NBA "I Believe I Can Fly!" MOMENTS

2 apr 2021
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This video features players like: Zion Williamson, Zach LaVine, LeBron James, Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook

  • What player has the most hang time in the league ? 🤔

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops19 giorni fa
    • Ja Morant

      Spadez_IDKSpadez_IDK14 giorni fa
    • Or miles bridge

      Destiny AigbeDestiny Aigbe15 giorni fa
    • KRYIE Irving

      Destiny AigbeDestiny Aigbe15 giorni fa
    • @Ben Stock it’s a joke we joke with him on replies

      beverly perksbeverly perks15 giorni fa
    • @beverly perks even though he’s my favorite I had to he has barely Hantime

      Ben StockBen Stock15 giorni fa
  • No cap I just start watching golden hoops about a month ago but all I’ve been doing it binge watching the videos

    Ronald MyersRonald Myers6 giorni fa
  • Who else thinks when the slow LmO part of the dunk come you look deeply into it

    Rashaud LewisRashaud Lewis9 giorni fa
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    Laith KofahiLaith Kofahi12 giorni fa
  • Starky golden hoop

    starky punta de orostarky punta de oro13 giorni fa
  • Pretty disrespectful to not have one sixers highlight...and trust me, there's plenty

    Connor McCarrenConnor McCarren13 giorni fa
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    Chef GChef G14 giorni fa
  • Mj is true flayer

    Christian KarlChristian Karl15 giorni fa
  • That was a windmill?🤔 8:00

    Kvng_KobeKvng_Kobe15 giorni fa
  • 2:10 donovan had a massive speed burst

    Shuayb KhanShuayb Khan15 giorni fa
  • I swear if my poster is not in this vid... Edit: it was

    Russell EastbrookRussell Eastbrook15 giorni fa
    • U obviously just copied J A morant

      I don’t like UI don’t like U12 giorni fa
  • 1:04 thought he was rapping 🤣🤣🤣

    m4rc0 p0lom4rc0 p0lo16 giorni fa
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    The ScottsThe Scotts16 giorni fa
  • I think Zian Williamson and Morant.Hes a big man that floats in the air and Morant is a small guy that slices through the air.But I think all of the guys had big airtime.The air was flowing the right way for all these guys to get up in the air like Michael Jordan lol)

    DatcrazyblackoyDatcrazyblackoy17 giorni fa
  • I saw Zach Lavine in the thumbnail and knew this was gonna be a banger

    Adrian Isaac-JimenezAdrian Isaac-Jimenez17 giorni fa
  • @ 2:40, you can see as the player is about to become airborne, the floor sinks down and then bounces back up upon lift-off. I've been saying this for a long time. The floors are juiced. I know most of them are parquet, but.... Although, these players are talented, and can leap pretty far already, the league juiced the floors, like they do in baseball. They're adding to the show.

    nb2481nb248117 giorni fa
  • Finally subscribed. I've been following the content for a while, and I'm not the guy who follows other people on yt, but you deserve the sub for all the effort you put in your videos. Keep up the great content.

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  • Seeing guys like Lebron and Jeff green rising high like they still young gives me hope going into my 30’s

    J_Sovereign The ParadoxJ_Sovereign The Paradox18 giorni fa
  • golden hoops you are goated my friend

    Gage EllisGage Ellis18 giorni fa
  • That Funny Moments 😂😂

    Geron YecyecGeron Yecyec18 giorni fa
  • Cuz we I Believe Can fly" So why so serious hahhahha😘👏🏻🥁

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  • When I saw the title I knew right away they were going to show Ja Morant

    Osho AnavheOsho Anavhe18 giorni fa
  • "OH, STOP IT!!!" - Stacey King

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  • I’m a fan of golden hoops

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  • Golden hoops- I am a fan of golden hoops Meanwhile ITworlds subtitles- I am a fan of older hoops 😂😂

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  • Enjoy the content it’s🔥🔥🔥😁

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  • Do nba hangtime moments pls

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  • Video idea nba stars in college or future nba stars in college

    pandaboy 545pandaboy 54518 giorni fa
  • @bradley turner its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it because it actually changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

    y.m charlesworthy.m charlesworth18 giorni fa
  • What a banger!!!

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  • jeff green needs his own dunk animations in 2k dude uses the switcheroo😊

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  • No Giannis in this video? Oh ok 👎🏽

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  • Don’t change a thing with this channel It’s fire

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  • Lebron got amazing hang time 😭

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  • Ja

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  • I’m a big fan of golden hoops fureal man 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿😎

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  • yo golden hoops who is ur favourite player in the league currently

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  • How do u record all of these?

  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Soy el único argentino

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  • I always love the beats that you play in the background 🥶🔥

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  • You're MVP Golden Hoops

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  • U should include Nate robinson .-.

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  • My dude your dedication to YT is through the clouds.

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  • miles bridges is like kelly oubre this year, just dunking highlights every game

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  • "OH MY GODNESS MILES BRIDGES" in my best hornets commentary voice lmao

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    • Ayo Bol Bol

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    • Thats right bol let's go

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  • I like the slow motion replays after each play. Really shows how much hang time these players have. Love the vid

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  • nice video as always

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  • What player has the best dunks in the league?

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  • My mom is a fan of golden hopes!!

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  • 0:37

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  • I Believe Golden Hoops ! 👍💪💪💖

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  • bruh i love these vids

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  • Ja morant was super man

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  • Can I also get a heart?

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  • The 3 dislikes on this vid is little Timmy on his mommy’s phone mad that he can’t dunk

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    • @KawhiLowry-Gaming They pronounced Giannis name wrong😂

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    • Lol

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    • Lol

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  • Everybody likes the hornets announcers and I feel like I'm the only person who gets really annoyed whenever I hear them. That "humdiddlydee" ruins the lamelo putback for me.

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  • I think that one day a NBA player will do the start of the video

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  • I have Zion on my fantasy team and his rookie card. I kind of have to be a Zion fan

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  • Can you do “Young players with a veteran heart”? Basically young players acting like vets.

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    • @Dagoat Bol Bol mhm

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    • Cough cough luka

      Dagoat Bol BolDagoat Bol Bol18 giorni fa
    • You know, acting like a leader, not making selfish plays, etc. Basically things vets do but rookies and young players don’t do.

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    • Wtf does that even mean?

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  • Early gang wya

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  • Video idea. Maybe you could best dunks of all time

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    • @Patricia Lucero Are you dumb or something I said I want a video of all time dunks.

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    • @Patricia Lucero no I said we just got a video of the current day dunks so it be cool to have all time dunks

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    • @Patricia Lucero That is exactly what I was saying it would be cool to have the all time best dunks

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    • @Patricia Lucero we already know these dunks and there are a lot a vids about them but there just as good

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    • @akira ._. it’s a video idea how is it copied

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