Kyrie Irving and James Harden "Handle Bros" MOMENTS

22 feb 2021
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  • Will Brooklyn win it this year?

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops11 giorni fa
    • yes even though ima warriors fan im admitting it but i hate to

      Adamlol05Adamlol0515 ore fa
    • Maybe

      gala katabaygala katabay2 giorni fa
    • Yes

      kingrobinho777kingrobinho7776 giorni fa
    • @Henry Ratner they can’t vs there both in west

      Blitzy luv uBlitzy luv u9 giorni fa
    • @EggHead Gaming it can go both ways

      Joshua WathenJoshua Wathen9 giorni fa
  • ISO gang

    Nagato UzumakiNagato Uzumaki9 ore fa
  • why am i surprised that i see kyrie dunking

    Anas AminAnas AminGiorno fa
  • The wise cub resultspreviously add because self beverly agree notwithstanding a lively jump. wicked, incandescent current

    kis012ger ;lut'nohkis012ger ;lut'noh2 giorni fa
  • Unguarded step back 3s by JH

    Ken CastillaKen Castilla4 giorni fa
  • My Nickname For Them Is Handle Bars!!!

    Broncos StampedeBroncos Stampede4 giorni fa
  • i followed he when he have 2 subscribe

    Rolig OroligRolig Orolig5 giorni fa
  • I'm a Nets you know I'm loving this folks.

    Harold GreenHarold Green6 giorni fa
  • It's like Kyrie is getting points for how hard can he make things look when he scores while harden is getting points for how easy can he make things look while he scores.

    Kartikey SharmaKartikey Sharma6 giorni fa
    • Yeah Kyrie makes his difficult shots look easy it’s crazy how skilled he is

  • What is this bgm?

    Do Young ChunDo Young Chun6 giorni fa
  • Slash bros 👌🏽

    Eduardo Jr. ZornosaEduardo Jr. Zornosa7 giorni fa
  • Harden, kyrie, Kd average combine 85.7 pts per game

    jose arieljose ariel7 giorni fa
  • noice vid

    abdirahman nasibabdirahman nasib8 giorni fa
  • Casual Fans: there's only one ball how they gonna play Kyrie and James: Watch this bitches

    Super DreSuper Dre9 giorni fa
  • I A M A F A N O F G O L D E N H O O P S

    WARNINGWARNING9 giorni fa

    Double M On Tha BeatDouble M On Tha Beat9 giorni fa
  • And just like that Kd is irrelevant

    Mason LockeMason Locke9 giorni fa
  • Kyrie is so dam skilled and it's crazy he's still young and hasn't reached his full potential as a player and no need to say anything about Harden we all know how he gets down just them two would go to the finals if that had of been kyrie on that Rockets team with James they would of won at least two chips and then there is the best player on the planet Kd who dont even have to rush back because Ky&James with the supporting cast putting a hurt on teams.

    Drippin SauceDrippin Sauce9 giorni fa
  • love kyrie man, I never got why the kyrie/lebron dou wasnt called the jelly and jam

    Logan JonesLogan Jones9 giorni fa
    • 😂😂😂

      WachoGamerWachoGamer4 giorni fa
  • If these 3 will stay together, the NBA is looking at another dynasty ala GSW. This time, its in the East.

    AnimeSimp qvqAnimeSimp qvq9 giorni fa
  • Harden x kai > harden x russ

    K.V TsangK.V Tsang9 giorni fa
  • Handle Bros Uppp

    Lance SamonteLance Samonte9 giorni fa
  • Kyrie,harden,kd vs curry,giannis,klay,green

    Sean DuyaSean Duya10 giorni fa
  • I know most people will disagree but Kyrie is better than curry 💯

    Danny MyszkowskiDanny Myszkowski10 giorni fa
    • I think comparing the two steals from both their shine, two legendary ballers and playing styles 🙌

      Nimrod MainaNimrod Maina9 giorni fa
  • This team is so much fun to watch

    kmkm10 giorni fa
  • Kd never gonna prove that he can win solely bc of his talents. Thought that's why he left golden state

    Andrew dAndrew d10 giorni fa
  • It’s going to be Brooklyn vs the warriors

    Anthony C. MunozAnthony C. Munoz10 giorni fa

      jusblowkjusblowk9 giorni fa
    • @jusblowk the nba finals

      Anthony C. MunozAnthony C. Munoz9 giorni fa
    • For wat ?

      jusblowkjusblowk9 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops

    Michael AdudonkorMichael Adudonkor10 giorni fa
  • We not going to talk about how shook PG was at 7:32 that he tripped a bit

    Chris SandyChris Sandy10 giorni fa
    • 😂😂

      Siiijah Go CrazySiiijah Go Crazy6 giorni fa
  • 4:17 kyrie irving dunking 😳

    V1C Sendo V1CV1C Sendo V1C10 giorni fa
  • What is this, walmart splash bros?

    ObiObi10 giorni fa
  • Splash bros vs handle bros

    Danica ManaloDanica Manalo10 giorni fa
  • Casuals really believed this wouldn’t work

    Kobe BryantKobe Bryant10 giorni fa
    • @I Isaiah lol you must be a lakers fan in denial. As long as they’re healthy, no one is beating the nets

      Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson3 giorni fa
    • It's only the regular season, still gotta wait till the playoffs.

      I IsaiahI Isaiah6 giorni fa
    • imagine if they add two defensive dogs it’s over

      HelloHello8 giorni fa
  • Kyrie be like: Biddi bang bot bo bop Slip 🏀

    FL3XIFYFL3XIFY10 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Darien HeathDarien Heath10 giorni fa
  • The move at 1:32 sheesh. Just decisive

    JonathanJonathan10 giorni fa
  • Splash bros: haha Handle Bros: excuse me?

    BemBem10 giorni fa
  • We are a fan of Golden Hoops

    rebcosrebcos10 giorni fa

    Sebist McSebist Mc10 giorni fa
  • Yessir they are goated I think nets can win championship if they keep this up maybe the challenging teams are clippers lakers, Milwaukee bucks, and other teams flight watching this I hate nets look at curry man lol but this vid is goated

    prasad lakshprasad laksh11 giorni fa
  • Handle bros I agree

    Flashy MertyFlashy Merty11 giorni fa
  • I m a fan of golden hoops

    Priyanuj GogoiPriyanuj Gogoi11 giorni fa
  • If you arent a fan of Golden Hoops, what are you doing with your life?

    James DJames D11 giorni fa
  • kala q dribble bros. hehe

    Miko FidelMiko Fidel11 giorni fa
  • Golden Hoops next NBA vid is"Brooklyn Nets Big 3"

    Michael Jacob V. PINEDAMichael Jacob V. PINEDA11 giorni fa
    • That was the first video he made after *James Harden's* trade

      Kiruthikesh JanakanKiruthikesh Janakan10 giorni fa
  • Gotta say it... yes I AM A FAN OF GOLDEN HOOPS

    Jace BoessenJace Boessen11 giorni fa
  • I'm a fan of golden hoops 🎉

    Adrian TrejoAdrian Trejo11 giorni fa
  • This might be the next ,dynasty KD Kyrie and Harden 🙄

    Ishaan LakheraIshaan Lakhera11 giorni fa
    • Already is

      oak centraloak central6 ore fa
  • Yeah but none compares to Splash Bros😏

    Franck Henri Philippe Kassa Dekassa DevumbyFranck Henri Philippe Kassa Dekassa Devumby11 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of Golden hoops

    Iziwin420Iziwin42011 giorni fa
  • Iso Gang!!

    HoopsRegionHoopsRegion11 giorni fa
  • It's not the handle bros. It's the dribble bros. And I am a fan of Golden Hoops

    Pranav RamPranav Ram11 giorni fa
  • That first move by Kyrie is sick!!!!

    Caleb AbbottCaleb Abbott11 giorni fa
  • I been sub since 0001 was youtube created that time?

    1bacon man1bacon man11 giorni fa
  • Crazy how he knows that "i am a fan of golden hoops"

    OuuzieOuuzie11 giorni fa
  • ISO gang in 4

    House Of HoopsHouse Of Hoops11 giorni fa
  • Remember back when ankles breakers were only when the defender fell?

    GruscGrusc11 giorni fa
  • Look at golden hoops sooooo inspiration man

    MariiMarii11 giorni fa
  • Kyrie Irving dunk mixtape👀??...

    I watch YTI watch YT11 giorni fa
  • @Golden Hoops we need the intro with the other people shouting you out

    Duke O'NeilDuke O'Neil11 giorni fa
  • im a fan of golden hoops

    Wafi MakaniWafi Makani11 giorni fa
  • who has better handles: kyrie or harden? the answer is kinda obvious but whats your opinion?

    TanTan11 giorni fa
    • It's Kyrie and I say Harden has the 3rd best handles (2nd is Steph)

      Not SusNot Sus10 giorni fa
    • kyrie 🤷‍♂️

      TanTan11 giorni fa
  • Kyrie and Harden are unstoppable

    Wafi MakaniWafi Makani11 giorni fa
    • Just have to hope they miss cause they gon get their shot lol

      A RA R7 giorni fa
  • The top 2 ball handlers on the same team, wild.

    RenigateRenigate11 giorni fa
  • two legends in one team

    YTYT11 giorni fa
    • 3*

      BrailanBrailan10 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops = goat 🐐

    Ade to VAR’s MotherAde to VAR’s Mother11 giorni fa
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  • From the "Splash Bros" to the "Handle Bros"

    Awesomeness NetworkAwesomeness Network11 giorni fa
  • splash bros or handle bros?

    hunna myershunna myers11 giorni fa
  • Nobody: Charles barkley: KD went from splash brothers to dribble brothers

    Wavy G 23Wavy G 2311 giorni fa
    • ISO gang

    • @GemHunter1345 big W... Handle triplet lol

      Mac-Gustave MULONDA KMac-Gustave MULONDA K8 giorni fa
    • Dribble Brothers With KD: Iso Triplets lol

      GemHunter1345GemHunter134510 giorni fa
  • "I am a fan of Golden Hoops" Me: You can say that again

    TJ JohnsonTJ Johnson11 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops thanks for the amazing content you always make my day.

    Juice WrldJuice Wrld11 giorni fa
    • @Golden Hoops My account is actually shuting down in 13 days so i went on this one.

      Juice WrldJuice Wrld11 giorni fa
    • Golden HoopsGolden Hoops11 giorni fa
  • Kyrie so tuff man like everything not basketball aside on the court he’s different

    Just _StevenJust _Steven11 giorni fa
  • What’s the best duo u ever saw in NBA history 🤔

    Jarail ScottJarail Scott11 giorni fa
    • kobe and shaq

      Amarreon WilliamsAmarreon Williams2 giorni fa
  • KD mad he not apart of them😂😂

    zulfat raghbatzulfat raghbat11 giorni fa
  • I baby

    Evan FitzhughEvan Fitzhugh11 giorni fa
    • I found your 26 second old comment

      Maximo MooreMaximo Moore11 giorni fa
  • James Harden Is A Huge Fan Of Golden Hoops (Or at least he should)

    Twitch Agroyy1xTwitch Agroyy1x11 giorni fa
  • I literally was just watching your last video and saw this new one

    Maximo MooreMaximo Moore11 giorni fa
    • Same

      Super Games_55Super Games_5511 giorni fa
  • ‘I am a fan of golden hoops’ should be the best quote of 2021! Ben Simmons or Tobias Harris? 🤨🤔

    Rose WoodRose Wood11 giorni fa
    • Ty sooooomuch for reacting to my comment golden hoops ur the best nba video poster everrrr

      Rose WoodRose Wood11 giorni fa
  • ‘I am a fan of golden hoops’ should be the best quote of 2021! Ben Simmons or Tobias Harris? 🤨🤔

    Rose WoodRose Wood11 giorni fa
  • ‘I am a fan of golden hoops’ should be the best quote of 2021! Ben Simmons or Tobias Harris? 🤨🤔

    Rose WoodRose Wood11 giorni fa
  • i was about to close youtube then the legend uploaded btw, i am a fan of golden hoops

    NOdyd for 1NOdyd for 111 giorni fa
  • “I am a fan of golden hoops” 😂 😂😂

    Cracked GamersCracked Gamers11 giorni fa
  • Make this the most disliked comment

    Evan GoatEvan Goat11 giorni fa
  • 2nd video of the day les go, Golden Hoops Goated

    Pranav RavulaPranav Ravula11 giorni fa
  • 2 views 2 likes

    IceTreyIceTrey11 giorni fa
  • Iso brothers

    Jarad999 Jah777Jarad999 Jah77711 giorni fa
  • Love the content, love the grind, keep it up!

    Maximo MooreMaximo Moore11 giorni fa
    • @Golden Hoops appreciate you replying

      Maximo MooreMaximo Moore11 giorni fa
    • Thank you bro!

      Golden HoopsGolden Hoops11 giorni fa
  • Golden hoops is like the best nba youtuber

    Diana CardenasDiana Cardenas11 giorni fa
  • Wassup Golden Hoops

    Lucie DLucie D11 giorni fa
    • What's good fam!

      Golden HoopsGolden Hoops11 giorni fa
  • They will be close but when lebron passed it to alex it was crazy lebron should have shot it

    Corey VanceCorey Vance11 giorni fa
  • First

    Byron HernandezByron Hernandez11 giorni fa
  • Handles bros or splash bros?

    Misael ChalasMisael Chalas11 giorni fa
    • Splash bros cuz of ball movement and defense (Steph is a slightly better defender than Kyrie and Klay is a thousand times better at defense than Harden)

      Not SusNot Sus10 giorni fa
    • @Aditya Sharma yh I would say the same I’m going with the splash bros

      Misael ChalasMisael Chalas11 giorni fa
    • Splash bros fit better. It is close. Pick your poison. I would say splash brothers cause they were a championship team as those two the focal point of the offense, but harden and kyrie are great individual scorers as well.

      Aditya SharmaAditya Sharma11 giorni fa
  • Finally James Harden is in a place where he can thrive and not waste his career.

    Jack JacksonJack Jackson11 giorni fa
    • @TonyDeion _Black facts bruh those years he spent in Houston were waste now they have a chance to reach the finals now

      peter nwanzepeter nwanze11 giorni fa
    • @Joe Jeffy no, threw all the harden years in Houston, he never had players like kd and kyrie to play with and that’s facts. A healthy Chris Paul maybe, but he couldn’t stay healthy to help them win the chip.

      TonyDeion _BlackTonyDeion _Black11 giorni fa
    • @Joe Jeffy yo they traded him not harden goes himself stop being iqless

      Young KingYoung King11 giorni fa
    • Houston gave him a great team and that huge contract. Stop tryna rewrite history you bum

      Joe JeffyJoe Jeffy11 giorni fa
  • early squaddddddd get golden hoops to 1 min everybody

    IamNotGoldfishIamNotGoldfish11 giorni fa
  • Early squad Where yall at?!

    NedorbNedorb11 giorni fa
  • Well that's it that's the new nickname I'm tired of these Splash bros imma call em puddle guys

    KaRsOnSZNKaRsOnSZN11 giorni fa
  • The handles are too much 🔥🔥🔥

    Daniel NapataDaniel Napata11 giorni fa
  • I guess golden hoops handle this video very well

    KeedoKeedo11 giorni fa