Candidate he is

    KawhiLowry-GamingKawhiLowry-GamingMese fa
    • @A Normal Faced Guy not really. Sixers are 8-2 in the last 10 without him

      Brian NjihiaBrian Njihia23 giorni fa
    • that man Embiid is not joking with "trust the process"

      Juan BuitragoJuan BuitragoMese fa
    • @S J I want Bron to win it, but if Joel comes back strong, then he's winning it. The W/L ratio without him on the 76ers is Horrendous.

      A Normal Faced GuyA Normal Faced GuyMese fa
    • lebron gets it

      S JS JMese fa
    • Thank you someone agrees

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  • Earlyyy Gangggg

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  • Pray that Joel Embiid will make his return after his injury.

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    • I’m also praying for him to come back and curry

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops

  • Golden hoops is the best channel keep grinding you make everyone’s day better

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  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops 🔥🏀

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