Most HEATED NBA Moments of 2021! Part 3

18 feb 2021
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This video features players like: Zach LaVine, Trae Young, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Javale McGee

  • What two teams will meet in the Eastern Conference Finals? Ps. Thumbnail be looking kinda sus tho...

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops15 giorni fa
    • Jjiookoooio999

      Castillo LitoCastillo Lito18 ore fa
    • nets v sixers

      Owen SchechterOwen Schechter2 giorni fa
    • Nets Sixers

      Osvaldo FranciscoOsvaldo Francisco5 giorni fa
    • Sixers and nets sixers will win and then nba finals will be sixers and lakers sixers will win in game 7.

      Patty McGoatPatty McGoat6 giorni fa
    • @José Manuel Carrasco Páez sixers and lakers will go into game 7 and sixers will win.

      Patty McGoatPatty McGoat6 giorni fa
  • Metu was mad like he was actually gonna get minutes the next game💀💀 what a bum ass player💀

    TeO_ParadoxTeO_ParadoxGiorno fa
  • Wall be thinking he is harden doing the multiple hesitation

    chinedu keshichinedu keshiGiorno fa
  • McGee is still in the NBA? XD

    I Am K9I Am K92 giorni fa
  • Frank Kaminsky would wup Javel Mcgee's sorry soft ass lol

    Jamie thomasJamie thomas2 giorni fa
  • This league today is so soft. Might as well be the WNBA. Touch fouls, flops, give the ref a disappointed look on a call and get a technical. Guess it fits with today's pussified society. Hell, I even here that Dr Seuss books are being banned because they hurt some liberal wussys feelings lol

    Jamie thomasJamie thomas2 giorni fa
  • Serge Ibaka got voices in his head or something I swear he just fights to fight and he literally never wins lol

    Anime ImpactAnime Impact2 giorni fa
  • valunciunas definitely did that on purpose on both of those plays

    Brytan WilliamBrytan William2 giorni fa
  • We get that y’all are fans of golden hoops lol

    The Wavy oneThe Wavy one3 giorni fa
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    James BoddieJames Boddie3 giorni fa
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    jung leejung lee3 giorni fa
  • Urihoops > Golden Hoops

    Pedro Villanueva TernandePedro Villanueva Ternande3 giorni fa
  • NBA just seems weak these days.

    MalvanosMalvanos3 giorni fa
  • Still soft

    Kobe BryantKobe Bryant3 giorni fa
  • If anything these videos just show how soft and power-hungry some NBA refs are. Just stop being a bitch a let the players have some personality

    thejamar4thejamar44 giorni fa
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    Vu Thuc TrangVu Thuc Trang5 giorni fa
  • Yes bron is the best player in this era😭

    Chris GatewoodChris Gatewood5 giorni fa
  • All I see... Emotionally immature boys with egos much bigger than their d***ks. These announcer should stop judging the officials... Maybe they should suit up and get out there and put their money where their MOUTHS are.

    DeltaBravoOpr8rDeltaBravoOpr8r5 giorni fa
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    Rosalie MakarskiRosalie Makarski5 giorni fa
  • These technicals Are actaully messed up when the refs get their feelings hurt they blow the whistle

    Smart MovesSmart Moves6 giorni fa
  • Thumbnail hella sus

    Benjamin De JesusBenjamin De Jesus6 giorni fa
  • I miss those days when the referees weren’t soft.

    Tristan KohTristan Koh6 giorni fa
  • Herb Dean can ref better then the NBA refs 🤦🏻‍♂️

    pj solanopj solano7 giorni fa
  • Russell Westbrook my fav player lol he's always got that fire

    lovetownsendlovetownsend7 giorni fa
  • I see Steven Adams. I click.

    Robby UnderwoodRobby Underwood7 giorni fa
  • Lol these are heated moments. Proof that nba gets softer and softer thanks to the refs and snowflake players. Barely foul a player slightly harder and they cry or ref gives a stupid tech. Refs definitely making this a make or miss soft league

    zombric onezombric one7 giorni fa
  • NBA refs are soft asf

    JayJay7 giorni fa
  • League has gotten soft

    JayJay7 giorni fa
  • Bruh tell me why Young looks like one of them Imps from runescape lmao

    Exella SExella S8 giorni fa
  • the reporter just said steven adams was trying to draw a foul by hitting the playey with his butt

    Crystal Mestres-Bishop *Moller Realty Inc.Crystal Mestres-Bishop *Moller Realty Inc.8 giorni fa
  • The thumb nail I thought I was on the wrong tube

    Pufferswag 653Pufferswag 6539 giorni fa
  • Is it only me it noticed that most of the NBA refs are too sensitive nowadays?

    Aldrin BagadiongAldrin Bagadiong9 giorni fa
  • Nba is so soft nowadays

    Orca with a HoodieOrca with a Hoodie9 giorni fa
  • Refs are smoking crack these days

    That GuyThat Guy9 giorni fa
  • That Trae Young screen should of been a foul

    Jamari ThomasJamari Thomas9 giorni fa
  • That Humblebee in the first clip tho --'preciate that

    Erik HakopianErik Hakopian9 giorni fa
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    Fajikolpretujik AsrikolretujikerFajikolpretujik Asrikolretujiker10 giorni fa
  • lol bro russ is so soft lol

    MrCmonster13MrCmonster1310 giorni fa
  • NBA Refs are as soft as fuq the past 10 years. No backbone and hit people with T's for petty shit.

    Mike ParkerMike Parker10 giorni fa
  • Seems like refs will throw out a tech for anything anymore

    WhoDatBoy95WhoDatBoy9510 giorni fa
  • Anyone peep the mark on lavines neck from the Jackson clip?

    Brawler And A DreamBrawler And A Dream10 giorni fa
  • Refs are soft asf

    Joshua BrassardJoshua Brassard10 giorni fa
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    Anne GreenAnne Green10 giorni fa
  • The refs are getting soft asf smh

    Antonio JonesAntonio Jones10 giorni fa
  • The refs are just insane at this point.

    Grayson PhillipsGrayson Phillips10 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Lalchhanhima ChhakchhuakLalchhanhima Chhakchhuak10 giorni fa
  • Elfrid Payton defense was insane 😳

    umar kharalumar kharal10 giorni fa
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    Huge ScheerHuge Scheer11 giorni fa
  • I don't understand the reasons behind throwing Techs for words. Trash talk is common with any competitive sport when everyone's competing to be the best. Most of these guys grew up playing ball on the local court either outside or at the gym, all you HEAR is trash talk. I look at it if they don't touch each other while they trash talking then let it go

    Camille ChristyCamille Christy11 giorni fa
  • i am a fan of golden hoops no cap

    Rowen JohnsonRowen Johnson11 giorni fa
  • That thumbnail LMFAO

    FxieszFxiesz11 giorni fa
  • Refs are too soft....

    ata raxexata raxex11 giorni fa
  • Zach was ready to throw hands

    HEY JHEY J11 giorni fa
  • I’m sorry but if you hang on the rim and raise your legs up you deserved to get body slammed 😅

    MrNasher113MrNasher11311 giorni fa
  • The referees are the reason on why this league became soft!

    Adam The First ManAdam The First Man11 giorni fa
  • harden-drops ball on the ground ref-did you just call me a bitch take this tech.

    Jair FieldsJair Fields11 giorni fa
  • these refs are pathetic dont deserve to be refs

    Jair FieldsJair Fields11 giorni fa
  • most heated moments with referees. what happened to nba. so soft.

    Harizon GecosoHarizon Gecoso11 giorni fa
  • refs in nba nothing else but a joke...

    Simonas RushSimonas Rush11 giorni fa
  • Refs are absolutely dog shit this year

    Jordan VivarJordan Vivar11 giorni fa
  • Yo what's up wit traes hair ?

    Lyrik ThompsonLyrik Thompson11 giorni fa
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    Magic SkillzMagic Skillz12 giorni fa
  • Jonas should’ve been fined and ejected. He could’ve popped Metu’s hip out of place.

    shatteredxyouthshatteredxyouth12 giorni fa
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    Eric NashEric Nash12 giorni fa
  • If he gets 1 mil this year face reveal

    Lil IzzyLil Izzy12 giorni fa
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    Bly DavisBly Davis12 giorni fa
  • Interesting choice for a thumbnail

    Ricky El DiabloRicky El Diablo12 giorni fa
  • nab officials ruined nba its just so difficult to watch now especially with the retarted usa commercials

    Cash AthletesCash Athletes12 giorni fa
  • poor Jarrett Allen not having a good time in Cleveland

    Bigboudexter 2004Bigboudexter 200412 giorni fa
  • Bruh this league is becoming so sensitive that it’s starting to become hard to watch

    Dawson BrewerDawson Brewer13 giorni fa
  • Westbrook cant look straight to the eyes whenever he's trashtalking

    ELI JAHELI JAH13 giorni fa
  • Heated moments? All I see is players doing with basketball players do and the refs throwing out them weak ass technical fouls.

    Marlandon GordonMarlandon Gordon13 giorni fa
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    Kami ConradiKami Conradi13 giorni fa
  • when trae young gets mad you just know somethings wrong

    usizousizo13 giorni fa
  • That thumbnail G

    K. SoupK. Soup13 giorni fa
  • Back in my day we use to call that steal dude from the bulls made "COOKIES!" Gihm hea!

    Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson13 giorni fa
  • Valanciunas could have really hurt that dood, what a douche

    DrGreenThumbNZLDrGreenThumbNZL13 giorni fa
  • The Worst refs in basketball... You can find Them in the NBA. This showes us why the 90s 80s even the 70s were the best Basketball

    OwenOwen13 giorni fa
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    Hamilton ArraouHamilton Arraou13 giorni fa
  • Thumbnail gay af

    Quincy HeightQuincy Height13 giorni fa
  • They did Doncic dirty in the thumbnail 😭

    James HardenJames Harden13 giorni fa
  • Wall struggles to get open so they call a foul, exactly what we mean when we say you aren’t allowed to play defense. Russ gets t’d up for saying you too small. I want somebody to tell me how this league isn’t to soft?

    901_Inspired901_Inspired14 giorni fa
  • These thumbnails getting out of hand 😂😂

    Dub Prince304Dub Prince30414 giorni fa
  • Luka wholesome ash

    SlimZilaSlimZila14 giorni fa
  • Luka doncic hater confirmed

    MikaeloMikaelo14 giorni fa
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    Eastbay NoorEastbay Noor14 giorni fa
  • Can’t blame Jarrett Allen for getting mad at those guys, there not there yet mentally J.

    Chris The CommentatorChris The Commentator14 giorni fa
  • 7:20 I don't understand, what was the problem here?

    Jeremy LeMarJeremy LeMar14 giorni fa
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    Ludmila MaleevaLudmila Maleeva14 giorni fa
  • It’s time for a face reveal and commentary like this so he’ll see we want it!

    NotDatBoiiNotDatBoii14 giorni fa
  • Demarcus cousins got a technical foul after watching this

    hayden rioshayden rios14 giorni fa
  • The refs are so soft lmao

    Christian MartellChristian Martell14 giorni fa
  • How funny is it that Luka is the quickest to calm down Trae

    Neil JoyseyNeil Joysey14 giorni fa
  • Never seen Allen that angry

    GeT_ RiGhTGeT_ RiGhT14 giorni fa
  • The thumbnail looks sus😵😂

    GeT_ RiGhTGeT_ RiGhT14 giorni fa
  • He's Russell Eastbrook now, because he's in the Eastern Conference...

    Anthony StejanAnthony Stejan14 giorni fa
  • Im waiting for a Luka Doncic or Enes Kanter to knock one of these brothas out. Im black and I always side with my people, but please stop pretending white dudes can't fight before y'all get ya jaws liquidated.

    jordan Murphy-walkerjordan Murphy-walker14 giorni fa
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    Karin HagermannKarin Hagermann14 giorni fa