Luka Doncic is your FUTURE MVP! 2021 MOMENTS

19 mar 2021
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  • Is Luka a top 10 player in the league ? 🤔

    Golden HoopsGolden HoopsMese fa
    • @Marcusht and Lebron of course isn't first, Jokic is MVP this season, than Embiid and some other players and maybe Lebron isn't in top 5 now because also missed many games. Steph is for me the best player this season definitely, but I didn't but him over Jokic and Embiid because Golden State are 9th this season, that's why he isn't in conversation for mistakes valuable player, but he is the best player definitely.

      Hristijan DimitrovskiHristijan Dimitrovski5 ore fa
    • @Marcusht KD? 🤣🤣🤣KD with 30 missed games definitely isn't better than Luka. Yeah, for me if he played whole season he would have realistic changmce to be in top 3 MVP players because his start was crazy, but after many, many missed games he definitely isn't better than Luka.

      Hristijan DimitrovskiHristijan Dimitrovski5 ore fa
    • @Klay Thompson you have the most clapped top 10 ive ever seen

      MarcushtMarcusht6 ore fa
    • lebron, curry, kd, harden, jokic, giannis, kawhi, embiid, dame and then Luka. He is sitting at around 9-10 for me, if he is consistently good in the playoffs then I say he is better than Dame no cap but we'll have to see

      MarcushtMarcusht6 ore fa
    • Of course

      Kevin KassokaKevin Kassoka2 giorni fa
  • That beat go hard bro

    Nando ChavezNando ChavezGiorno fa
  • Imagine if he started like this early in the season, he would've been the MVP

    8Teen Official8Teen Official4 giorni fa
  • Only thing.. he needs to get into better shape lose a little weight

    Dustin JohnsonDustin Johnson6 giorni fa
  • The play at 4:42 is case in point why Luka’s beef with the refs this season is legitimate. My guy is taking the dude bumping chests with him and they didn’t call it.

    rtmordecai1rtmordecai17 giorni fa
  • And some commentators say "He isn't athletic."???

    noapology88noapology888 giorni fa
  • He is slow for MVP i guess, but he has nice smiling ))

    gengkhigengkhi8 giorni fa
  • I didn't sleep for this kid, if lebron retired.. he is on my number 1 list fav. all around players..

    Jhap VelosoJhap Veloso10 giorni fa
  • One of the best highlights ever are Luka's.

    DomenDomen10 giorni fa
  • 0:45 this move here is nasty ngl..

    Mehdi NafiaMehdi Nafia13 giorni fa
  • yo americans just telling there will be more european great talents coming to nba. prepare urself to put scout in europe rather than those ncaa

    Naufal AbdurrachmanNaufal Abdurrachman16 giorni fa
  • GOAT now Genius player of all time!!!!

    Re CreationRe Creation16 giorni fa
  • Lol he is good but he will be player like harden, Westbrook stat padder mpj is future mvp if he is healthy and the face of NBA mark this words mpj will rule NBA

    Phoe bePhoe be17 giorni fa
  • Have you thought about doing highlights about all the team or just a few teams like you have for the other players.

    Noah RoachNoah Roach17 giorni fa
  • He’s so much fun to watch very entertaining slow but calculated.

    Corty BoothCorty Booth19 giorni fa
  • Kid's a genius

    thomas de quinceythomas de quincey19 giorni fa
  • 0:50 Luka lifts left pivot foot. That's a travel. Unless they want to call that a pick up step as well now.

    Hunty49Hunty4921 giorno fa
    • They pretend that's a Euro

      Gecko GeicoGecko Geico5 giorni fa
  • 1:52 couch is like come on man you know where its gonna happen

    Gediminas PuskoriusGediminas Puskorius21 giorno fa
  • Idk.. even if he deserved it, the way the NBA as embraced wokeness and leftist politics. If he gets one, they’ll just say it’s cuz he’s white, preach racism, and it’s only white privilege he won a MVP. Then the woke sports journalists will be saying look at all these well deserved black athletes that got left out of the equation, so luka only got it cuz he’s white. So i don’t think we’ll see any white NBA players win anything in the dying woke league called the NBA.

    Kris SandersKris Sanders21 giorno fa
  • Gerat! My MVP!!

    NN BeginNN Begin22 giorni fa
  • Get this man some help this off-season Donnie! Or else he’s out the door...

    Patrick WilliamsPatrick Williams22 giorni fa
  • Lol if he wins mvp this year that would be really really really sad for the nba

    Eddie PuçciarelliEddie Puçciarelli23 giorni fa
    • How is that sad😂 mans is crazy

      Robert Andino Jr.Robert Andino Jr.22 giorni fa
  • Doncic and Jovic are too white to be named mvp. We are talking about a league with black supremacism written on every court lol The fact that Doncic can so easily receive racist insults from players themselves (knowing they are recorded) is a giveaway of what's really going on in the nba.

    PaoloDiCanio문재인박근혜처럼부패된시발놈아PaoloDiCanio문재인박근혜처럼부패된시발놈아24 giorni fa
  • 7:56 this one particular disgustingly automatic. No way he does take a championship and mvp's if stays healthy. Out of world talent.

    Yannis81715Yannis8171524 giorni fa
  • Remember the argument of who’s better young or doncic? How things have changed lol

    KoncernedKoncerned24 giorni fa
  • The Don

    Brian AlonsoBrian Alonso25 giorni fa
  • Appreciate the time and love, but not best highlights from him this year. Clearly haven’t been watching. Sorry homey.

    Matt MuehlbergerMatt Muehlberger25 giorni fa
  • to be truly great in the NBA you need to be able to execute your game plan, even when the defense knows its coming. As soon as they get enough game tape and defenses learn his tendencies will he be able to still execute (or evolve his game)? The jury is out, its only year 3 and last year was a bit of a write off, but its looking good so far.

    Greg EGreg E25 giorni fa
  • Lmao not mine😂

    Deacon BrayshawDeacon Brayshaw25 giorni fa
  • Wonder how a team with Luka and Zion would fare...

    BedfordBedford26 giorni fa
  • 0:42 His father was a basketball player. His mother was a dancer... and he is... The Dancing Don...

  • Luka fade is just like Kobe is he was alive he would be proud of him🥺❤️

    Frosty voidz -_-Frosty voidz -_-27 giorni fa
    • That play at 0:44 was very Kobe-like.

      bfahrenbfahren21 giorno fa
  • phenom .... a 20 year old kid ...... unbelievable

    Vinny TeslaVinny Tesla27 giorni fa
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    Khaled SolimanKhaled Soliman27 giorni fa
  • 6:08 he makes it look so effortless

    sWho?shingsWho?shing27 giorni fa
    • For real. I had to replay that part back a couple times. That slight drag of the left foot was enough to get the defenders to hesitate so he could get by.

      ZappazZappaz27 giorni fa
  • He s not future MVP he got now

    şehit Gökerşehit Göker27 giorni fa
  • Third year with Dallas, but Cuban is more interested selling card and season ticketss than recruiting good player to help doncic,

    eddylchuaeddylchua28 giorni fa
  • Mavs still need more superstar to challenge the title..

    R.I. SimangunsongR.I. Simangunsong28 giorni fa
  • I just hope Luka doesn’t get seriously injured the way drose did

    Jason MansonJason Manson28 giorni fa
    • And luka contains maybe a 10th of the athleticism drose had so i dont think hes at as high of a risk

      Eddie PuçciarelliEddie Puçciarelli23 giorni fa
    • D-rose was playing too much on his athleticism, like Ja Morant. Luka is pure fundamentals. Hard to get injured playing like that.

      FunkyFishFunkyFish26 giorni fa
  • 3:16 best play ever

  • I will vomit.. Guy shoots 30 games 30s% from 3s and than one game 8/9 and he is basicly a god.. Extremely ball hugging as well us does not feed second star. Also has a massive tendency to only pass if he will get a an assist from it, otherwise will shoot himself only. He is not a team player

    TheMartsyTheMartsy28 giorni fa
    • @Luke Lemmond he has above 35% ball control. Its super high. And he passes only for a shot. Meaning. When the ball is in his hands he will shoot it or give for potential assist. Not for team play.

      TheMartsyTheMartsy21 giorno fa
    • Not a team player? Tell that to all those assists he averages and his career high of 16 assists.

      Luke LemmondLuke Lemmond21 giorno fa
  • This wonder boy not only is future MVP but the face of NBA also.

    Rufat ImanliRufat Imanli28 giorni fa
    • @killionaire nah still do you see MJ, Durant,LeBron,curry,Kawhi,Kobe have a crazy stat to win a final MVP they control the game that's its to win mvp in playoffs🤣😂🤧

      Phoe bePhoe be13 ore fa
    • @Phoe be hes not stat padding like those two, certainly not like westbrick

      killionairekillionaire13 ore fa
    • Nah he will player like harden, Westbrook stat padder mpj is the future mvp and face of NBA mpj don't need crazy stat but I tell you once he is in the finals you mpv level like dirt nowitzki,durant,Kawhi who don't need crazy but the impact when playoffs mpj will show him the true MVP perform game 7 ez

      Phoe bePhoe be17 giorni fa
  • Fouling in love with ashley

    LeGOAT JamesLeGOAT James29 giorni fa
  • FutureChamp

    yunggrassyunggrass29 giorni fa
  • Sometime by 2024, he will be the MVP.

    Chard Kyle Dela CruzChard Kyle Dela Cruz29 giorni fa
  • I have no doubts.... Most sensational player in NBA.... Changed the rules.... Managing tempo on his own and phasing the pace of opponents. Unique

    Fernando CianciFernando Cianci29 giorni fa
    • @Rich Mahogany don't you think his game is something never seen before?

      Fernando CianciFernando Cianci22 giorni fa
    • What rule changes?

      Rich MahoganyRich Mahogany22 giorni fa
  • brb gonna drop 40 on your favorite team and smile while doing it lmao

    Veyronp87Veyronp8729 giorni fa
    • What team are you

      Super GhostySuper Ghosty12 giorni fa
  • love Doncic but I'm not sure that was the best of him. A lot were three-pointers - anyone who knows European BB knows that's just common among good players in Europe. Many of the assists were simple passes (i.e. not really a clever pass creating a favorable position to score). His change of pace was amply demonstrated but not his vision (which he does possess in truckloads!). I think you could have found more of the more incredible stuff he's done to include here PS Guy's 22! Scary...

    x iLeonx iLeon29 giorni fa
  • LUKA ⭐👍👏

    Merc MerMerc Mer29 giorni fa
  • Yep now with LBJ out - you can book Luka for the MVP

    TheSacred55TheSacred55Mese fa
  • Luka magic

    MoonroofMoonroofMese fa
  • I just wish that the Mavericks dont waste a generational talent like this. The team needs more good and consistent pieces.

    Janrel Peralta ODL Stem 11Janrel Peralta ODL Stem 11Mese fa
    • So far Cuban is doing a piss poor job.

      Maria MartinsMaria Martins25 giorni fa
  • if he improves his athleticism and defence a little then he could be a top 2 player of the decade

    StfuStfuMese fa

    Santiago Navas LlamasSantiago Navas LlamasMese fa
  • BLM

    Hector Velarde SepulvedaHector Velarde SepulvedaMese fa
  • LaVine is next, right?

    Shuayb KhanShuayb KhanMese fa
  • The moves is not tired watching.... Is .easy...

    Alexander FernandezAlexander FernandezMese fa
  • When are the Mavericks going to get Luka the Don some help? KP is a wash.

    DLX InfiniteDLX InfiniteMese fa
  • Mfn Luka 🤣 must watch TV

    Trizzy SmeezTrizzy SmeezMese fa
  • Top 2

    Guille SaldañaGuille SaldañaMese fa
  • Not athletic enough!

    Thierry S.Thierry S.Mese fa
  • So crafty

    JermJermMese fa
  • Chris Paul plsss🙏

    Chard ParceChard ParceMese fa
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    вадим быковвадим быковMese fa
  • Who??????

    PKPKMese fa
  • So if Luka is going to be the MVP, will everyone hold him to the same standards as other superstars? If Luka gets put out in the first round or doesn’t produce in the clutch, is he going to get the criticism everyone else gets?

    SelfMadeSelfMadeMese fa
  • I don’t even like basketball and this is entertaining

    Kaxy boyKaxy boyMese fa
  • Dude your at 700,000 subs

    JL WashingtonJL WashingtonMese fa
  • luka= young goat

    PS SportsPS SportsMese fa
  • in

    PS SportsPS SportsMese fa
  • I am the biggest fan of golden hoops when they give love to luka magic

    Makis UchihaMakis UchihaMese fa
  • Dude your so close to 1M sub stay strong

    TGP joschafatTGP joschafatMese fa
  • Boban's got some dance moves 7:52

    Pleb SquadPleb SquadMese fa
  • Thanks so much bro

    Usharani DashUsharani DashMese fa
  • #LukaMagic he's like the result of my create a player in 2k. Seriously my favorite player in the NBA.

    Pamplona ChristianPamplona ChristianMese fa
  • Luka the Future....😎😎😎

    claudio canacaclaudio canacaMese fa
  • Finally Golden I’ve been asking for a new Luka highlight video for awhile where have you been bro?

    TwitchandAshTwitchandAshMese fa
  • Should add that "Fouling in love with you" moment during the game vs clippers to Luka`s next highlight film!!😂😂😂

    Emerson LeeEmerson LeeMese fa
    • Fun fact, he can re-edit this vid. on a by/weekly basis and STILL miss on important footages tbh :D

      VArsovski10VArsovski10Mese fa
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  • ' I am a fan of golden hoops '

    Now you watch thisNow you watch thisMese fa
  • ' I am a fan of golden hoops '

    Now you watch thisNow you watch thisMese fa
  • It’s just a matter of time before the Mavericks take over the West

    HorizonHorizonMese fa
  • Dame next

    Amira GrantAmira GrantMese fa
  • Thanks so much for doing luka

    Sports GOATSports GOATMese fa
  • I LOVE thinking back to the "unathletic" doubts before the draft while watching Luka torch Kawhi, Jrue, and the like.

    Patrick WilliamsPatrick WilliamsMese fa
    • @Maria Martins Dude very true. He is literally the only person in the nba to my recollection....

      Patrick WilliamsPatrick Williams25 giorni fa
  • I can definitely see that, but and this is a big road block one man , Giannis Antetokounmpo

    lift_Fit_Livelift_Fit_LiveMese fa
  • Thank you golden hoops😇😇😇

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  • I am a fan.

    Alex ThomasAlex ThomasMese fa
  • Jayson Tatum pls

    Arush BArush BMese fa
  • Golden hoops, do a video on Nikola Jokic, that he is the NBA’s future MVP, since he’s number one in the MVP race, by showing his best highlights

    Zion’s Media CentralZion’s Media CentralMese fa
  • I am a fan of Goldon hoops!!!

    NBANBAMese fa
  • He's fat

    D AD AMese fa
  • This could be me if they would give me more minutes

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  • every step back 3 nothing but net 👇

    benny bbenny bMese fa
  • video start at 0:14

    Los BlankoLos BlankoMese fa
  • Does Luka only swish 3's?? especially step backs.

    benny bbenny bMese fa
  • early bruv

    lil spxcelil spxceMese fa
  • Luka should be mvp this season

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops shootout from 🇬🇷

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  • I am a fan of golden hoops

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