NBA "He Chose Violence!" MOMENTS

7 apr 2021
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This video features players like: Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, DeMarcus Cousins, DeMar Derozan and James Harden

  • Will GSW make the playoffs?

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops14 giorni fa
    • @Darius Jackson bandwagon, all y’all fake nets fans

      Hehahoo21 Basketball Soccer FootballHehahoo21 Basketball Soccer Football2 giorni fa
    • Even as a warriors fan, i think no since they are short handed curry is much more prone to double and triple team defense, and when steph has a bad game you can never always rely on the bench since they are still new and still improving their team chemistry. Wel if they ever make it to the playoffs most likely they will not go to the finals. Just my opinion from what i observe.

      Sana's gay cellsSana's gay cells8 giorni fa
    • No definitely

      real mjreal mj9 giorni fa
    • Possibly

      Jon games & ReactsJon games & Reacts9 giorni fa
    • no

      ZetZet10 giorni fa
  • لا اله الاالله محمد رسول الله

    مقاطع مضحكةfunny videos Iمقاطع مضحكةfunny videos I5 giorni fa
  • Funny how 3 of the players on here are on the same team now.

    Connor MahonConnor Mahon6 giorni fa
  • I am sorry but that's fake

  • 4:30 how is that not a travel?!

    Mason LockeMason Locke8 giorni fa
  • Get this man to a mil. NO CAPPP

    Graysen ThompsonGraysen Thompson8 giorni fa
  • This ain't violence dimpshit!

    Chas3 BrowerChas3 Brower9 giorni fa
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  • Fake Heads

    Laiyemo BoysLaiyemo Boys10 giorni fa
  • 6:40 Dame celebrating before he hits the 3

    Mufasa Biin LadenMufasa Biin Laden10 giorni fa
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  • Random guy with a Lakers jersey at a Net’s game

    Nathan KpodoNathan Kpodo11 giorni fa
  • 208K views and only about 5000 likes? This kinda consistency and content deserves more than 10K

    Connor McMahonConnor McMahon12 giorni fa
  • blake griffin evolved like dwight howard, now both can shoot 3s with no fear

    Caio Palhares Louseiro BragaCaio Palhares Louseiro Braga12 giorni fa
  • Song?

    Niko BuccioNiko Buccio12 giorni fa
  • It’s always sooo smooth when you are talented!!

    Nicky BondNicky Bond12 giorni fa
  • Me: OH SH*T A SPIDER THE SPIDER CHOOSING VIOLENCE Me:* Try to kill it* I CANT IT A BIG SPIDER *Lifts up shoe* AHHHHH *doesn't kill it* Me: IT A BIG SPIDER *spider tries to jump on meh* Me: AHHHH * punches spider* *jumps on It* REEEEEEEE *kills it*

    Germeir SmithGermeir Smith12 giorni fa
  • Hardens beard looks fake

    Camel ManCamel Man12 giorni fa
  • When harden drives on McGee the announcer is dropping bars

    Emily BrodieEmily Brodie12 giorni fa
  • The whole time I’ve been watching your videos and I’m not subscribed that damn

    Jawayne LangleyJawayne Langley12 giorni fa
  • Harden definitely chooses violence on his outfits.

    ᜑ᜔ᜌ̯ᜏᜈ᜔ hyuwanᜑ᜔ᜌ̯ᜏᜈ᜔ hyuwan12 giorni fa
  • Nice beat in the background!

    Isaiah SchusterIsaiah Schuster12 giorni fa
  • Look at golden hoops man so inspirational man

    Crazy Boy68Crazy Boy6812 giorni fa
  • I’m liking the drill instrumental my g

    Roop ParmarRoop Parmar12 giorni fa
  • I love how you used the Dior- Pop Smoke beat in the beginning

    Brogan GreyBrogan Grey12 giorni fa
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    Thomas SrsichThomas Srsich12 giorni fa
  • U are so underrated 💯

    JC3JC312 giorni fa
  • Flight Reacts said the title first

    Owen SmithOwen Smith13 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of warriors but solid fan of golden hoops Edit:first comment btw in your channel😁

    Random VideosRandom Videos13 giorni fa
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  • Look at Wiggins man

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    Christian GallagherChristian Gallagher13 giorni fa
  • 4:32 was that not a travel

    Octavius RexOctavius Rex13 giorni fa
  • You woke up today and chose violence

    Aloha TigersAloha Tigers13 giorni fa
  • Damn the starting beat sounds like a pop smoke type beat

    Magic X 43Magic X 4313 giorni fa
  • Look at curry, so inspirational

    L LL L13 giorni fa
  • @jason porter its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it because it actually changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

    y.m charlesworthy.m charlesworth13 giorni fa
  • honestly not feeling this intro mane i miss the old one :[

    Zion CleareZion Cleare13 giorni fa
  • The title doesn't Match the content. It should be All by himself or he can't miss moments.

    Kobe Florence PilapilKobe Florence Pilapil13 giorni fa
  • Golden Hoops, make a video of Ben McLemore highlights because he sign with the Lakers. :)

    MIGUEL Dominic RodriguezMIGUEL Dominic Rodriguez13 giorni fa
  • Half of the players in these clips now play for the Brooklyn nets. So dumb

    ChadChad13 giorni fa
  • Yes sir

    Landen RiewerLanden Riewer13 giorni fa
  • 0:43 look at Klay in the background, I’m dead😂😂😂 Also give this comment a 👍if you luv golden hoops

    mark Ingallsmark Ingalls13 giorni fa
    • Luv u golden hoops

      mark Ingallsmark Ingalls13 giorni fa
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    greta valentinigreta valentini13 giorni fa
  • Yall saying we missing the playoffs this season? Well I'm exploding and putting at least 35. And we got an easy schedule.🔥🔥

    Steph CurrySteph Curry13 giorni fa
    • I love u STEPHHHHH

      Anshu JainAnshu Jain11 giorni fa
    • Bro just rest , no point this year for y'all

      Aman SinghAman Singh11 giorni fa
  • Golden hoop the best. Im starky dominicano

    starky punta de orostarky punta de oro13 giorni fa
  • You really blew up fam, u dezerve the blessingz ❤️

    CyberslumzCyberslumz13 giorni fa
  • When I saw Kyire I was like is this the all star game and then I was like oh it’s just the Brooklyn nets with an all star line up

    Aj RoseAj Rose13 giorni fa
  • Wasnt the title originally he woke up and chose violence?

    Bruh Cheese PickleBruh Cheese Pickle13 giorni fa
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  • I miss raptors Demar

    The One And OnlyThe One And Only13 giorni fa
  • Video idea: “star vs star” MOMENTS (when a star player makes a play on another star player)

    Jess OJess O13 giorni fa
    • @LuX Rusty exactly

      Jess OJess O6 giorni fa
    • like tatums game winner on giannis

      LuX RustyLuX Rusty7 giorni fa
    • That is a great idea! People do that for soccer and it’s awesome.

      Samuel WalkerSamuel Walker11 giorni fa
    • @Lil Owl ik

      Jess OJess O11 giorni fa
    • @Jess O yh ik I was replying to someone else

      Lil OwlLil Owl11 giorni fa
  • Boogie=3rd💧brother

    Oliver WulffOliver Wulff13 giorni fa
  • There’s no one like golden hoops

    Diego GarciaDiego Garcia13 giorni fa
  • Jeez prime BG was unbelievable to watch

    Oliver WulffOliver Wulff13 giorni fa
  • But no one chose violence in 2021?

    Steffon PenkeSteffon Penke13 giorni fa
  • At 3:40, im sorry, how is that a foul again?

    Michael NicholsonMichael Nicholson13 giorni fa
  • bro tell me the beat at 0:20 plz it’s so fire

    shroomshroom13 giorni fa
    • @Herwin ramos gomes THANK YOU I LOVE YOU NO HOMO

      shroomshroom12 giorni fa
    • Blue Steel - MI6

      Herwin ramos gomesHerwin ramos gomes12 giorni fa
  • For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

    Jair BarriosJair Barrios13 giorni fa
  • TITLE: “He Chose Violence” FIRST PLAY: Curry does a wide open layup lol Nothing violent going on here

    Jalyn HelmsJalyn Helms13 giorni fa
  • The music dropping with the basket gets me hyped every time! 👏

    East2westEast2west13 giorni fa
  • click bait on the title but enjoyed the video

    Michael LewisMichael Lewis13 giorni fa
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  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops!

    Dead monkDead monk13 giorni fa
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  • Golden Hoops, if you don’t get 1 million subs at least at the year, people are purposely not subbing. Your content is incredible and you deserve more than 1 mil. Plus the everyday uploads?? Bruh

    Nba LiggieNba Liggie13 giorni fa
    • At the end of the year I meant

      Nba LiggieNba Liggie13 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops is on god the best highlight youtuber in my eyes

    Amos KetcherAmos Ketcher13 giorni fa
  • I don't know what doesn't work with the pelicans they looked dangerous with AD Cousins and Rondo

    Aro RakAro Rak13 giorni fa
  • Look at derozan man so inspirational

    Pu RehPu Reh13 giorni fa

    Chromatic Sound Co.Chromatic Sound Co.13 giorni fa
  • Best ITworlds channel he should have more than 1 million

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  • Yo when we doing “crazy passes” you said next week last week

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  • I’m concerned that every video I’ve watched on this channel is 10:01 long.

    Brayden SBrayden S14 giorni fa
  • Yea

    Glemuel AbanillaGlemuel Abanilla14 giorni fa

    JezoniccJezonicc14 giorni fa
  • yo when james harden made that three i said swish

    JezoniccJezonicc14 giorni fa
  • im a fan of golden hoops

    Ashley SinghAshley Singh14 giorni fa
  • Do a "From The Jaws Of Defeat" compilation. Ex: Pelicans 24 pt comeback over Celtics.

    EnzoEnzo14 giorni fa
  • I couldn't understand the title tbh

    Ismaeel BadoolahIsmaeel Badoolah14 giorni fa
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    Rhino TashjianRhino Tashjian14 giorni fa
  • Golden Hoops, do an "Welcome back!" moments where nba players score there first bucket after injury

    Alan GregoryAlan Gregory14 giorni fa
  • Loving the music on this one, very dynamic and scene setting, great choice.

    Stuart BoydeStuart Boyde14 giorni fa
  • Best video name.

    ඞ14 giorni fa
  • Man Harden just built different

    Oluwadamilola AkanniOluwadamilola Akanni14 giorni fa
  • Curry in the thumbnail looks like Ethan from the sidemen

    Mr. SheepMr. Sheep14 giorni fa
  • This TITLE is golden

    QuittlaughingQuittlaughing14 giorni fa
  • IM DYING RN🤣🤣 8:43

    HmmmHmmm14 giorni fa
  • This man deservers more than 1 Mil subs he deservers 10 mil

    TG JackTG Jack14 giorni fa
  • i was at that kyrie game

    Logan4cash GamerLogan4cash Gamer14 giorni fa
  • let’s go golden hoops, love the consistent uploads

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  • ikd i hope you get a mill subs ans GSW wont make it

    Ryan CipiRyan Cipi14 giorni fa
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  • love from Canada

    Aathi GunaAathi Guna14 giorni fa
    • Aye same

      Magic X 43Magic X 4313 giorni fa
  • Watch flight react to this

    Khalil fombyKhalil fomby14 giorni fa
  • i wish demar were still with toronto. we wouldnt have that championship but kyle would want to stay with us and we basically got nothing for demar because kawhi and danny left. We would also have a star now too.

    Aathi GunaAathi Guna14 giorni fa
  • Can we appreciate Steph effort he playing every game like it's his last one last 4 games has put up 30+ with a tailbone injury bruh

    Gifted skillzGifted skillz14 giorni fa
    • @Gifted skillz lil persepective u see why russ was putting up them numbers and avg them triple dubs just to get his team to a 6th spot imagine if he didnt he wouodve been in curry position and been getting bashed but yall still have time to make the play in i think

      EsF .DEsF .D13 giorni fa
    • @EsF .D yea but he still needs needs help he can't do it all by himself at least not all the time they need to bring in someone who can help him not oubre lol

      Gifted skillzGifted skillz14 giorni fa
    • I mean if he didnt then it will just prive more that he need other stars to win but hes way better than dame tho and him and dame is not close wen it comes to shooting

      EsF .DEsF .D14 giorni fa
    • Facts

      Pedro NarradorPedro Narrador14 giorni fa