18 mar 2021
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  • THANK YOU ALL FOR 700.000 SUBS!!!!!! 🙏🏽🥳🥳 SO GRATEFUL ❤️

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    • Plz do Blake Griffin

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    • dont thank us yet we aiming for 1 mil

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    • Your welcome you the man Golden Hoops!

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    • why are you grateful we should be grateful for you

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  • Pg13 MVP

  • This 30 point plus run he has been on just shows his hard work, ability to play this game, and his raw talent. This is why he is one of my favourite players in the league!! No injury will get him to lay back on playing hard!

    CaloomCaloom5 giorni fa
  • PG13 Future HOF !

    Marcelo AndradeMarcelo Andrade5 giorni fa
  • MVPG too smooth

    Sean Ervin AclanSean Ervin Aclan9 giorni fa
  • He got the street ball handles

    Gabriel DGabriel D14 giorni fa
  • PG is one of my favorite players in the league

    Rylan JunkerRylan Junker16 giorni fa
  • Smoothest player 🔥

    Super Star29Super Star2917 giorni fa
  • Favorite basketball player I been idolizing him since 2012 when I was four years old

    Michai McLinMichai McLin19 giorni fa
  • Pg0 rings

    Mario GalleguillosMario Galleguillos27 giorni fa
    • are you saying the more rings a player has the better he is?

      Nolan ZNolan Z10 giorni fa
  • Man if PG never snap his legs and still got those insane bounce he will be unstoppable ..he plays like tmac

    Xiyor DecipleXiyor DecipleMese fa
  • Hardly lol, he regresses easily to his pandemic self against able teams.

    metalsadmanmetalsadmanMese fa
  • He's Clippers' Batman, not Kawhi

    AndrwAndrwMese fa
  • Don't think anyone with sense doubts PG's game. Win the 'chip, silence the Haters.

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  • Damn

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  • From La Clippers was Dunken the Court simple 😷😷😷

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  • #merchOutNow 😛😝

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  • Still the same excuse making PG in my opinion.

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  • He is so smooth and so fun to watch, all he needs now is to be consistent and step up when it matters. He has a lot of moves in the bag like Kobe but doesn't have that mamba mentality.

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  • good video and scens 🔥

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  • Hi

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  • congrats for 700 000 subs !!!!

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  • PG doesn’t deserve a video at this particular time. Clippers are inconsistent and the fact that they lost 5 of their last 7 games is very concerning

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    • @Nolan Z the other guy, no. Because the other season was guaranteed to be bad, anyways, because quarantine interrupted these guys practices and training

      Male VGA CableMale VGA Cable29 giorni fa
    • @Nolan Z yea I agree

      Male VGA CableMale VGA Cable29 giorni fa
    • @Male VGA Cable I was saying that, and also that bad season or not, he's a great player, and we have to respect that

      Nolan ZNolan ZMese fa
    • @Nolan Z not you. If you were stating that good or bad, last season is over. so if thats what you mean then yes I agree

      Male VGA CableMale VGA CableMese fa
    • @Male VGA Cable and now im confused. Are you trying to argue with me or agree with me?

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  • Coming here I saw the 2021 playoffs laughing, I wonder why🤔

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  • Thank you Golden hoops for another banger :)

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  • Finally he gets the recognition he deserves bruh 🤦🤦 most underrated besides ja morant

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  • I'm a Nuggets fan but a big fan of PG. 6'8 with that kind of handle. He has looked better than Kawhi at some points.

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  • Congrats on 700k subs🔥

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  • Who else wants to see PG24 again?

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  • Congrats on 700k!!

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  • Could you do james harden next pls

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  • His not arrongant like other players he is just a simple player

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops

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  • Damn he’s so fun to watch he can be a top 10 player if he just says consistent and has potential to tap top 5

    D RoseD RoseMese fa
    • Could've been even more fun if he hadn't suffered that injury. He played way more athletically before that.

      Nolan ZNolan ZMese fa
  • mans had zero redemption lol

    Stallard.Stallard.Mese fa
  • miss the old thumbnails

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  • "I am a fan of Golden Hoops," Albert Einstein

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  • He's overhated

    Sohum KhaladkarSohum KhaladkarMese fa
  • Let’s see how he performs when it’s playoff time. That’s been his issue in the past

    testtube52482testtube52482Mese fa
    • I don’t care if it’s been the last two years or not. It’s still been an issue, a recent issue at that.

      testtube52482testtube52482Mese fa
    • It’s been the issue for the past two years not his hole career he led his hole team to the eastern conference for 5 years

      Lil NLil NMese fa
  • He does this every year in the regular season, that’s not the problem. The problem is he hasn’t showed up to the playoffs in years

    Homer SimpsonHomer SimpsonMese fa
    • Don’t follow that narrative, his only bad year was last year. Look up his playoffs stats

      Christian AguillardChristian Aguillard10 giorni fa
  • Don t worry Before September Golden Goops will reach 1M

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  • Come on of course I’m a fan of GOLDEN HOOPS

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  • Sad how he is becoming underrated

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  • Congratulations on 700K

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  • PG has done nothing to redeem himself and I think that he is still the best playoff choker in the league. Anyways keep up the great vids!!

    George VoulgarisGeorge VoulgarisMese fa
  • pg-13's game is just so aesthetically pleasing to watch. his moves are never rushed, and he moves like he's flowing across the court.

    Nolan ZNolan ZMese fa
    • When he’s in his bag, there aren’t many more enjoyable players to watch

      JalenJalenMese fa
    • smoothest player of all time no cap

      Frosty 101Frosty 101Mese fa
  • 700k BABY!!🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️💙🖤 keep up the good work

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  • Dame Lillard,why u disliked video?

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  • Backboard george and bumwhi blew a 3 - lead 😂 they can never redeem theirselves after that series

    youtubehyoutubehMese fa
    • If u ain't a clippers fan and just here too hate,naff off yh.

      TheGaming bandicootTheGaming bandicootMese fa
    • by that logic, lebron choked to dallas, ig he can never redeem himself no matter what he does. kobe choked in 2004 (or was it 2003 i can't remember but it was the finals series against the pistons) and so by your logic he could never redeem himself.

      Nolan ZNolan ZMese fa
  • i cant wait for ben simmons video

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  • Sick new cut

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  • Wow

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  • U post this the day after he got broke down by luka 😂😂😂😂

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  • Pandemic P --> MVPG13 ok not really MVP but PG has been ballin this year

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    • I wonder how good he would be if he didn’t snap his leg

      CongrandoCongrandoMese fa
    • @Homer Simpson fax

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    • Don’t worry, he only disappears during the playoffs

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  • goat

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  • the one dislike is the hater who enjoyed his or her time taunting PG13 during his "fluke."

    Cayden I amCayden I amMese fa

      TDB 2KTDB 2K8 giorni fa
    • @Cayden I am can you read? I said the playoffs. No shit he plays good during the regular season, everyone knows that

      Homer SimpsonHomer SimpsonMese fa
    • @Homer Simpson how? lmao, his 2019 regular season was an MVP type season.

      Cayden I amCayden I amMese fa
    • @Cayden I am well it did, you obviously haven’t seen him in the playoffs lol

      Homer SimpsonHomer SimpsonMese fa
    • @Homer Simpson well, his fluke didnt last 3 years, so that's the point.

      Cayden I amCayden I amMese fa
  • Just wait till playoffs pandemic p

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  • Can you do one for Nikola Jokić? MVP🔥🔥🔥

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  • congrats on 700k bro💥💥

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  • Nah he still PG-13% for me

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    • you changed, now your LeBooty

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  • Its goes as playoff p well see if he can redeem himself in the playoffs

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  • I’m a fan of golden hoops

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  • Luka: a PG: 😰

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  • Smoothest player in the NBA

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  • He just got dropped by Luka bruh

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  • tysm for uploads im so entertain now

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  • If you ain’t a clippers fan you can’t be watching

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  • Please do devin booker

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  • I love it when im early to a golden hoops video

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  • To all the people that come in the comments to talk trash about PG-13, he'll drop every single one of y'all off in front of y'all girl so stop😂, and btw Golden Hoops stay with the bangers 💪🔥

    Chris TurnerChris TurnerMese fa
    • No shit, that’s such a weak argument. Have you ever talked shit about an nba player? Obviously

      Homer SimpsonHomer SimpsonMese fa
    • preach

      Frosty 101Frosty 101Mese fa
  • I been hooping this year no cap

    Paul GeorgePaul GeorgeMese fa

      TDB 2KTDB 2K8 giorni fa
    • @Alishire Bolt nope

      Nuclear SonicNuclear Sonic17 giorni fa
    • @Alishire Bolt He maybe have a championship if LeBron didn't exist

      Julien Eymard MagbanuaJulien Eymard Magbanua26 giorni fa
    • I bet he be better than lebron if it wasn’t for that injury

      Alishire BoltAlishire Bolt26 giorni fa
    • @Jonathan Russell Like no one has ever hit the backboard

      Julien Eymard MagbanuaJulien Eymard Magbanua27 giorni fa
  • Paul George is one of the 🐐

    Pahooven HoovenPahooven HoovenMese fa
  • Trash, overrated, weak, choker, that's paul george worst all star in nba history worst clipper in the roster worse than pat bev worse than d'angelo russell

    Hugo JacksonHugo JacksonMese fa
    • worst all star in nba history? worse then kyle korver? or yao ming who got named an allstar despite playing 5 games? in 2018-19 he averaged 28 ppg on 43% from the field and 38% from three, and was a finalist for both mvp and dpoy. as for worst clipper in the roster, you're saying a multiple time allstar and former mvp finalist is worse then someone who's average 4 minutes and 1 point a game? listen to yourself.

      Nolan ZNolan ZMese fa
  • do hanging on the rim moments

  • Golden hoops dropping bangers after bangers 🔥

    NOT Ja Morant ➊➐NOT Ja Morant ➊➐Mese fa
  • His handles are so smooth

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    • @Katon Wicaksono he is 6.8 kyrie

      User UndefinedUser Undefined4 giorni fa
    • @Katon Wicaksono this doesn’t make sense

      only Sunnionly Sunni24 giorni fa
    • After Kyrie Irving

      Katon WicaksonoKaton WicaksonoMese fa
    • yea his game is just so aesthetically pleasing to watch.

      Nolan ZNolan ZMese fa
  • 700K LETS GO AND BTW, I aM a FaN oF gOLdEn HoOpS

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  • Yo golden hoops love the player series

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  • cmon dad said its my turn to get pinned

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  • Plz pin this comment golden hoops:(

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    • I think he missed a little more than one shot in the playoffs 🤣🤣

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  • 🐐

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  • Pandemic P 🔥

    Christopher dave SabocojanChristopher dave SabocojanMese fa
    • Wayoff P

      Homer SimpsonHomer SimpsonMese fa
    • PG-13%

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    • Hell yeah

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  • JK

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  • Goat

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops

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  • I think we're all fans of golden hoops by now.

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    • For sure

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    • @Waylon! Okay :D

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    • True

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    • how unoriginal

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    • Yes

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  • Playoff P in full effect

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  • yes siiir paul george

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  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops

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  • Ayy 700K 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Playoff time video: Paul George missing every shot

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    • ha ha ha

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    • @Paul George yup u pg13%

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    • Really dude

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  • Pin me cause I’m first

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  • Where’s Luka Magic 🪄

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    • Soon bro!

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  • Yessir

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  • Hi

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    • Your name is Lowry and you have a Pic with Jimmy ADEBAYO 😂

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