Meet Andre Drummond ! The Lakers' New BIG MAN!

30 mar 2021
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  • How big will Drummond's impact be on the Lakers? 🤔

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops21 giorno fa
    • injury lol

      Shuayb KhanShuayb Khan19 giorni fa
    • Andre Drummond Injured In Debut

      Meryann SamutMeryann Samut20 giorni fa
    • So big he got injured

      clerojey naungayanclerojey naungayan20 giorni fa
    • @Corpse Star ッ those are clips

      Kailon YoungKailon Young20 giorni fa
    • @Moussa Sy then y did u say ‘I don’t even want him’ then

      Fan of LeBron the kingFan of LeBron the king21 giorno fa
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    Margaret MargaretMargaret Margaret13 giorni fa
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    Rashmi YDV 7Rashmi YDV 716 giorni fa
  • My guy got babied by giannis

    Zomuana KhawlhringZomuana Khawlhring18 giorni fa
    • @JayTooSavy bruhhh stop saying bs did you even watch the game?

      Zomuana KhawlhringZomuana Khawlhring7 giorni fa
    • You mean he Babied Giannis lol...

      JayTooSavyJayTooSavy7 giorni fa
  • The lakers new big ma....injured man

    carlos schirrmeistercarlos schirrmeister18 giorni fa
  • who is now injured

    Abdirahmaan IbrahimAbdirahmaan Ibrahim19 giorni fa
    • Nope

      JayTooSavyJayTooSavy7 giorni fa

    Benedict Robbin S. BRINGASBenedict Robbin S. BRINGAS19 giorni fa
  • Lol no rebounds for the other teams

    TodzlerTodzler19 giorni fa
  • Can't believe people think he's overrated

    Aditya RenakeAditya Renake20 giorni fa
  • lakers shud remain all players as per previous year. Danny Green, Mcgee, Rondo, Howard shudnt leave from Lakers.

    christina huchristina hu20 giorni fa
  • GG injury

    MGBTBaTTLeMGBTBaTTLe20 giorni fa
  • 𝔹𝕦𝕥 𝕃𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕥 𝕥𝕠𝕕𝕒𝕪 𝕒𝕘𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕤𝕥 𝔹𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕤 ...🥺🤦‍♂️

    Yhel RamosYhel Ramos20 giorni fa
  • Yeah 💗

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro20 giorni fa
  • Crazy crack skin

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro20 giorni fa
  • Ten minutes of being a laker and already gets injured

    Diego MaldonadoDiego Maldonado20 giorni fa
  • He just lost a toe 😂😭

    vaggelis kvaggelis k20 giorni fa
  • Andre “Chicken Drumsticks” Drummond 🍗

    JesusJesus20 giorni fa
  • He just injuried in the first game

    K.V TsangK.V Tsang20 giorni fa
  • Bro my man golden hoops almost got 1 mill lets go

    Shirley FitzShirley Fitz20 giorni fa
  • Andre is fast for a center

    Jovil FerrasJovil Ferras20 giorni fa
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    taviko yaboretaviko yabore20 giorni fa
  • Yo I never realized that he is this fast and athletic for a big. Now I'm really excited too see him play today!

    EggHead GamingEggHead Gaming20 giorni fa
  • One of the worst big men in the game.

    Starscream 1234Starscream 123420 giorni fa
  • Drummond posterize Gianis omg

    larry de bøstonlarry de bøston20 giorni fa
  • 5:04 you put a markieff Morris highlight in lol

    HectorJR 1HectorJR 120 giorni fa
  • I’ve seen this man grow from 100K to 725K subs... 🥲

    Saman SalamatSaman Salamat20 giorni fa

    Tekkman 44Tekkman 4420 giorni fa
  • Drummond his finna quiet a lot of people. Y’all see a rebounder, I see a true big man every championship team needs

  • vTrans Day of Visibility

    Sierra SiscoSierra Sisco20 giorni fa
  • Click bate

    how tohow to20 giorni fa
  • If only Dre Drumms was on an Elite Team to start his career. That Dude woulda been a Monster!

    S. HendricksonS. Hendrickson21 giorno fa
  • He has quick feet and good hands for a big man

    River0fCustardRiver0fCustard21 giorno fa

    MaratinsPlayzMaratinsPlayz21 giorno fa
  • Imagine the height, mass and athleticism of a frontcourt of AD, lebron and Drummond.

    LordLord21 giorno fa
  • Don’t listen to the haters on social media lakers just got the best player on the buyout market and put him next to Davis and bron. Defense about to be insane. The offense big boost now that they have an aggressive big. teams have to guard up 1-5. Instead of 1-4 with gasol just out there to pass the ball around the court smh. Still got one more roster spot too.. 🔥🔥🔥

    That Guy JayThat Guy Jay21 giorno fa
  • hes good in using his body 👌 and damn he steals from guards 😆

    Brrr RamboBrrr Rambo21 giorno fa
  • His handle lowkey underrated for a big 😂

    MvkMvk21 giorno fa
    • You should see shaq do it 😂

      CynKendric DontèCynKendric Dontè20 giorni fa
  • First two plays are better than gasol's whole season... Good luck man we need you . i think is ganna work..

    Edward HerreraEdward Herrera21 giorno fa
  • It’s a shame that 10 years of his career was wasted on garbage teams🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    s3lfmade_ jay24s3lfmade_ jay2421 giorno fa
  • Once Lebron and AD are healthy and come playoff time, watch out. It’s Showtime! #back2back

    John DuqueJohn Duque21 giorno fa
  • He’s still a nobody

    Tyler GreenTyler Green21 giorno fa
  • Drummond is the most underrated center

    Hxzed DecayHxzed Decay21 giorno fa
  • Lakers added another quarterback 👀

    MakoyS20MakoyS2021 giorno fa
  • 💜💛

    romer amporomer ampo21 giorno fa
  • We Lakers fans right now need Andre Drummond

    Malcolm MitchellMalcolm Mitchell21 giorno fa
  • Done subscribe

    Marlon PiaMarlon Pia21 giorno fa
  • potragis mga cgurista mga engot naman..😂😂

    Donovan MitchellDonovan Mitchell21 giorno fa
  • Very underrated on both ends. 🔥🔥🔥

    Rafihboi YusopRafihboi Yusop21 giorno fa
  • 🔥 🔥

    Stephon VlogsStephon Vlogs21 giorno fa
  • 🐐 🐐

    Stephon VlogsStephon Vlogs21 giorno fa
  • He’s basically a bigger Ben Simmons

    IlIl23IIllIlIl23IIll21 giorno fa
  • drumond..just foul him he cant make free throw

    Namra OlibNamra Olib21 giorno fa
  • With all the bricks the Lakers shoot from the 3 point line, he’s going to get a record amount of rebounds.

    Ricardo BernardRicardo Bernard21 giorno fa
    • @Basketball God I hope you’re right because the shooting been trash.

      Ricardo BernardRicardo Bernard21 giorno fa
    • Lakers offense only works with a big man in the middle. Take away Rudy Gobert on the jazz and players can focus on the shooters like teams do with the lakers now. Now with drummond teams will have to sag off of shooters to be prepared for the rebound drummond will grab if they play too far out. Kcp about to start shooting lights out again just watch

      Basketball GodBasketball God21 giorno fa
  • La Marcus alridge?

    KuziDerKuziKuziDerKuzi21 giorno fa
  • Damn he's even better than I thought! 🤔👏🏽

    Mr. NYCMr. NYC21 giorno fa
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    The District ResellerThe District Reseller21 giorno fa
  • I have Drummond in Lakers on MyCareer :)

    YoungOziYoungOzi21 giorno fa
  • I didn’t realize that he was this quick. He moves well for a big guy.

    T AustinT Austin21 giorno fa
    • And it’s not like he is skinny he is 279lbs

      Curtis JenkinsCurtis Jenkins12 giorni fa
  • Drummond needs to stop being a point center. Lakers can't have Lebron, Schroeder and Drummond playing point guard.

    Civsuccess2Civsuccess221 giorno fa
  • did i see morris in there?

    Allan CaiAllan Cai21 giorno fa
  • Ad on the way

    Jerrel PaigeJerrel Paige21 giorno fa
  • 5:02 , a little Kieff highlight in there lol

    MartijnMartijn21 giorno fa
    • very cheeky of golden hoops to slip that in

      ManCraftManCraft20 giorni fa
  • The only time he does not have a double double is when hes a rookie

    Cyber Bully HunterCyber Bully Hunter21 giorno fa
  • Man the thumbnail got me thinking AD was traded

  • 2:13 when ur dunk animation gets canceled in 2k 😂

    Hayden ABBLITTHayden ABBLITT21 giorno fa
  • Gobert still in pain after that kick hahah

    Jose Mondelir MenianoJose Mondelir Meniano21 giorno fa

    Tony NgoTony Ngo21 giorno fa
  • Is he a center??

    SleepyHollowSleepyHollow21 giorno fa
  • I don't think ppl realize this rebound ability

    MilkMilk21 giorno fa
  • Double A.D in the Paint .

    LeGOAT JamesLeGOAT James21 giorno fa
  • with a young tht plus the drummond addition smells like lakeshow dynasty is coming😑

    Coach PopovichCoach Popovich21 giorno fa
  • Pov nba finals lebron passes tp drummond his controller diconects

    Abdelrahman NasefAbdelrahman Nasef21 giorno fa
  • I was like "Cool outlet passes Drummond, I wonder where he got those from" Then I saw him dishing one out to Love, and got my answer.

    TuomasTuomas21 giorno fa
  • Let’s go 2021 champions

    YYHA YYHAYYHA YYHA21 giorno fa
  • imagine lebron with 2 AD

    NoNoNoNo21 giorno fa
  • people hating rn they gonna realize drummond is coming

    RaiXVortexRaiXVortex21 giorno fa
  • I am a fan of Golden hoops

    Z4CK _27Z4CK _2721 giorno fa
  • AD & AD, woah man. That's siiiiiiiick!!!

    Dustin QuilalaDustin Quilala21 giorno fa
  • YESSSS! Biggest fan of Golden Hoops

    Mkenya HalisiMkenya Halisi21 giorno fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Jagdheep Ganapathy PrakashJagdheep Ganapathy Prakash21 giorno fa
  • Aye his handles and passing are underrated and his ability to get steals as a center is underrated man was 3rd in steals last season as a center. Ppl keep dogging Drummond as if he’s gonna be the 1st option on the lakers no he’s an elevated youthful version of Dwight and McGee combined. If he gives lakers 10-12 with 10+ rebounds it’s a steal.

    Edrick JamesEdrick James21 giorno fa
    • He will give you more than that lol bro he is an all star caliber player nothing less its just he is not flashy like AD and does not shoot 3's so people think he sucks but he easily can give you 20 and 15 if he really wants depending on the system

      Basketball GodBasketball God21 giorno fa
  • As a Lakers fan and LeBron Stan I am so happy to have Drummond. AD and LeBron will be the best teammates he's ever played with and Im getting excited thinking that Drummond can be the best rebounder and pure 5 Bron has played with. From this day forward, Andre Drummond is my third favorite player😂💪

    A.P JonesA.P Jones21 giorno fa

      Dauad AhmedDauad Ahmed20 giorni fa
  • everyone hated on the warriors but now calm that LeBron is on a super team smh

    PhilipPhilip21 giorno fa
  • You can tell this isn’t right bc Drummond don’t wear 3 on the Lakers. That’s Anthony Davis

    Fortnite DominatorFortnite Dominator21 giorno fa
    • @Forgiven Sinner he’s gonna wear #2

      Fortnite DominatorFortnite Dominator21 giorno fa
    • Drummond'll wear 0 probably, like on the Cavs.

      Forgiven SinnerForgiven Sinner21 giorno fa
  • Montrezl harrell videos plss💜💛💪🔥

    ViodelszxViodelszx21 giorno fa
  • Being a Cavaliers fan I’m kinda mad

    Brantley OtterbacherBrantley Otterbacher21 giorno fa
  • None of this was lakers drummond, whats the point of all this , we all know what he can do like BRUH ...

    Obaida ObaidaObaida Obaida21 giorno fa
  • its like having ad and cousins way lebron. SCARY!!

    Mark ManzanoMark Manzano21 giorno fa
  • He's going to be a problem in LA

    Quentin SeicappieQuentin Seicappie21 giorno fa
  • when i see Drummond, i remember 1 character of One Piece on gladiator battle arena chapter...

    Juar DiniJuar Dini21 giorno fa
  • Wtf is this Lakers have a good team

    Jairon AliJairon Ali21 giorno fa
  • That's insane 😲 2:08

    JAY GABIONJAY GABION21 giorno fa
  • Please do Swats and blocks this seaskn

    ELI JAHELI JAH21 giorno fa
  • LMAO get him out of ADs jersey

    William GardinerWilliam Gardiner21 giorno fa
  • Need Kyle Kuzma in that LEFT corner. 😄😄😄 Inside-Out Game.

    DeAndre PageDeAndre Page21 giorno fa
  • So up high down hard moments

    CTgamer 4realCTgamer 4real21 giorno fa
  • I need Dwight Howard back

    คนไทย นะค่ะคนไทย นะค่ะ21 giorno fa
  • Do a dudley highlight

    spajkiispajkii21 giorno fa
  • 5:03 markief morris hahaha

    GerardoGerardo21 giorno fa
  • Please do Oladipo he got traded to the Heat 🔥

    L 3 G I O NL 3 G I O N21 giorno fa
    • Too bad he’s injured now

      Ryan DonnellyRyan Donnelly8 giorni fa