NBA "He's TOO Damn Hot! 🔥" MOMENTS

7 feb 2021
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This video features players like: Stephen Curry, Fred Vanvleet, Nikola Jokic, LeBron James, Joel Embiid, Zach LaVine and Bradley Beal

  • Title kinda sus

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops26 giorni fa
    • Kinda

      smokesmoke16 giorni fa
    • On god

      Christian DavisChristian Davis22 giorni fa
    • Ha

      Aazan KhanAazan Khan23 giorni fa
    • Yea kinda

      Tiegan RobertsTiegan Roberts23 giorni fa
    • @Golden Hoops wassup Golden i have question for yo who is your favorite Sidemen

      BMH playsBMH plays23 giorni fa
  • sus

    VolxoXIVolxoXI22 giorni fa
  • Why nobody talking about curry bro he is mad underated

    Cade SimpsonCade Simpson22 giorni fa
  • VanVleet is Drake’s Nba 2k my player robot or sum ?

    Max VerhoevenMax Verhoeven23 giorni fa
  • "VanFleet for 3"

    smol boysmol boy23 giorni fa
  • It’s sad when someone goes off like in this video and they end up losing

    Jonathan RayJonathan Ray23 giorni fa
  • Wheres my boy bradley beal

    Gaming CrossoversGaming Crossovers23 giorni fa
  • I feel like ive never hear mike breen say maxi klebers name before

    Kevin ByrdKevin Byrd23 giorni fa
  • LBJ-MVP 21-22👑

    ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟΣ 1925ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟΣ 192523 giorni fa
  • “I am a fan of golden hoops” yessir

    Ask_yo_girlab0ut_meAsk_yo_girlab0ut_me23 giorni fa
  • @Golden Hoops what’s the name of the song at 6:48?

    Mick DankbaarMick Dankbaar24 giorni fa
  • Steph Curry makes the NBA more interesting | Like if you think he's going to get the MVP

    Andrés LópezAndrés López24 giorni fa
  • Or “He’s too damn cold!” A player who normally makes a lot but can’t get anything to go in

    Mason LockeMason Locke24 giorni fa
  • I feel bad for Bradley Beal and Zach Lavine those teams don’t deserve them

    NGC NoorNGC Noor24 giorni fa
  • Video idea: “that dunk hurt” like a small player dunking on a big guy

    Mason LockeMason Locke24 giorni fa
  • Thumnail: Jokic looks like he is a little brother who broke a window and blamed it on his older brother and is the favorite too.

    Lee EverettLee Everett24 giorni fa
  • what about devin booker 70 point game

    Woods ZWWoods ZW24 giorni fa
  • What a thumbnail

    Lonely BergLonely Berg25 giorni fa
  • Farter

    sport kidsport kid25 giorni fa
  • If there was overtime Steph Curry would have beat Klay Thompson 3pt 100%

    Jairon AliJairon Ali25 giorni fa
  • its crazy when you realize that 4 of curry's 3s should've been fouls.

    TanTan25 giorni fa
  • Mad sus

    רק ביבירק ביבי25 giorni fa
  • #SimpHoops?

    Seth-Leanon SiladinSeth-Leanon Siladin25 giorni fa
  • That first shot by lebron was green animation from 2k.

    Ace LoweAce Lowe25 giorni fa

    J_Igbo _J_Igbo _25 giorni fa
    • @Fay Scott GOD BLESS

      J_Igbo _J_Igbo _21 giorno fa
    • Amen

      Fay ScottFay Scott22 giorni fa
  • I found out u are a Sideman fan

    Young 16Young 1625 giorni fa
  • vanvleet sicko mode (:

    Dillon PromesseDillon Promesse25 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops makes me not fill board

    Leroy AtwaterLeroy Atwater25 giorni fa
  • The no fans in attendance rule is making players pop off

    Jaysbirds &stuffJaysbirds &stuff25 giorni fa
  • Loneliness hahaha

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro25 giorni fa
  • pause

    johan RLjohan RL25 giorni fa
  • Jokic selfishly

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro25 giorni fa
  • Ditooto golden couculture

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro25 giorni fa
  • Alina dad

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro25 giorni fa
  • Install

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro25 giorni fa
  • Online 3

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro25 giorni fa
  • The picture dow 🤣🤣🤣

    Pop Smoki4Pop Smoki425 giorni fa
  • Stephen Mc Flurry Curry

  • lol merch for a highlights clip channel

    Zach H.Zach H.25 giorni fa
  • The two delivery geometrically charge because mice splenomegaly nest forenenst a peaceful ray. ratty, overconfident throne

    Owjs UwOwjs Uw25 giorni fa
  • Some of them lost even have a scoring montage

    NashkieNashkie25 giorni fa
  • "1:13" when yall needs a lot VC then just try 2KSports.mEncREt.OnlINe best to all people. 🏀

    patricia friendpatricia friend25 giorni fa
    • wooooo nobody gives a shiit

      Medium Size ShirtMedium Size Shirt24 giorni fa
    • Stfu

      LoggoxDGLoggoxDG24 giorni fa
  • Look at curry man

    Syrone JacqueSyrone Jacque25 giorni fa
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  • Day one of asking the legend for a “Horrible Referees” video

    YoshiYoshi25 giorni fa
  • it does not make sence number 3 on washington is trying so hard but the team is not going to make it he need to leave that team now!!!

    Dave robinDave robin25 giorni fa
  • curry back to being my favorite

    sezersezer25 giorni fa
  • 57/62 steph🏀🐐

    StuartLeettleStuartLeettle25 giorni fa
  • Hoops "nba mix"

    Munkhbayar BayarmagnaiMunkhbayar Bayarmagnai25 giorni fa
  • U should have put Giannis in the vid

    Greek MentalityGreek Mentality25 giorni fa
  • Feels bad for Bradley beal

    Colton EnderleColton Enderle26 giorni fa
  • I dont know why so many Filipinos hate Steph and always said that no Durant,Igoudala and klay no win, like bro wtf? How who'd you win if you doesn't have team mates lol

    PRI MOPRI MO26 giorni fa
  • Tatum not in here a couple of is games have been 40+ points no cap

    Odell FountainOdell Fountain26 giorni fa
  • Yo hoops the title uh. But good vid tho

    Colton EnderleColton Enderle26 giorni fa
  • That's the best thumbnail ever

    sirEtherealsirEthereal26 giorni fa
  • Everyone please subscribe to golden hoops

    Areeb IshtiaqAreeb Ishtiaq26 giorni fa
  • Only Guys what I don’t like highlights (I Like u LeBron, LaVine)

    Arthur ArantesArthur Arantes26 giorni fa
    • Beal too

      Arthur ArantesArthur Arantes26 giorni fa
  • Where's De'Aaron's 43 and 13 game?

    State FarmState Farm26 giorni fa
  • 2:25 that kinda reminds me of the flu game with jordan and pippin lol

    Julian LaiJulian Lai26 giorni fa
  • Jokic tryna get wavy

    Jumis RamenJumis Ramen26 giorni fa
  • Jokic looking like eminem in 2006

    YabasYabas26 giorni fa
  • What’s the name of the song at 6:48?

    Mick DankbaarMick Dankbaar26 giorni fa
  • Do NBA no big deal moments

    keesgeorgekeesgeorge26 giorni fa
  • It’s funny how Fred vanvleet and Jokic both dropped 105+ fantasy points

    Vyperz YTVyperz YT26 giorni fa
  • Do quickest points scored

    Seth RubioSeth Rubio26 giorni fa

    Jonas EvansJonas Evans26 giorni fa
  • Is that jokic with a durag on in the thumpnail

    Hunka MunkaHunka Munka26 giorni fa
  • I love golden hoops. He is my favorite ITworldsr

    Jamie MichaudJamie Michaud26 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops more like goated hoops

    Darion RobinsonDarion Robinson26 giorni fa

    Φιλιππος ΑντωνογιαννακηςΦιλιππος Αντωνογιαννακης26 giorni fa
  • I like the sus title 😩

    Carti’s TankCarti’s Tank26 giorni fa
  • Had to subscribe these videos are dope ! Thank you 🙏🏽🔥

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  • This is how many people that wants a part 2 👇🏽

    omar alzokariomar alzokari26 giorni fa
  • Help this man get to 1 mil

    Brandon DayesBrandon Dayes26 giorni fa
  • Change to he’s to damn good moments

    Latrell ShepardLatrell Shepard26 giorni fa

    v0ltzCSv0ltzCS26 giorni fa

    רועי מנחםרועי מנחם26 giorni fa
  • Whyd you have to show lbj beating up on the cavs😞😞😞

    crazycavsfan roadcrazycavsfan road26 giorni fa
  • Curry is to damn hot lmao

    HaikHaik26 giorni fa
  • i’m too damn hot!😤

    Stephen CurryStephen Curry26 giorni fa
  • Who would you choose jokic or giannes or however you spell those names

    Anthony GeorgeAnthony George26 giorni fa
  • I feel so sorry for my boy Jokic.... 50 points and they still loose,ffs man he needs to go,his teammates are trash

    BesomarBesomar26 giorni fa
  • Title: He's too damn hot 🔥 Me: Why is Jokic in the Thumbnail Me after I watched the video: Oh

    Joaquin Rafael CruzJoaquin Rafael Cruz26 giorni fa
    • Lol

      EljayRiley BoadoEljayRiley Boado26 giorni fa
  • Title is super sus bro.

    LeBron JamesLeBron James26 giorni fa
  • The historical bait methodologically mend because cd informally ban in a calm jumbo. nifty, simple committee

    Jayson BurkeJayson Burke26 giorni fa
  • The gullible gusty cheese invariably observe because title aditionally explain concerning a ceaseless trowel. afraid, unbiased foxglove

    Jayson BurkeJayson Burke26 giorni fa
  • steph better win the mvp

    Mattyjr30Mattyjr3026 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of Golden hoops

    Here Comes LBJ!!! Look out!!Here Comes LBJ!!! Look out!!26 giorni fa
  • Wassup @Golden Hoops

    Shifty-_-StrapShifty-_-Strap26 giorni fa
  • Day one of asking for “angry announcer” moments

    Joe LarsonJoe Larson26 giorni fa
    • Guys please visit my channel i hope u like my videos!!

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  • I Miss the motivational beats

    João GabrielJoão Gabriel26 giorni fa
  • Who is gonna win the super bowl?

    Thick boy WillThick boy Will26 giorni fa
  • Very sus indeed

    Thick boy WillThick boy Will26 giorni fa
  • Jokic in the thumbnail tho 😂

    teddymlgdawgteddymlgdawg26 giorni fa
  • Look at curry man on the thumbnail

    1bacon man1bacon man26 giorni fa
  • pause

    Julio ArrunadaJulio Arrunada26 giorni fa
  • thanks for existing you have cured my boredom lol

    faimusdao362faimusdao36226 giorni fa
  • Look at Wardel so inspirational

    Chris IjadeleChris Ijadele26 giorni fa
  • Why isn't Kelly Oubre in the thumbnail?????

    Jordan VicenteJordan Vicente26 giorni fa
  • Jokic lol

    Cristopher PaulinoCristopher Paulino26 giorni fa