NBA "Best Crossovers and Handles of 2021" MOMENTS

8 feb 2021
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This video features players like: Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic, Trae Young, Paul Geoge and Donovan Mitchell

  • Who got the worst handles in the league? 🤔

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops25 giorni fa
    • Joakim Noah

      TopBall ProductionTopBall Production7 giorni fa
    • Dwayne neal

      Dtown DrippinDtown Drippin13 giorni fa
    • Curry

      Hugo AHugo A13 giorni fa
    • javale mcgee

      Clapz GamingClapz Gaming15 giorni fa
    • Allen iverson

      DeckburnDeckburn17 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    M4RKG4MINGM4RKG4MING3 ore fa
  • House of Higlights:Posted a new video about best crossovers Me click the video:This video is not available in your country🙃

    Nash VillarNash VillarGiorno fa
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    Claire SanchezClaire Sanchez6 giorni fa
  • curry without leg sleeves hit different

    ceejayceejay7 giorni fa
  • watching dis look and feel so easy but it not. and listen to tracks I like. needs to pump for me like some slipknot or delta parole. good vid b

    Shawn PeretoShawn Pereto9 giorni fa
  • 6:15 look at curry men🏀🏆

    StuartLeettleStuartLeettle10 giorni fa
  • Clint Capella crossover in the air hahahaha

    John Rick OrioqueJohn Rick Orioque11 giorni fa
  • I'm bout to be sick

    h lacyh lacy12 giorni fa
  • Paul George was nasty he crossover and the dunk was savage

    Ralph MilesRalph Miles13 giorni fa
  • 0:29 The ease with which Steph makes threes now is unreal. The dude is really goated

    Fasih-ul-Hassan TaqviFasih-ul-Hassan Taqvi16 giorni fa
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    Anne GreenAnne Green18 giorni fa
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    Cecilia condinoCecilia condino19 giorni fa
  • song name of 6:41 ???? pleasee

    Cesar Farias Personal TrainerCesar Farias Personal Trainer20 giorni fa
  • Javale doin that WAP in the thumbnail

    Brenden LouvonBrenden Louvon20 giorni fa
  • Can't see the ball that Mcgee dribbling at the thumbnail or is there is?

    Mina MyouiMina Myoui21 giorno fa
  • “Handles” yeah he’s showing clips of Clint capela getting blocks

    DLDL21 giorno fa
  • Ben Simmons late night shooting 3s in the gym

    Walker ShayWalker Shay21 giorno fa
  • Nba tryhard moments

    KeedoKeedo21 giorno fa
  • "1928:29"

    bruh bruhbruh bruh21 giorno fa
  • "1:12"

    bruh bruhbruh bruh21 giorno fa
  • "1: 20"

    bruh bruhbruh bruh21 giorno fa
  • chris paul in 40% of these 😂😂😂

    Hbk MarqHbk Marq22 giorni fa
  • Heat got some fire jerseys this year

    Little MonkeyLittle Monkey22 giorni fa
  • Yes almost every best crossover videos has kyrie in the thumbnail

    X MeltX Melt23 giorni fa
  • You should do “Crossed Yourself “ moments

    Ilijah ThaiIlijah Thai23 giorni fa
  • Hey man. I've been watching your videos for a while now, but I just wanted to say that they are so well-produced: from the audio clips to the music selection, from the high-resolution videos to your short but sweet "I love golden hoops intro," you've got a really special channel. It's hard to find top quality anything nowadays, but you're doing it right. Respect!

    Albert OpherAlbert Opher23 giorni fa
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    Anjel PurnimaAnjel Purnima23 giorni fa
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    Robert DuatinRobert Duatin23 giorni fa
  • I love Luka but that’s traveling, init?

    SuperReyandSuperReyand23 giorni fa
  • Y’all see Isaiah Roby he is from Nebraska, Go Big Red

    Beau DoddsBeau Dodds23 giorni fa
  • You really should have 1 mil

    nealgray04nealgray0423 giorni fa
  • 2:23 look at his legs unbelievable

    DanDan23 giorni fa
  • Remember how many times yall see Steph in the compilation. Now respect the Curry name

    Obinna OrjiObinna Orji23 giorni fa
  • did clint acually get 10 BLOCKS

    Aathi GunaAathi Guna23 giorni fa
  • 5:23 did Ingram travelled?

    Vattanac ChanVattanac Chan23 giorni fa
  • @tina bradford its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it because it is able to change their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

    patricia obasanjopatricia obasanjo24 giorni fa
  • Brooo announcers are so boring now that Russell breaking Simmons ankles weren't even hype talking bout a mf fouls

    Branden CharlesBranden Charles24 giorni fa
  • Guys check my channel :)

    Hoops Highlights PHHoops Highlights PH24 giorni fa
  • Epic viel amaahei

    J a v i e rJ a v i e r24 giorni fa
  • 1:35 be careful powell. last year because of that move you have a Achilles injury.

    Mr. PogiMr. Pogi24 giorni fa
  • is it just me or does SGA look a little like polo g

    BLM 146BLM 14624 giorni fa
  • Curry with the curry slide💧

    Akwasi Opoku-achampong IIAkwasi Opoku-achampong II24 giorni fa
  • Also Rudy Gobert has the worst handles 😂

  • Hey I love your work and especially how you have a new video almost every day! Can you maybe do one on the best of the 20-21 Utah Jazz? They do have the best record rn, after all.

  • Why do I always see this guy in Sidemen comments

    SuperWombleSuperWomble24 giorni fa
  • Should add zooming

    Miding PanggengMiding Panggeng24 giorni fa
  • 6:15😂😂😂

    Marri BinduMarri Bindu24 giorni fa
  • ナイスドリブル

    ドラゴンDAME ドラゴンドラゴンDAME ドラゴン24 giorni fa
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    Tabitha MckeeTabitha Mckee24 giorni fa
    • Hahah

      COMPLEX DJ23COMPLEX DJ2323 giorni fa
    • @Eml Jr yes

      james_jordan jr.james_jordan jr.24 giorni fa
    • Is it a scam?

      Eml JrEml Jr24 giorni fa
  • I didnt see the Wall behind the back layup against the Wizards. But still, good compilation you got there👍

    GeT_ RiGhTGeT_ RiGhT25 giorni fa
  • Video idea: Nba most dominant moments

    9Jacko99Jacko925 giorni fa
  • Golden Hoops and Maxamillion are the 🐐s

    DJ JohnsonDJ Johnson25 giorni fa
  • Luka the next version of Dirk, I swear

    DantenzDantenz25 giorni fa
  • 0:14 but everybody still sleepin on Donovan Michell🤦🏽

    DantenzDantenz25 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops ❤❤❤❤

    Eric HeatherlyEric Heatherly25 giorni fa
  • Kyrie Irving has the worst handles in the league If your saying wdym no he doesn’t then why dont you answer that yourself @golden Hoops

    Rome RodriguezRome Rodriguez25 giorni fa
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    Shieldsy 7Shieldsy 725 giorni fa
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      Junior AlmeidaJunior Almeida9 giorni fa
    • Ա ա

      Glen JoshuaGlen Joshua10 giorni fa
    • Hopefully nobody falls for this scam

      kyle daviskyle davis21 giorno fa
    • No

      GJ 2KGJ 2K23 giorni fa
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    Vergie ReyesVergie Reyes25 giorni fa
    • Nooooooooooooo

      GJ 2KGJ 2K23 giorni fa
  • Who do you thank has gotten better in the last year I say the hawks

    Kale CarterKale Carter25 giorni fa
  • 9:22 the woman is following the video's beat 😂 "Kyrie Irving with the nice ball handling exhibition" 🎵📢

    Gabriel Henrique BritoGabriel Henrique Brito25 giorni fa
    • Perfect

      SquidWardSquidWard7 giorni fa
  • That first one is just like AI!

    Joah BullisJoah Bullis25 giorni fa
  • "1:13" when yall needs a lot VC then just try NbaWorlD.BuCin.Best best to all people. 🏀

    Alexej SchneigelbergerAlexej Schneigelberger25 giorni fa
    • yeah

      fredy mercuryfredy mercury25 giorni fa
  • Golden Hoops is the best Man👑💪

    Thirdy GamingThirdy Gaming25 giorni fa
  • Russel didn't cross ben, ben tripped on his team shoea

    RASHAD officialRASHAD official25 giorni fa
  • 1:45 was just good defense better offense no ankle snapping or nothing like that on that one

    T-Macoroni and CheeseT-Macoroni and Cheese25 giorni fa
  • Claim ur ticket before 100000 views here

    Ocean GypsyOcean Gypsy25 giorni fa
  • Yooo I just love that intro

    Keion GarnettKeion Garnett25 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Mkenya HalisiMkenya Halisi25 giorni fa
  • you should put next video about ¨coach ejection moments¨.

    Rafael Ramirez-PerezRafael Ramirez-Perez25 giorni fa
  • Day 2 of asking to do NBA Snatch blocks

    CoopgotcloutCoopgotclout25 giorni fa
  • Is blocks part of handles as well?😂

    Kamere PasaKamere Pasa25 giorni fa
  • Thon Maker has the worst ball handle it skills

    Damian LillardDamian Lillard25 giorni fa
  • Best basketball ITworldsR

    Taj BeattieTaj Beattie25 giorni fa
  • where’s joe ingles?

    tolga algintolga algin25 giorni fa
  • The funny thing is that everyone says I am a fan of golden hoops just to get a like but he doesn't like 8t

    CJBARRTJ or CalebCJBARRTJ or Caleb25 giorni fa
  • Why golden do okoro like that 😂

    SHOOTIIN- On 2kSHOOTIIN- On 2k25 giorni fa
  • Day two of asking for “angry announcer” moments

    Joe LarsonJoe Larson25 giorni fa
    • the Milwaukee announcers when d rosr hit the game winner that will always carry a full rock of Himalayan salt with it XD

      Damage The DarmanitanDamage The Darmanitan23 giorni fa
  • Yes I love golden hoops ;)

    IGORIGOR25 giorni fa
  • How we got defense at the end of a mix video?

    Howard MyquanHoward Myquan25 giorni fa
  • "I am a fan of Golden Hoops"

    ZENTRALZENTRAL25 giorni fa
  • 9:36 is it a crossover or what????? :):)

    Vasilis KapsisVasilis Kapsis25 giorni fa
  • I AM A FAN OF GOLDEN HOOPS 🔥 🔥 🔥!!!!!

    Trippxe4247Trippxe424725 giorni fa
  • Blocks?

    n en e25 giorni fa
  • you being real flexible with the term crossover

    J CJ C25 giorni fa
  • Thumbnail had me weak 😂😂😂

    TheGoat3xTheGoat3x25 giorni fa
  • Yo man, I love your channel immensely

    Sharon MarangwandaSharon Marangwanda25 giorni fa
  • 2:23 Damn Steph really be doing that 2K Kobe Sizeup! Dang!

    Cow-moo LowryCow-moo Lowry25 giorni fa
  • Bradley Beal, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul mixtape

    B3ast M0deB3ast M0de25 giorni fa
  • 0:31 dang tre.!

    B.A.G MyersB.A.G Myers25 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    okok25 giorni fa
  • Look at curry man he's nice with the handles no cap

    JM CabreraJM Cabrera25 giorni fa
  • Yoooo, the first play looks like allen iverson double anklebreaker in early 20s or 90s i dont know HAHAHA

    Lileosa ElordeLileosa Elorde25 giorni fa
  • still waiting for WNBA trashlights

    Jenna ToolsJenna Tools25 giorni fa
  • Make “Is That The New Kid?” Moments where players that just joined their new team or rookies make incredible plays. Like if you agree.

    Younes FindqlyYounes Findqly25 giorni fa
  • İ have a question for u do u think paul george can show himself again like a looong time ago ?

    Ozan MüftüoğluOzan Müftüoğlu25 giorni fa
  • Dude a great video again loves from turkey

    Ozan MüftüoğluOzan Müftüoğlu25 giorni fa
  • Sometimes...I ask myself if i'm a fan of Golden Hoops... I then proceed to watch these vids and the intro reminds me that... "I am a fan of Golden Hoops"

    Joseph CelestialJoseph Celestial25 giorni fa
  • Are we just gonna let the fact that Russell Westbrook pushed Ben Simmons with all of his might 🧐

    AC SpiritAC Spirit25 giorni fa
    • cap he barely touched him

      BLM 146BLM 14624 giorni fa
    • 🧢. Ben just tripped over a foot

      TheMrBig8TheMrBig824 giorni fa