NBA - Top 3 Ball Handlers! Curry, Kyrie & Morant

4 apr 2021
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This video features: Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving and Ja Morant

  • What would you rather have: Kyries handles or Currys shooting ability?

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops16 giorni fa
    • Currys shooting handle is easier to build

      Builder DogBuilder Dog4 giorni fa
    • Curry’s shooting ability.

      Tone DeshTone Desh10 giorni fa
    • Currys shooting ability

      Classy Robins99Classy Robins9912 giorni fa
    • Curryyyyyyyy

      Ayla BristowAyla Bristow12 giorni fa
    • @Lxstful He shoots 25% from 3. Just because he chucks up some deep shots every once in a while doesn’t mean he has curry’s shooting or is good at shooting.🤦‍♂️

      Addition GamingAddition Gaming13 giorni fa
  • Where's my guy James Harden

    Michel DikotMichel Dikot3 giorni fa
  • Kyrie is hella low, and I mean helllaaa low

    Misha VoldigoadMisha Voldigoad6 giorni fa
  • Part 2 plssssas

    R-REEZ OfficialR-REEZ Official10 giorni fa
  • Kyrie just different no disrespect

    Slimeball MKSlimeball MK10 giorni fa
  • I love watching these guys play. So much fun.

    Tone DeshTone Desh10 giorni fa
  • Love these guys but Paul up with them to as well as harden

    Blake PlazolaBlake Plazola11 giorni fa
  • Where Trae young man 😭

    tsS_youngfortnitegodtsS_youngfortnitegod11 giorni fa
  • Kyrie could easily have a highlight reel on his own

    Jay BoroughJay Borough12 giorni fa
  • Where is harden? Hm

    Leo VirgieLeo Virgie13 giorni fa
  • Ja over Trae🤔??? Now if we talking about finishing at the rim those are top 3 fasho

    Jaylon BrownJaylon Brown13 giorni fa
  • Is you say that kyrie isn't the Most skilled player of all time with the best handles of all time, somethings wrong with you

    Black ObitoBlack Obito13 giorni fa
  • Trae Young says "what's up?"🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    DaRebelDaRebel14 giorni fa
  • This was a great video to smoke a blunt and watch 😂

    HovaHova14 giorni fa
  • You forgot James harden

    BIZZyDeDRILLEr _BIZZyDeDRILLEr _14 giorni fa
  • Kyrie fr is a glitch in real life sheeshh this man is to cold

    dilevio Whodilevio Who14 giorni fa
  • Steph curry is the king of behind the back dribble moves

    ANTHONYANTHONY14 giorni fa
    • Ikr

      naba 4naba 413 giorni fa
  • Why tf is ja herw

    Ben KatzBen Katz14 giorni fa
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    Chris BeckfordChris Beckford14 giorni fa
  • WHAT ABOUT HARDEN. I get Curry and Kyrie BUT Ja over Harden nah.

  • Cp3 is a bettwe ball handler the ja morant

    NaviNavi15 giorni fa
  • golden hoops hates james harden 🤣😂🤣

    Monsta FistMonsta Fist15 giorni fa
  • imagine having shots like curry , handles like kyrie and a body like lebronnnnnn 👑🔥🔥

    • @Justin Lapuz ohkk

    • @DIVA AGGARWAL morant

      Justin LapuzJustin Lapuz12 giorni fa
    • @Black Obito who?

    • In this case take out bron and add Jas hops

      Black ObitoBlack Obito13 giorni fa
  • When it comes to basketball, always be handle ready.

    BRICEBRICE15 giorni fa
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    chris ghostchris ghost15 giorni fa
  • Chris Paul top 3

    Oscar WilhiteOscar Wilhite15 giorni fa
  • Morant is not a top 3 ball handler you’re smoking

  • Why's Curry here man?

    Ace_256Ace_25615 giorni fa
    • Trae young is so much better than Curry c'mon

      Ace_256Ace_25615 giorni fa
  • ja morant only does layups bro he sucks

    FuriousFlackFuriousFlack15 giorni fa
    • @Lxstful clearly you're lying

      FuriousFlackFuriousFlack12 giorni fa
    • Clearly you haven't seen him play at all

      LxstfulLxstful13 giorni fa
  • harden?

    bigboichungus STaTikZbigboichungus STaTikZ15 giorni fa
  • I hope you put curry's entire team fake on the spurs

    Shuayb KhanShuayb Khan15 giorni fa
  • As much as I respect Morant nd Kyrie meiinn there's sth bout dat boy Steph bruh

    Kevin KaskadeKevin Kaskade15 giorni fa
  • Golden Hoops deserves more than this! Get him to 1 million subscribers!!!!

    Repulse YTRepulse YT15 giorni fa
  • Ja Morant is superfluous here. Give us Donovan Mitchell

    Greg ChessGreg Chess15 giorni fa
  • Where ... is kimba ?

    Obinna Njoku IIObinna Njoku II15 giorni fa
    • @Golden Hoops Kemba walker

      Obinna Njoku IIObinna Njoku II15 giorni fa
    • kimba?

      Golden HoopsGolden Hoops15 giorni fa
  • When did ja morant become a big time player, my boy just came last year. Yeah... he finna be the next Jorden

    Sir JamaSir Jama16 giorni fa
  • where is james harden?

    shlomi gavrashlomi gavra16 giorni fa
  • Trae is pretty good handler

    Chinguun GanboldChinguun Ganbold16 giorni fa
  • Kyrie the most elite and phenomenal ball handler in the NBA

    Yeshua Judah!Yeshua Judah!16 giorni fa
    • @Justin Lapuz yes lol

      Slimeball MKSlimeball MK10 giorni fa
    • No

      Justin LapuzJustin Lapuz12 giorni fa
  • i love music

  • Chris Paul and James harden got better handled then ja no hat but he to young to be in this convo

    Kyrie and paul Da goatsKyrie and paul Da goats16 giorni fa
    • Cap

      Laser PandaLaser Panda14 giorni fa
  • Ja took walker's spot lol

    Aditya ShakyaAditya Shakya16 giorni fa
  • High-key i would put harden over morant as a ball handler

    Say my nameSay my name16 giorni fa
  • I would put harden ahead of morant tbh

    T DrT Dr16 giorni fa
  • Kyrie is clearly the better dribbler

    Jaquori PlummerJaquori Plummer16 giorni fa
  • Why did they show a steph curry lowlight

    SaltedMommyToesSaltedMommyToes16 giorni fa
  • How about "the beard 🧔

    J0rj ValderramaJ0rj Valderrama16 giorni fa
  • I know Ja got some handles but no Harden 😞

    Bryceson AndersonBryceson Anderson16 giorni fa
  • 4:07 curry has handles but, air balls the three

    Tara NielsonTara Nielson16 giorni fa
    • i feel bad he's getting triple teamed

      IceeWaterZIceeWaterZ11 giorni fa
  • Ja ain’t a top 3 ball handler. Yet

    Hilly and TroyHilly and Troy16 giorni fa
  • Curry n ja over kemba???

    Haitian Sensation_Haitian Sensation_16 giorni fa
  • part 20

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro16 giorni fa
  • 13-15 18

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro16 giorni fa
  • Part 5 6 -10

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro16 giorni fa
  • D.Bendermovie

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro16 giorni fa
  • Part1 Clips Chips

    Adrian LazaroAdrian Lazaro16 giorni fa
  • Warriors are 1 in 7 without Steph this season and are 22 in 19 with him we warriors would be 6th if Steph kept playing but he got injured

    gszgsz16 giorni fa
  • I would say Harden has better handles than Morant

    R.I.P. Kobe Bean BryantR.I.P. Kobe Bean Bryant16 giorni fa
  • Lillard?

    Daniel DelgadoDaniel Delgado16 giorni fa
  • Golden Hoops is the best he posted 2 times on easter

    kristimptkristimpt16 giorni fa
  • What bout Chris Paul?

    Peder SolvangPeder Solvang16 giorni fa
  • Ja is very good at ball handling

    beastyboybeastyboy16 giorni fa
  • Top 3 backcourt defender please in next video👌🏾🙏🏾

    philou louss lifephilou louss life16 giorni fa
  • Oh yea curry

    DAVID WashingtonDAVID Washington16 giorni fa
  • Hey where's the Beard?

    DAVID WashingtonDAVID Washington16 giorni fa
  • The NBA has real Globetrotters.

    Bgood2life alwaysBgood2life always16 giorni fa
  • So now Morant is a top 3 ball handler.. No offence but, i don't think so. Yes he is vey athletic but not a top 3 in this list.

    nishant bishtnishant bisht16 giorni fa
  • imma break kyries ankles when i come to the league

    AbnORmalAbnORmal16 giorni fa
  • ??? Trae young

    Kenyan SimpoKenyan Simpo16 giorni fa
  • Ja morant

    el capo leuhel capo leuh16 giorni fa
  • Chris Paul wants to know your location.

    BrodieBrodie16 giorni fa
    • James harden to 🔫

      jusblowkjusblowk16 giorni fa
  • Make a video about 4 point plays

    Hello Im ZombieHello Im Zombie16 giorni fa
  • Harden: am I a joke to you?

    Bálint VidaBálint Vida16 giorni fa
  • id rather choose steph shooting and range ability

    Celine Joy MontefalcoCeline Joy Montefalco16 giorni fa
  • No James Harden?

    Desmond JacksonDesmond Jackson16 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of Golden hoops

    Michael Dirks SrMichael Dirks Sr16 giorni fa
  • This song is fire

    Boti BiróBoti Biró16 giorni fa
    • Thats the name

      ezekiel murphyezekiel murphy15 giorni fa
    • Im find it:APOLLO:Hyphy Til Infinity

      Boti BiróBoti Biró16 giorni fa
    • @ezekiel murphy no:(

      Boti BiróBoti Biró16 giorni fa
    • You know that name of the song?

      ezekiel murphyezekiel murphy16 giorni fa
  • Whats the name to the background music?

    ezekiel murphyezekiel murphy16 giorni fa
  • So we gonna forget about 🌮 fall wow bro

    {official}-yme_squad{official}-yme_squad16 giorni fa
    • Yeah he has the longest crossover in the world ain't noone defending that Boi when decides to cross somebody up

      Cloudys FCCloudys FC15 giorni fa
  • ja morant underrated floater game

    Filip BarleonFilip Barleon16 giorni fa
  • Morant is not belong in top 3😡😡😡

    SK KamagayanSK Kamagayan16 giorni fa
  • Fun fact: you are reading this comment. And watching Golden hoops.

    B- BanditB- Bandit16 giorni fa
  • No Kemba?

    Khalil fombyKhalil fomby16 giorni fa
  • Im not trynna sound like a hater because i dont hate ja morant but ja morant its not in top 3 best ball handlers in the nba right now all im saying is he is not on the top 3 best ball handlers if we were being serious

    OZUOZU16 giorni fa
  • Fake, the number one ball handler in the league is Dwight Howard

    idek anymoreidek anymore16 giorni fa
    • so true but he's gotta get better at finishing in the rim

      Cloudys FCCloudys FC15 giorni fa
  • I just watched curry play irl he is phenomenal

    vulturefpsvulturefps16 giorni fa
  • @darryl green its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article its used by the african american celebrities in hollywood because it actually changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

    y.m charlesworthy.m charlesworth16 giorni fa
  • Kyrie pulled off james hardens zero step-stepback better than him 3:11

    Brandon LoganBrandon Logan16 giorni fa
  • Ja is gud but better handles than harden heck nah😂

    Andrew BaxterAndrew Baxter16 giorni fa
  • Let’s get him 1 mil by June Shoutout to flight

    Drew GaworskiDrew Gaworski16 giorni fa
  • I agree with those three

    No OneNo One16 giorni fa
  • Why i thing morant is kiyota nobunanga in kainan slamdunk

    อุดมทรัพย์ พิพัฒนมงคลอุดมทรัพย์ พิพัฒนมงคล16 giorni fa
  • No csp i think westbrick is a top 3 or 5 ball handler in the leagye rn he got some crossovers since he dont got a jumper

    EsF .DEsF .D16 giorni fa
  • Fan of golden hoops I am

    NateNate16 giorni fa
  • You put Ja over Harden when it comes to handling the ball, ridiculous 😂

    Help MeHelp Me16 giorni fa
    • It’s his opinion not like he’s right or wrong

      Zannen 24Zannen 2416 giorni fa
    • Agreed, In my opinion even guys like jamal murray, bradley beal are better at ball handling

      Danilo GalinariDanilo Galinari16 giorni fa
    • Deal with it

      ObrempongObrempong16 giorni fa
  • When u realize Ja has no business in this video lmao... just a bunch of nice finishes

    cenvalleybasketballcenvalleybasketball16 giorni fa
    • not just amazing finishes but I agree Morant shouldn't have been anywhere near the top 3 somewhere in top 10 tho

      Cloudys FCCloudys FC15 giorni fa
  • I agree with this

    SmartNinjaSmartNinja16 giorni fa
  • 1. Your mom

    Joseph VernonJoseph Vernon16 giorni fa
  • Nice video

    shema Albertshema Albert16 giorni fa
  • harden is a better ball handler than morant and it really isn’t close lmao

    Dante KotsovolosDante Kotsovolos16 giorni fa