Zach LaVine is a SCORING MACHINE! - 2021 MOMENTS

21 mar 2021
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  • As a wolves fan I still cry every night🙃

    Swish CountySwish CountyMese fa
    • As a Bulls fan I do too bc the Knicks made it to the playoffs but not the bulls

      Orxifyz 2kOrxifyz 2k29 giorni fa
    • TUFF MAN

      ItyoboyJamesItyoboyJamesMese fa
  • We just need a better pg satoransky is more of a backup.

    Pope StayZootedPope StayZooted23 giorni fa
  • If the trade to GSW will pursue, this will be a turn of event.

    Randolf & Efrille EstraneroRandolf & Efrille Estranero24 giorni fa
  • move to brooklyn

    Cheri CheriCheri Cheri25 giorni fa
  • Im the reAl scoring machine

    LeGOAT JamesLeGOAT James28 giorni fa
  • What shoes does he wear

  • Lavine is smart, he dunks baskets like a dart

    Ryanisbeast 102Ryanisbeast 10228 giorni fa
  • I made a Zach Lavine build on 2k20 and 2k21. He so op

    Zannen 24Zannen 2429 giorni fa
  • drew hanlen in the house!

    Alonso CAlonso C29 giorni fa
  • CP3 plssss🙏

    Chard ParceChard Parce29 giorni fa
  • Thank you man appreciate

    Zach Lavine8Zach Lavine829 giorni fa
  • Zach needs a team that has potential so he’s not wasting his talent

    Potatoboi37Potatoboi37Mese fa
    • It's here

      the grand poobahthe grand poobah13 giorni fa
  • I hope this man is traded to the Warriors

    Brown BomberBrown BomberMese fa
  • He got the potential to lead league in scoring easily, only 26 yrs old. Freak athlete with great size, moves so fluidly and quickly with long strides. Then the explosiveness to the rim. Very quick and covers so much ground. Shooting is phenomenal, hes improved every year. The shots he takes and makes are so tough and he does it with ease and efficiently. Hes a very hard worker too, you can tell by the way he keeps improving. Injuries only thing that have held him back, He would have been an all star a few years ago

    TheMrBig8TheMrBig8Mese fa
    • He came late bro just 1st all star at 26 probably he will go down in 2-3 years again

      Derin Artun ŞenolDerin Artun Şenol26 giorni fa
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    Deepak WatwaniDeepak WatwaniMese fa
  • Future laker in a couple days

    JonJonJonJonMese fa
  • My favorite player

    Isacco BodiIsacco BodiMese fa
  • it me or golden hoops is VERY similar to lebron? (i think im not the first to see it)

    EndyDearEndyEndyDearEndyMese fa
  • Flight:The bulls don’t deserve him he shroud go to the heat or something

    Greg LayGreg LayMese fa
  • The commentator moaning everytime he hits a tuff shots 😭😭😭😭😭

    Abdoulaye DiaAbdoulaye DiaMese fa
  • if zack lavine wants to become better he needs to move

    Gavriel SacksGavriel SacksMese fa
  • Can you do Ben Simmons?

    Justin YeeJustin YeeMese fa
  • idk but do you think lavine lost his bounce a little bit?

    you been james harden with the flopyou been james harden with the flopMese fa
  • Finally this man is getting his respect 🌧💙

    Falcon ProductionFalcon ProductionMese fa
  • Crazy to think this man tore his acl

    Cartier JCartier JMese fa
  • Would rather have Lavine than Beal on my team.

    Tyler KinneyTyler KinneyMese fa
  • Where do you get your clips from?

    Rylie RueRylie RueMese fa
  • If the Bulls are able to go up in the standings, Zach could be in the MVP conversation.

    Rylie RueRylie RueMese fa
    • Lol not happening

      BF WangsBF WangsMese fa
  • Perfect timing lol

    nsg shaunnsg shaunMese fa
  • Imagine how boring that team would be without him.

    Nuke NubzNuke NubzMese fa
  • I’m a bulls fan goooooooo zach

    Sagar PandyaSagar PandyaMese fa
  • zach looks ready for the playoffs but are the bulls ?

    Aeron JamesAeron JamesMese fa
  • He has to get the fuck outta Chicago. Wasting years and talent for a organization no longer actively trying to win championships.

    Nick LevingstonNick LevingstonMese fa
  • Yessirrr been waiting for this

    idek anymoreidek anymoreMese fa
  • The parsimonious children statistically jam because workshop emotionally transport alongside a slimy breath. petite, attractive iraq

    Davidj7 JarrahDavidj7 JarrahMese fa
  • YOU DID IT. I was spamming: LaVine next, right? You listened.THANK YOU bye any chance can you pin this so that they know it was my idea

    Shuayb KhanShuayb KhanMese fa
  • That rhymed.

    panda gamer ytpanda gamer ytMese fa
  • pls do 1 for pascal siakam, hes been having a great season!

    Shayaan FarooqiShayaan FarooqiMese fa
  • 4:10 the flex

    eclipsyyeclipsyyMese fa
  • Please do the Joker next Golden Hoops or even D Book!

    Tydebo’s SonTydebo’s SonMese fa
  • Man is an offensive superstar, easily a top 5 scorer in the league currently

    Lordbeerus123Lordbeerus123Mese fa
  • Can you do “Young players with a veteran heart”? Basically young players acting like vets.

    Philly sports talkPhilly sports talkMese fa
  • I hope Lavine knows that Bulls fans are so grateful that he's on our team now

    Cherry StrongholdCherry StrongholdMese fa

    Kevin HuerterKevin HuerterMese fa
  • Wooow🎬🏀

    Wil Tejada A.Wil Tejada A.Mese fa
  • Thank you so much for making this video for Zach I been a fan for Zach for a long time and he deserves the best 🤞🏼❤️

    LuluGaminggLuluGaminggMese fa
  • As a Bulls fan, Zach Lavine doing this good is incredible. Also, Golden Hoops I am now gonna comment on every other one of your videos because i’m a random blue guy and this random blue guy likes to do that.

    random blue guyrandom blue guyMese fa
    • I'm a Bulls fan, and I've been waiting so long for Zach LaVine to show his true potential

      AlphaNoob22AlphaNoob22Mese fa
  • Am I the only one that's waiting for the "hot sauce"?. Gimme that.

    Keith VinaKeith VinaMese fa
  • Golden hoops really needs a mill asap

    Astro HavcAstro HavcMese fa

    AAMese fa
  • Can u do dearren fox next?

    WizdomWizdomMese fa
  • Do trae young

    AAMese fa
  • Where does I am a fan of golden hoops come from

    Basketball BrianBasketball BrianMese fa
  • 😍😎

    Alex JordanAlex JordanMese fa
  • Bro Zach is such a good player.

    SCP ExplorationSCP ExplorationMese fa
  • another one of him thanks

    Aboubacar FofanaAboubacar FofanaMese fa
  • Levine is to good best dunker and first time all ⭐️

    Basketball clips IsseBasketball clips IsseMese fa
  • Here at 334 views

    Michael TeljeurMichael TeljeurMese fa
  • Make a jaylen brown

    ItzJosh12ItzJosh12Mese fa
  • Underrated

    Killer Prod.Killer Prod.Mese fa
  • Who else gonna 360 from the charity stripe

    Sammy SamSammy SamMese fa
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Adrian De VeraAdrian De VeraMese fa
  • so freaking goated

    Axtr0KendricAxtr0KendricMese fa
  • Chicago’s savior 🖤❤️

    Alexander GeorgeAlexander GeorgeMese fa
    • Chicago don’t know what they got

      BF WangsBF WangsMese fa
  • Zach Lavine is underrated he's so crafty with the basketball dude is really a scoring machine

    BENNYtheballer ONE YT AKA the walking WBENNYtheballer ONE YT AKA the walking WMese fa
    • Facts

      James Sanoh-MonroeJames Sanoh-Monroe15 giorni fa
    • @NOT Ja Morant ➊➐ yep

      BENNYtheballer ONE YT AKA the walking WBENNYtheballer ONE YT AKA the walking W28 giorni fa
    • @BENNYtheballer ONE YT AKA the walking W top comment

      NOT Ja Morant ➊➐NOT Ja Morant ➊➐Mese fa
    • @Tydebo’s Son yeah and so is the rest of our team 😔

      KhariiiKhariiiMese fa
    • He’s so bad on defense tho

      Tydebo’s SonTydebo’s SonMese fa
  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops but I'm bigger fan of Zach

    S SPS SPMese fa
  • Zach Lavine Sooo Underrated

    LarryDaGoatLarryDaGoatMese fa
  • Aren't we all fans of Golden Hoops?

    The Mixed ChannelThe Mixed ChannelMese fa
    • Yeah?

      LarryDaGoatLarryDaGoatMese fa
  • Golden hoops back at it again,so inspirational.

    Connor CookConnor CookMese fa
  • ‘’I am a fan of golden hoops’’ Best quote, never gets old!

    Nicholas CalaNicholas CalaMese fa
  • 1 view but 23 comments wow

    Sevan RandellSevan RandellMese fa
  • Btw your videos are sick

    e 2e 2Mese fa
  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops

    ReapxrYTReapxrYTMese fa
  • Let's just say...... lavine is.. well. Goated

    YoBoySam-_-YoBoySam-_-Mese fa
  • First

    e 2e 2Mese fa
  • Golden hoops has been going off with his fire videos. Love you golden hoops

    Benharp sportsBenharp sportsMese fa
    • Hi dad it's me curry

      LarryDaGoatLarryDaGoatMese fa
  • First

    Nicholas CalaNicholas CalaMese fa
  • Any other lavine fans?

    Gerald HigginsGerald HigginsMese fa
    • Me

      SCP ExplorationSCP ExplorationMese fa
  • how you guys so quick at typing bruh

    Austin and Rebecca WesterAustin and Rebecca WesterMese fa
    • Ever heard of school no offense btw

      LarryDaGoatLarryDaGoatMese fa
  • Aga mo naman mag upload

    Derek RamsayDerek RamsayMese fa
  • Thanks bro I needed to see this.

    THE Proximous LegendTHE Proximous LegendMese fa
  • Raptors 2021 finals!!

    InputUncle2InputUncle2Mese fa
  • Injury of lbjames

    Lojain KhaterLojain KhaterMese fa
  • First let's go golden hoops is a ITworlds machine

    kalyns louiskalyns louisMese fa
  • #first comment

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  • LET'S GOOOOO !! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🏀🏀🏀🏀

    Zach LavineZach LavineMese fa
    • I love lavine but let's be honest you ain't no lavine

      danuson8danuson8Mese fa
    • Zach I am a huge fan ♥️

      Cooper the hooperCooper the hooperMese fa
    • U got a video

      ItzJosh12ItzJosh12Mese fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

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  • The Goat Golden Hoops Back Come Get Yo Crown 👑

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  • Second

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  • Thank you!!!

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  • I knew he was coming because of comments 😂😂

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  • Wassup

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  • I am a fan of Golden Hoops

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    • @SCP Exploration hi

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    • Hello

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    • @Francuis Francois thx

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    • I like your your youtube

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  • 5th like

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  • Free Zach

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops

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  • Yes

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  • noti gang

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