15 feb 2021
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This video features players like: LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Zach LaVine and Bradley Beal

  • What "miserable" player would you rather send to a contender: Beal or LaVine?

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops18 giorni fa
    • @BaconPlayZXroblox lavine

      Jace WaithJace Waith3 giorni fa
    • Lavine is younger

      Franck BelibiFranck Belibi14 giorni fa
    • Lavine

      Franck BelibiFranck Belibi14 giorni fa
    • THATS SO TUFF. Ima have to say Lavine because Beal was a contender before and lavine is REAL YOUNG and needs to grow so lavine for me sorry Beal😓

    • lavine

      Hayes WilliamsHayes Williams16 giorni fa
  • 2:49 Bruh I litterly thought this was Giannis for a sec

    Jimmy VeaJimmy Vea8 giorni fa
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  • Great video :)

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  • If been a fan since 2012

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  • Can you please do Gotcha moments it would be fire

    Jubal PrasadJubal Prasad17 giorni fa
  • Why is channing frye taking the last shot🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Spencer ShakespeareSpencer Shakespeare17 giorni fa
  • Your intro should be "I am a super fan of golden hoops"

    Lewren LisingLewren Lising17 giorni fa
  • i AM a FAN of GOLDEN hoops

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  • Kyrie be like : which party I miss because of this ....

    Abdulhadi JjjjAbdulhadi Jjjj17 giorni fa
  • "Oh my goodness" It here remembers me when I did and got the maximum *2KSports.mEncREt.OnlINe* "YEAH" 🏀 thanks for let me know i'm in the right path! Bless man!

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  • Everybody makes mistakes it’s when you don’t try again is when you fail

    Epic GamerkidEpic Gamerkid17 giorni fa

    NBA 4LifeNBA 4Life18 giorni fa

    Kiian Alfonso LopezKiian Alfonso Lopez18 giorni fa
  • I think Luka is overrated

    Shahn ytShahn yt18 giorni fa
  • 1:25 that my face in the online class

    Johan FigueroaJohan Figueroa18 giorni fa
  • Nba player that don’t know how to play moments

    Ismael HayerIsmael Hayer18 giorni fa
  • Jade

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  • This is a underrated channel

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  • 1:44

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops

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  • So much pain in this video 🥲🥲🥲

    Abdelghafour BouamamaAbdelghafour Bouamama18 giorni fa
  • Lots of young talent getting wasted smh

    DI NODI NO18 giorni fa
  • What if your not a fan of golden hoops?

    YajYajYajYaj18 giorni fa
  • Could someone explain to me? Why Durant (2:29) was leaving the floor? Why he can't believe in that?

    Guilherme BatistaGuilherme Batista18 giorni fa
    • @Guilherme Batista you’re welcome I am on my alt account

      Kathy JonesKathy Jones15 giorni fa
    • @Kathryn Jones Thanks for the explaining

      Guilherme BatistaGuilherme Batista15 giorni fa
    • @Kathryn Jones I'm brazillian man and I dont watch the games when they are happening, I see highlights at the youtube. I tried to seach about Durant but I didnt understand so well the formal english of the notice. I think that you ve noticed that my english isnt very good hahahah

      Guilherme BatistaGuilherme Batista15 giorni fa
    • @Guilherme Batista also I think it was because the nba thought he had tested positive but he didn’t so

      Kathryn JonesKathryn Jones15 giorni fa
    • You should know why

      Kathryn JonesKathryn Jones15 giorni fa
  • pain

    Luis BügelLuis Bügel18 giorni fa
  • the best

    Oscar VillalobosOscar Villalobos18 giorni fa
  • I love how the raptors announcer said “tons of contact” when there literally is none

    Hunter GreeneHunter Greene18 giorni fa
  • I for sure am a fan of golden hoopd

    AvaAva18 giorni fa
  • Hi

    AvaAva18 giorni fa
  • As a Raptors fan I'm a little happy seeing Siakam isn't the only one missing game winners.....only a little

    JalIen6JalIen618 giorni fa
  • Vince is gonna be 57 and still play 😂😂

    Anthony LourencoAnthony Lourenco18 giorni fa
  • lmaooo sad vid but a banger

    DeqzDeqz18 giorni fa
  • 2:00 tyrese hailburton I play with him I’m 2k

    Tina ChandiTina Chandi18 giorni fa
  • Damn according to that Atlanta is winning or losing everytime by game winner missing shots 😅

    Ege TopcuEge Topcu18 giorni fa
  • I didnt understood why Durant was upset ?

    Gunal SaracGunal Sarac18 giorni fa
  • Video idea NBA “ Down Bad Moments”

    Itz_Ya_Boi _06Itz_Ya_Boi _0618 giorni fa
  • me

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  • She is a fan of golden hoops

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  • 1:43 😂

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  • Ayeee good works golden hoops! 💯🔥

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  • 50% if the vid is the raptors😂😂

    Clash Royale GAMEPLAY!!!!Clash Royale GAMEPLAY!!!!18 giorni fa
  • Love it keep up the content

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  • Hi Golden I’m back again

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  • I need that beat

    Ishmael ForresterIshmael Forrester18 giorni fa
  • “Sad moments “ more like raptors lost moments

    I'm a fire manI'm a fire man18 giorni fa
  • Kd: goes right to the hole and stuffs it =-(

    VR GamerVR Gamer18 giorni fa
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  • My friend told me about golden hoops and I am always watching

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  • Hi

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  • “I am a fan of golden hoops.” I love that intro

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    • Oh man I haven’t heard that one before🙄

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  • whoever dislikes these video should be arrested

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  • I watched the Mavericks trailblazers game last night, I felt so bad for luka cause he was wide open for that win

    ecsbone24ecsbone2418 giorni fa
    • @NOLA Sports Fan yeah true

      ecsbone24ecsbone2418 giorni fa
    • @ecsbone24 lamarcus aldridge. or possible demar derozan

      NOLA Sports FanNOLA Sports Fan18 giorni fa
    • @NOLA Sports Fan what’s the “one more weapon”?

      ecsbone24ecsbone2418 giorni fa
    • he carries. he was the only player on the team that got more than 20 points. Kp is good but he needs one more weapon

      NOLA Sports FanNOLA Sports Fan18 giorni fa
  • Ive been watching you since i was in 7th grade 3 years nkw amazing man u should have been at 1 mil by now but keep up the great vids

    Jamari MayJamari May18 giorni fa
  • Bro keep up the good work I like the daily uploads 🔥

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  • "She is a Fan of Golden Hoops"

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  • Lets help golden hoops 1 mill before 2022🔥🔥🔥

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  • THIS MAN DOES NOT STOP UPLOADING (get that ad-shmoney king)

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  • Bro these raptors clips kills me 😭

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  • Get Bradley Beal out of Washington please

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  • The best ITworlds of all time

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  • When I want to watch the best moments in nba and Golden hoops already has them made. I seriously love this channel

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  • This channel was my inspiration to start youtube hope my channel would get recognize too 🙏

  • Who else thinks golden hoops is the goat on basketball videos?!

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  • Just me as a raptors fan🥺😪

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  • It's been 5 years since i saw this channel

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops.

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  • I am a wizards fan, and we have definitely been having a lot of sad moments. I would like for Beal to get sended to a contender. Also, can you do a best dunks vid?

    James MislockJames Mislock18 giorni fa
  • I love golden hoops

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  • Pain.

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  • Can you do dang moments

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  • 8:49 man I felt so bad for luka

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  • Im the biggest fan of golden hoops

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  • I’m a fan and watch ur videos every day

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  • Pin this please Golden Hoops love your videos

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  • You should do “NBA you messed up” moments

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  • This is how you know nobody's perfect

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  • From Philippines , I'm a fan of golden hoops🏀🔥❤️

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  • I’m a fan of golden hoops

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  • These titles are nuts lmfao. Next one "NBA moments of moments of the NBA"

    Plague DocPlague Doc18 giorni fa
  • It seems that the raptors been having an excess amount of these this season

    KawhiLowry-GamingKawhiLowry-Gaming18 giorni fa
  • "I am a fan of golden hoops"

    Now you watch thisNow you watch this18 giorni fa

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  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops! On 2022 it's gonna be more than 2 mil for real. 🔥

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  • Golden Hoops should make a wnba channel called "Hoops Golden"

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    • @WARNING I know its a different link but I still dont wanna press it, since hes popular i Can just type in ding productions in the search bar now stop it, how about instead you subscribe to my cousin Poppagreen on yt

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    • @Seth-Leanon Siladin it’s called ding production I think this is him

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    • ​@WARNING Is it ding productions? if so thats cool, also I know thats a rick roll because I know the link is dQw4w9WgXcq

      Seth-Leanon SiladinSeth-Leanon Siladin16 giorni fa
    • @Seth-Leanon Siladin ok sorry bro but he does have a football Chanel with 1mil

      WARNINGWARNING16 giorni fa
    • @WARNING your a cap god and you waste my time cmon dude this is all a fraud and if u think im doing something wrng just give me the link and stop all of this "funny jokes

      Seth-Leanon SiladinSeth-Leanon Siladin16 giorni fa
  • we're all fan of golden hoops 🔥

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  • What's the song in the background? Kicks ass

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  • Great vid 👍

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  • Pray for Bradley Beal

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops but the real question is who isn’t a fan of golden hoops

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  • early?

    e 2e 218 giorni fa

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  • I know Bradley Beal is sad

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  • The Greatest Compilation channel ITworlds has to offer! AKA THE GOAT OF Compilations

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    • Means a lot bro!

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