Zion Williamson - STRONGEST Moments of 2021 Season

1 feb 2021
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  • He is a beast, but he is so much less athletic than he was couple years ago..

    Isaiah IslamIsaiah Islam13 ore fa
    • but look how athletic he looks against the best players in the world

      uhaha ya feel meuhaha ya feel me3 ore fa
    • maybe he’s just not playing against 5-8 130 high schoolers anymore

      uhaha ya feel meuhaha ya feel me3 ore fa
  • Dude reminds me of Shawn Kemp so much its crazy

    UnFaZeDUnFaZeD2 giorni fa
  • Merch trash.

    CharlieCharlie2 giorni fa
  • He's gonna dominate until his knees go out from all that weight and jumping.

    Matt FoleyMatt Foley2 giorni fa
  • Showing this to my gf who asked can he even dunk when I told her he’s missing out on the dunk contest...

    Jordan HellebuyckJordan Hellebuyck3 giorni fa
  • I will try to get you get the 1,000,000 subs....... get rid of the banner that lasts for 30 seconds that says “help me get to 1,000,000 subs” . :) see I helped

    Kenneth WrightKenneth Wright3 giorni fa
  • Looking like a myplayer out dere

    PenLiChiPenLiChi4 giorni fa
  • what a guy

  • Monster

    J PeezieJ Peezie6 giorni fa
  • Can you imagine if this dude was really ripped?

    Blake Francis BoggsBlake Francis Boggs6 giorni fa
  • And to think there was a time when people were saying "he's doing this against skinny white kids, won't be able to do that against real competition." Well, here's real competition and he's still doing it.

    Painted ByrdPainted Byrd6 giorni fa
  • Bro Zion be eating to much gumbo, getting bigger and bigger every year since duke lmao

    Gage ChavezGage Chavez6 giorni fa
  • Needs to develop a jump shot like a.d. once that’s set Nd done it’s over

    Mike LickeMike Licke7 giorni fa
  • hes not as flashy with the dunks anymore but they are just so STRONG slams its crazy

    SasoriSasori8 giorni fa
  • If Zion were 7'1 he would be literally Shaq

    Fernando MendezFernando Mendez8 giorni fa
  • I wanna see Zion 1 foot thohawk 🥶 😬

    BabysalBabysal8 giorni fa
  • just manhandling people.... and so young too... imagine him in 7 yrs -> Tooooooo much power...:)

    ivan šimacivan šimac8 giorni fa
  • A more bouncier shaq

    Jason 23Jason 238 giorni fa
  • Can we just give Zion the nickname Debo. Zion "Debo"

  • Reminded me of good old Sir Charles Barkley

    mario figueroamario figueroa11 giorni fa
  • The crazy part is Zion's highlights are way better just from his last 6 games than everything on this video... which proves he's back.

    N.O.Vative SportsN.O.Vative Sports11 giorni fa
    • Exactly

      Christian IndividualChristian Individual10 giorni fa
  • He's a linemen that joins basketball

    Senku IshigamiSenku Ishigami12 giorni fa
  • The scary part is DUDE is really a big ass kid Just wait until he matures and really gets his feet wet in the NBA dude is gonna be DANGEROUS

    • Crazy he already got a ok 3 pt shot. When he develops that and learn how to not force but also get teammates involved more he gone be dangerous

      TenTen11 giorni fa
  • this man knows how to run the break. Lonzos dream partner in crime.

    Sean NemetzSean Nemetz15 giorni fa
  • Bruh how do we get those nasty beats lmfao.

    AyomaAyoma16 giorni fa
  • ❤️🐕🐈❣️🤭🥳💟

    Nosy RosieNosy Rosie17 giorni fa
  • Monster baut He have to understand no live matter

    Ahmet KaratayAhmet Karatay17 giorni fa
  • why are the refs not calling all the +1s?!?!

    suffering luckysuffering lucky17 giorni fa
  • He's smart with his body. he's powerful but not reckless. Ja please take notes

    Mighty EyeMighty Eye17 giorni fa
    • Yup, I think he learned after his injuries in college. He picks when and where to explode instead of the constant reckless abandon he had in college (and how morant and preinjury Rose played).

      J OJ O12 giorni fa
  • Zion looks like he hasnt really started trying yet. BEAST

    Ultimate KadUltimate Kad18 giorni fa
  • I really thought zion will be the second coming of lebron james type of player. I was wrong, he may not be as complete and as fast as bron but it's clear his stronger than bron. This dude will be great he'll be the new diesel of this era

    Jovil FerrasJovil Ferras20 giorni fa
  • Zion reminds me of 90s NBA I grew up with. Today's games are more like 3point contests.

    playerseven777playerseven77720 giorni fa
  • wats the beat called ?

    Anthony unhAnthony unh20 giorni fa
  • Zion is a bust

    marcus rodriguesmarcus rodrigues21 giorno fa
  • I hope the best for this young man. Damn!!! I'm so excited to see his progress. Just seeing how humble he is, makes him look more fun to watch. I really wish his knees dont get hurt.

    SamShamStef AntMoonErisSamShamStef AntMoonEris22 giorni fa
  • zion catching bodies

    GeorgioGeorgio22 giorni fa
  • Zion lost like 50% of his bounce in 1 season

    Nikos PaoNikos Pao22 giorni fa
  • He obliterated that poor man richaun

    DomDaBomb20DomDaBomb2023 giorni fa
  • Jesus Christ! Boy can leeeeeap. Second bit with the flutes was dope as hell for some reason.

    John SolobroJohn Solobro24 giorni fa
  • like a bison

    Al MorabeAl Morabe25 giorni fa
  • 5 reb 0,5 blk 🤔

    JonsJons25 giorni fa
  • Zion best running back in NBA

    Andy GarciaAndy Garcia25 giorni fa
  • ''The Black Hulk''

    Vienn Railly GumiletVienn Railly Gumilet26 giorni fa
  • I remember people saying his already pretty low 2k rating should of been even lower and saying he’s overrated. Where are these dumbasses now.

    Theo RoachTheo Roach28 giorni fa
  • Nobody noticing his finger roll👌👌. I really like this young man

  • Anyone think that the beat at 2:03 to 4:29 sounds cool and if u know the name tell me plz😁😁😁

    The GuyThe Guy29 giorni fa
  • zion and lebron?????????

    Shafe RazaqyarShafe Razaqyar29 giorni fa
  • 6:29 Can't stop laughin'...he push him like a Walmart cart...:-D

    Jedidiah JewelmannJedidiah Jewelmann29 giorni fa
    • Richaun said damn this big guy just trucked me like Derrick henry

      Zion WilliamsonZion Williamson8 giorni fa
  • he turns bad passes into assists and good passes into highlight reels

    NikoNiko29 giorni fa
  • After watching tonight's game against Phoenix, to me Zion is beginning to approach the physical health he had in the first part of his Duke year. The quickness is slowly coming back, the explosiveness, and something new--relentless battling for position in the low post. The Pelicans need to unload their back court and get somebody who can get the ball to Zion an additional 10 times a game. His dominance in positioning himself in the low post is being wasted by poor guard play...

    Mark SawyerMark Sawyer29 giorni fa
  • Zions scary but idk if it was worth ad

    Kermits GlockKermits GlockMese fa
  • Zion was a couple games out of being able to qualify for another rookie season. The fact that he’s this good his sophomore season is crazy!!

    Coby HandyCoby HandyMese fa
  • zion smash !!

    Bryan MotaBryan MotaMese fa
  • 2.43 block by Zion...save by Zion....score by Zion

    Jasper ThienJasper ThienMese fa
  • Zions explosiveness is incredible. Whats even more impressive is how he can do it horizontally.

    Aaron PreddyAaron PreddyMese fa
  • Zion the next Shaq

    24k _derek24k _derekMese fa
  • He’s so impressive for only his what 50th game. Remember he only played 30 some odd games last year and 20 something this year. Don’t let the record fool you.

    Corey GilmoreCorey GilmoreMese fa
  • 3:52 is peak Zion. Rudy was hardly there even Spider felt that one

    YesIRap93YesIRap93Mese fa

      The TruthThe Truth9 giorni fa
  • zion balling and ingram but zion really balling and dominating only as second ear player but his team ass get bledsoe outta here so ass

    Alkebulan Is HomeAlkebulan Is HomeMese fa
  • The beat is very much appreciated nice volume great video

    John FridrichJohn FridrichMese fa
  • If only he got the free throws AD does, second play he gets whacked on the head but he’s too strong you can’t even tell

    Dane LKDane LKMese fa
  • His landing is SO much better!!! Excited to see his career unfold

    Gabe EasterGabe EasterMese fa
  • This dude is Shaq in LeBron's body.

    Don GadsonDon GadsonMese fa
  • He may be strong but that doesn't remove the fact that he's morbidly obese. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    ramomar-_-ramomar-_-Mese fa
  • Hey

    Colton EnderleColton EnderleMese fa
  • 6:26 soundtrack doper than your favorite song

    Izzy RahTlholehoIzzy RahTlholehoMese fa
  • I’ve made ten extra accounts just to subscribe I’ve done all I can the rest is up to you guys

    Mr. GoodmanMr. GoodmanMese fa
  • 3:04 watch steven adams.

    Hunter SmithHunter SmithMese fa
  • Zion is the Greatest of all time 💯

    Javan ClarkeJavan ClarkeMese fa
  • Zion should join Denver.

    Maggie AndersonMaggie AndersonMese fa
  • Zion Williamson is a BEAST on the court and off the court, keep doing you bro

    Jye TupouJye TupouMese fa
  • I am a big fan of Golden Hoops. #1mIN2021

    PoSSlew ontiktokPoSSlew ontiktokMese fa
  • 1:34 "he doubled"

    Goon LucianoGoon LucianoMese fa
  • What's the name of the beat that starts at 2:02

    Chillin AroundChillin AroundMese fa
  • Imagine playing tag with him. Him just running at you

    Le LegLe LegMese fa
    • I’m gone 😭 I would be shitting blocks

      HeroniHDHeroniHD3 giorni fa
  • Hes fat

    No NameNo NameMese fa
  • 3:31 definitely the strongest moment 😎

    Joe McCohnJoe McCohnMese fa
  • ..He's bad ass

    eclectic 23eclectic 23Mese fa
  • Too big too strong too fast

    IcyboyGIcyboyGMese fa
  • this time music fits better imo

    Robin KRobin KMese fa
  • Zion for me hes looks like Dwade

    Neo MananesNeo MananesMese fa
  • Kid is a beast. Keep going!

    FaleFaleMese fa
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    Hoops Highlights PHHoops Highlights PHMese fa
  • Nicely done. Thank you. Let's all hope that Z I O N will be around for a while. UNBELIEVABLE !!! " ... quick handle ... " Phoenix 85008 Forecast 75° 🌞

    Jeff SmithJeff SmithMese fa
  • Golden Hoops Deserve to be 1# Trending FR And 1 million subs before 2022 Btw “ I am a Fan of Golden Hoops “

  • You are my go-to nba content on youtube, I love how you post everyday, thank you golden hoops, after you, I go to kingswish, then nothing but amazing, then smikes and then I watch loveliveserve.

    Aathi GunaAathi GunaMese fa
  • 2 uploads in one day “goated hoops “

    Khalil fombyKhalil fombyMese fa
  • I like this kid, he got game and i like how he takes it to the hoop. Going to help his team numbers with the fouls he draws by doing so.

    hammer44headhammer44headMese fa
  • Zion the goat

    Lucca ScaramboneLucca ScaramboneMese fa
  • I think zion for the next off-season should work on his mid range like what bam is doing. Become efficient there, that will increase his free throw percentage too

    Jordan PieterseJordan PieterseMese fa
    • @Falcon 1 he said his not confident enough to consistently take that shot. He needs to work on it to make him more confident, then teams won't stack the paint. Then he doesn't need to bully he can blow by everyone

      Jordan PieterseJordan PieterseMese fa
    • Oh he can already produce his midrange, but why would he if he can just keep bullying around the hoop?

      Falcon 1Falcon 1Mese fa
  • Zion gotta lose some weight. He makes so nervous every time he lands. That's a lot of weight he constantly puts on his legs every time he jumps

    Artiom MikhailovArtiom MikhailovMese fa
    • @Jordan Pieterse I still feel like he should lose weight, maybe just a tad bit. But if he worked on his landing and his shooting skills. His gonna be OP

      Sebastian MiguelSebastian MiguelMese fa
    • I feel like that statement is overrated. Its all about how you land, like what happened to drose. Man saying that what happened to drose makes me sad, ja Morant has bad landing. He could end up like drose, God forbid that happens

      Jordan PieterseJordan PieterseMese fa
  • Zion and Steven Adams :O

    Matthew 999Matthew 999Mese fa
  • Zion the one mem the boy ???

    Klayver LimaKlayver LimaMese fa
  • 2 mill coming soon

    Big Glock HorizontalBig Glock HorizontalMese fa
  • Not so bold prediction: Zion will not finish his career in N.O....

    iTza TrAVisTiTza TrAVisTMese fa
    • @I AM BIGGULLY everybody says that

      anthony hunteranthony hunter8 giorni fa
    • He already stated he wants to play his NBA career with one team

      I AM BIGGULLYI AM BIGGULLY12 giorni fa
    • Think he goes to Charlotte

      Zion AIR WilliamsonZion AIR Williamson27 giorni fa
    • @Alessio Vitale that’s because of Jordan lol.

      Falcon 1Falcon 128 giorni fa
    • @Falcon 1 and no rings like barkley his grandfather

      Alessio VitaleAlessio Vitale28 giorni fa
  • You should do Giannis next

    CNC MaloneCNC MaloneMese fa
  • i am a fan off golden hoops

    Jeremiah LoganJeremiah LoganMese fa
  • "I am a fan of Golden Hoops" you should copyright that

    B3ast M0deB3ast M0deMese fa
  • Why wouldn't you be a fan of Golden Hoops

    Levi RobinsonLevi RobinsonMese fa
  • Zion is a fan of golden hoops

    Mr YelnolMr YelnolMese fa