Damian Lillard - IT'S DAME TIME! 2021 MOMENTS

20 mar 2021
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  • Golden Hoops love his fans if he pins this!

    Nicholas CalaNicholas CalaMese fa
    • Golden hoops love his fans my favorite vloger from. Philippines🇵🇭❤️💕

      NBA ACTIONNBA ACTION9 giorni fa
    • Talk about dame time

      JetsJets15 giorni fa
    • Nice

      Torin O'ConnorTorin O'Connor29 giorni fa
    • Yay, Golden hoops love us

      AbdullahAbdullahMese fa
  • 3:08 Nico Mannion on the warriors bench mimics dames pickup cus he knows what he bout to do

    Max OyoMax Oyo7 giorni fa
  • Curry is better

    Garion RamseyGarion Ramsey11 giorni fa
  • Im better lol

    stephen currystephen curry14 giorni fa
  • MVP⌚⌚🔥🔥

    Eric RodriguezEric Rodriguez15 giorni fa
  • Get him in a Lakers uniform

    FEDFED17 giorni fa
  • His game is so saucy..... He's my fav PG in NBA

    Cowboy SpikeCowboy Spike18 giorni fa
  • Dame and Steph’s range is crazy

    HC27HC2720 giorni fa
  • Dame Dolla

    MoonroofMoonroof22 giorni fa
  • Love Dame

    MoonroofMoonroof22 giorni fa
  • He’s going to get 1 million subs by August

    Kenonte SteversonKenonte Steverson22 giorni fa
  • He’s ruthless 😈

    Keon KuntzKeon Kuntz23 giorni fa
  • Dame's step back is op 🚫🧢

    LeGoat JamesLeGoat James24 giorni fa
  • He is a god

    Nico PereiraNico Pereira25 giorni fa
  • My MVP! 🐐

    Vinicius BarretoVinicius Barreto26 giorni fa
  • Should've ended this with the all Star game winner but then he went to put on Steph and dame hugging so can't complaint.

    Divyansh SharmaDivyansh Sharma27 giorni fa
  • Best PG right now 🏀🏀🏀 3 point shooter

    London StackhouseLondon Stackhouse27 giorni fa
    • Did u just say “best pg”? 😂

      CertiCerti23 giorni fa
  • Best shot maker in the league rn

    Ashton WuAshton Wu28 giorni fa
  • It’s Dame Time ⌚️🔥 Hope he wins MVP 💯

    Slimeball1Slimeball128 giorni fa
  • Dame is so clutch I can’t even remember the last time Curry hit a game winner

    Torin O'ConnorTorin O'Connor29 giorni fa
    • Damn

      Kenonte SteversonKenonte Steverson22 giorni fa

    KO2k_22KO2k_22Mese fa
  • It's Dame time alright, zero made threes and lost by 40 to the Mavs.

    Noah FernandesNoah FernandesMese fa
  • Who's here after watchin Beer Biceps 😸 ⚡

    Thakur ExploresThakur ExploresMese fa

    Kent RombinesKent RombinesMese fa
  • MVP. Simple as that.

    Edward YuanEdward YuanMese fa
    • You're smoking. Do you watch basketball? Portland just lost by 40 to the mavs and dame didn't even make a single 3. Jokic is the MVP, look at his numbers. Giannis should be ahead of dame as well. Embiid was the mvp but obviously got hurt.

      Noah FernandesNoah FernandesMese fa
  • Hes doing this with 3 key players injured. that's what's so impressive. The blazers could honestly make a deep playoff run if they can get healthy

    Jacob J.Jacob J.Mese fa
    • Nope, Dame will choke in the playoffs as he always does.

      Noah FernandesNoah FernandesMese fa
  • Whats the song starting at 2:50?

    Michael LyonsMichael LyonsMese fa
  • Hey can you make some sabonis highlights that guy is so underrated men Golden hoops subscriber since day 1

    ianwyine ortinezianwyine ortinezMese fa
  • Golden hoops a goat

    Glizzy GangGlizzy GangMese fa
  • Dame = 2021 MVP. @fightme

    Jeffrey S. Green - Dynamic PhotographyJeffrey S. Green - Dynamic PhotographyMese fa
  • Literally a clutch player 💥💥💥💥

    Abhinav J.Abhinav J.Mese fa
    • Every superstar is clutch

      Noah FernandesNoah FernandesMese fa
  • Damian the king!!!!!!

    Janos MezeiJanos MezeiMese fa
  • He needs to come out with the dame time watch brand already

    Kweef SweatKweef SweatMese fa
  • LaVine is next, right?

    Shuayb KhanShuayb KhanMese fa
  • The enthusiastic swimming utrastructurally hook because ruth strangely beam with a expensive moat. charming, magnificent quiet

    Ca CaCa CaMese fa
  • MVP

    MdeNekoMdeNekoMese fa
  • do 1 for pascal siakam pls, hes having a great season!

    Shayaan FarooqiShayaan FarooqiMese fa
  • Un saludo desde chile, gracias a tus videos empeze a ver la NBA

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  • this man is 6,2 and can explode like that wow, no words

    MaratinsPlayzMaratinsPlayzMese fa
  • I am a fan of dame and of golden hoops

    Rick spoelstraRick spoelstraMese fa
  • This dude is ridiculous, he is a CERTIFIED MVP candidate... its Dame Time!

    Giselle HunterGiselle HunterMese fa
  • If you haven't pls do Joel embiid or nikola jokic pls

  • most clutch player of all time

    Hoop HighlightsHoop HighlightsMese fa
    • HAHAHHAHA, HELL NO. Over Micheal Jordan 😂. If he's so clutch than we has he never even won a WCF game? Zero rings, zero mvps and always gets swept in the playoffs. That ain't clutch.

      Noah FernandesNoah FernandesMese fa
  • Dame Time is my favorite time

    OVROVRMese fa
  • Dame MVP!

    Eldar 32Eldar 32Mese fa

    Olivette LomingoOlivette LomingoMese fa
  • Damien lillard needs a ring because if he dosent have on he will be forgotton

    Olivette LomingoOlivette LomingoMese fa
  • 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

    The 0.003 chance kidThe 0.003 chance kidMese fa
  • Soo clutch

    MoonroofMoonroofMese fa
  • End one moment

    munkhbayar bayarmagnaimunkhbayar bayarmagnaiMese fa
  • I love my bro damion Lillard . His different super star status 4 shore.

    Say SSay SMese fa
  • has to be mvp this year

    MomomafhoumMomomafhoumMese fa
  • I was your 920th like

    Jeremiah WaltonJeremiah WaltonMese fa
  • ⌚🔥

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  • Golden hoops is always top of the mountain

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  • FUN FACT: Golden hoops always says *i am a fan of golden hoops*

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  • Still underrated?

    A4A4Mese fa
    • @Noah Fernandes kinda...

      A4A4Mese fa
    • overrated

      Noah FernandesNoah FernandesMese fa
  • Dames game has changed so much. I remember when he was a slasher more than a shooter. Now he barely slashes-

    E ZE ZMese fa
    • @E Z just becuz u go to dunk contest doesn’t mean you slash a lot. Anfernee simons won the dunk contest, he shoots 70% of his shots from 3. I’m not just saying that, it’s a real stat.

      Gabe YarrisGabe YarrisMese fa
    • If you watch blazers games, you would know dame slashes a LOT. It just doesn’t show up on highlights, because 3s are more flashy.

      Gabe YarrisGabe YarrisMese fa
    • @Precisism fair point

      E ZE ZMese fa
    • @E Z Sure, maybe he was slashing “more”, but he was never more of a slasher than a shooter. Just watch games from his rookie year.

      PrecisismPrecisismMese fa
    • @Precisism dude went to the dunk contest, he was def slashing more

      E ZE ZMese fa
  • Yo commentators do be sus tho

    Jay PfisterJay PfisterMese fa
  • Chris Paul plssss🙏

    Chard ParceChard ParceMese fa
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    Rosalie MakarskiRosalie MakarskiMese fa
  • NBA player when ame gets the deep 3: I dont even care anymore. NBA players when the rookie from Baltimore starts balling: F**K this I'm done

    KreetroKreetroMese fa
  • Damian Lillard more like Damian Blizzard Cause he got ice in his veins

    N8 A nameN8 A nameMese fa
  • Dame has an 8 minute compilation of great moments from just 80 days 🤯

    Proud Philly FanProud Philly FanMese fa
    • There's no replys too that's 🔥

      Cowboy SpikeCowboy Spike18 giorni fa
    • That’s like every highlight he made

      Max WalkerMax WalkerMese fa
    • Facts 🤯

      Tone BangerzTone BangerzMese fa
    • omg 😱

      FabrizioFabrizioMese fa
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  • He deserve 1M!

    HoopsRegionHoopsRegionMese fa
  • Trae young HAS IQ! Video idea.

    ZZ - 05KM 805161 Springfield PSZZ - 05KM 805161 Springfield PSMese fa
  • great mix, wish you had included some of his playmaking highlights

    Matt HomerMatt HomerMese fa
  • Curry+Westbrook=Lillard

    Sam YouSam YouMese fa
  • Yes it is here! My favorite

    Jack CarlinJack CarlinMese fa
  • you should do “old but gold” moments where you show old clips of some of the best plays from back in the day that never get old!!!!

    Joshua ThompsonJoshua ThompsonMese fa
  • YESSSIR HE MADE MY LILLARD HIGHLIGHTS! I’m on a roll this season #ripcity

    Damian Dame Dolla LillardDamian Dame Dolla LillardMese fa
    • @Damian Dame Dolla Lillard hiiii 🤍🤍

      Gabriella Samantha Gianna BryantGabriella Samantha Gianna Bryant18 giorni fa
    • @Gabriella Samantha Gianna Bryant heyyy❣️💫

      Damian Dame Dolla LillardDamian Dame Dolla Lillard18 giorni fa
    • @Damian Dame Dolla Lillard heyyyy brother 🤍💕

      Gabriella Samantha Gianna BryantGabriella Samantha Gianna Bryant20 giorni fa
    • Can I get an autograph Dame?

      iiKiller568iiKiller56821 giorno fa
    • @Gabe Yarris 😐

      iiKiller568iiKiller56821 giorno fa
  • 1:46 he kissed him😭

    Devin RatherDevin RatherMese fa
  • He’s my second favorite player, besides Steph and maybe behind Klay idea. Anyways, he’s a great player!

    just a normal human beingjust a normal human beingMese fa
  • Bro 1:46. 😂😂

    Samantha HallSamantha HallMese fa
  • Finally! Ive been waiting for this one.

    Christopher RogersChristopher RogersMese fa
  • Dame Dolla😎

    # 8 # 24 # 2 Mamba Forever# 8 # 24 # 2 Mamba ForeverMese fa
  • Thanks for my request

    Sang DiengSang DiengMese fa
  • Great video besides not putting one all star game highlight in it.

    Chase AndersonChase AndersonMese fa
  • him and russ are my favourite players

    Aathi GunaAathi GunaMese fa
  • i wanna play like lillard but i need to learn to shoot

    Aathi GunaAathi GunaMese fa
  • Can u do a lonzo ball highlights plss

    cviman8000cviman8000Mese fa

    Aathi GunaAathi GunaMese fa
  • 0:38 vom.show

    Roger PowersRoger PowersMese fa
  • Make steph curry

    borec131borec131Mese fa

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  • Wait a minute why does he not have 1million subs this is crazy

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    • @Golden Hoops That’s my job after all I am a fan of golden hoops

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    • @Golden Hoops iv been seeing ur effort in the videos lately keep up the posts you will soon get to a mil subs, best of luck

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    • Appreciate the love bro

      Golden HoopsGolden HoopsMese fa
  • this videos stops me from getting bored during lockdowm

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  • You have like the clearest content and the best too congrats on getting 200k more subs

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  • Can golden hoops hoop

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  • Are you a fan of Golden Hoops? Cuz I am! 👌👍

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  • I am a OG fan of Golden hoops.

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  • Dame time

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  • Please do Devin booker

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  • When your late and don't know what to say

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  • Dame time cmon now ⌚️🔥

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  • Logo Lillard 😤⌚️👀⏱

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  • Look at Dame man, so inspirational

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    • Kawhi not

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  • its about dame time we got this

    Maestro 8757Maestro 8757Mese fa
  • Even though I’m a lakers fan big Lakers fan and he always plays fucked up good against us this guy has earned my respect big time also my 2nd fav player rn 3rth all-time hopefully one time he become champion even if it’s my Lakers that he beat I would absolutely enjoy it to see him become champions

    Lennert Van DammeLennert Van DammeMese fa
    • @Scarbyy 😂

      G.O.A.TG.O.A.TMese fa
    • U really just said “3rth”

      ScarbyyScarbyyMese fa