Steph Curry vs Damian Lillard - DEEPEST Threes!

26 ago 2020
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Here's part 1 of the deepest threes compilation from Curry and Lillard
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  • Your life depends on this long range shot - who's taking it for you: Curry or Lillard?

    Golden HoopsGolden Hoops6 mesi fa
    • Curry lmao

      naba 4naba 42 giorni fa
    • @Tee2yCD That’s the wrong answer 2019-2020 season dame made 41% of his shots from 4 feet behind the 3pt line steph couldn’t do that shit dame the clutch god no one shoots deep like him y’all just saying steph cuz it’s steph

      Rainbow_RichyRainbow_Richy4 giorni fa
    • Dame bc he’s more efficient from 35+ feet

      ItzTriMaxItzTriMax5 giorni fa
    • Marcus Garcia-Mackenzie dame has better percent from that with more attempts

      Matthew SanchezMatthew Sanchez5 giorni fa
    • SavagePhoenixx are you crazy dame has way more range

      Matthew SanchezMatthew Sanchez5 giorni fa
  • Steph is better.

    Jeffrey StuartJeffrey StuartGiorno fa
  • JJJ

    Ezra ZimmermanEzra ZimmermanGiorno fa
  • Not even debatable dame has deeper range and most of the clips are on clutch and in close games

    boutsaldo _boutsaldo _2 giorni fa
  • @4:18 that persons fitbit went crazy 🤣

    Pavilion HDPavilion HD4 giorni fa
  • Idc what nobody say steph has begun the deep three trend but dame has perfected it

    Alex StefanakisAlex Stefanakis10 giorni fa
    • Dame ain’t efficient enoughlmao

      naba 4naba 42 giorni fa
    • Tru bro, but I would still say lillard has to perfect it more because the shot still isnt efficient like steph. This seaosn steph has made 15/29 which is 51% for 30-40ft while lillard has made 19/59 which is 31%. So I think if lillard improved his efficiency, he would definitely be better and if steph improved his volume he would be better. As a career, I'd say there pretty even but right now I got steph just because lillard isnt very efficient.

      Rohith RajeshRohith Rajesh6 giorni fa
  • Just title this video: BANG! BAAAANG!!

    Rakim HindsRakim Hinds10 giorni fa
  • Dame is better from deep so many curry fam boys in these comments

    Dylan CoyleDylan Coyle16 giorni fa
    • He’s not lmao

      naba 4naba 42 giorni fa
    • Well hes not. At this moment steph is 15 of 29 from 30-40ft which is about 51% and lillar dis 19 of 59 which is like 29-32%. If you dont believe me, go on the nba website and check the split shooting for the individual players. You can make the statement that dame better but you need to back it up with facts and statistics. Like as a career steph shoots 47% and lillard only shoots 32% from that distance. So I'd go with steph and I'm not even a warriors fan, Imma celtics. So ye

      Rohith RajeshRohith Rajesh6 giorni fa
  • 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    Strange MossStrange Moss17 giorni fa
  • Curry hits threes. Lillard hits logo shots in tight games.

    Mark BayMark Bay18 giorni fa
    • @Mark Bay stfu

      naba 4naba 4Giorno fa
    • @naba 4 smd

      Mark BayMark BayGiorno fa
    • Stfu

      naba 4naba 42 giorni fa
  • Dames is more effortless from deeper range

    William JunWilliam Jun20 giorni fa
    • Nah

      naba 4naba 42 giorni fa
  • I tbnik the best thing about his , is that they are both great role models . They work hard, but they don't brag

    zacatecanjackzacatecanjack28 giorni fa
  • its cuz curry has the better 3point percentage 2 rings 1 mvp but i really do think lillard could shoot way more deep than curry and i really do like curry he is one of my fav players

    SG_SilenceSG_SilenceMese fa
  • Curry is better shooter than lillard, i respect lillard but steph is special he is the greatest shooter of all time and for me the second best point guard behind magic johnson. Steph is great with and without the ball.

    Mufly Nabhan AsdarMufly Nabhan AsdarMese fa
  • lillard = deeper range curry = shooter

    Rj RabyRj RabyMese fa
  • Imagine if these two was on the same team

    EmriEmriMese fa
  • curry won!

    Damariion HentonDamariion HentonMese fa
  • When these two went up against each other the other day lillard and curry curry scored most of the points ( around 62 ) but still a good game🥲

    Blaze Prod.Blaze Prod.Mese fa
  • “Dame’s better” meanwhile, Curry just cooked his ass and dropped 62 points. Y’all hypocrites if u still say that Dame’s better than his dad.

    Jake AvendañoJake AvendañoMese fa
  • Steph is a better shooter then dame there is no question about it

    Jeramyah ThomasJeramyah ThomasMese fa
  • Trae young gotta clip too

    Jeramyah ThomasJeramyah ThomasMese fa
  • Curry the greatest shooter in history dame is good too but he can't shoot the way Steph can

    Jeramyah ThomasJeramyah ThomasMese fa
  • The difference is that Lillards deep 3s are often wide open and Currys are often over 7 foot guys

    I am ZylerI am ZylerMese fa

    Puipuii VuitePuipuii VuiteMese fa
    • 😂

      naba 4naba 42 giorni fa
  • Aye after Curry dropped that 62 I don't want yall sayin Lillard better than Curry😂

    BrianBrianMese fa
  • Curry is one of the best shooters ever but dame is coming tho

    Garion RamseyGarion Ramsey2 mesi fa
    • One of the best? Bro he IS the best.

      BrianBrianMese fa
  • The reaction of the crowd are just so different

    DollBull GamingDollBull Gaming2 mesi fa
  • The reaction of the crowd are just so different

    DollBull GamingDollBull Gaming2 mesi fa
  • my boi Dolla put it ta chump! Against yalls all time talent too!!

    Ak503Ak5032 mesi fa
  • Don't ever compare lillard to Steph y'all forgot how the warriors destroys Portland everytime they meet on the court

    Rl FabreRl Fabre2 mesi fa
  • curry is better than lillard but lets be honest their both good 3 point shooters

    yungcarlinyungcarlin2 mesi fa
  • A make is a make but Steph's shots from this range are cleaner makes as in he has more splashes no rim from this distance than Dame does.

    Rama SivamaniRama Sivamani2 mesi fa
  • PG13: That's a bad shot Dwade: That's why it's a 9

    Rawr 123Rawr 1232 mesi fa
  • damian better than curry

    Brian MedinaBrian Medina2 mesi fa
    • And your higher than the planes and the clouds

      naba 4naba 42 giorni fa
  • Last shot, i'll probably give it to Dame, he shoots with better form from deep.

    Hofni AmwaalwaHofni Amwaalwa2 mesi fa
  • Curry is the better shooter but he can’t consistently shoot as deep as dame

    Ant MooAnt Moo3 mesi fa
  • Dame yall gotta go back to Dames rookie year he gave Kobe (Lakers) and Chris Paul (Clippers) fits.... Yes Curry was getting all the credit because they were winning at a high clip... But folks really started to pay attention to Dame when he started hitting parking lot game winners.... But Dame can shoot with Steph his shot is pure and smooth and NO disrespect to Steph.... Love Steph... But Dame can shoot it....

    Coach JacksonCoach Jackson3 mesi fa
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    The Light Of LifeThe Light Of Life3 mesi fa
  • Dame a better overall player

    Joe Is meJoe Is me3 mesi fa
  • can't wait to see these two duke it out again

    Late Night ThinkerLate Night Thinker3 mesi fa
  • 2:01 Curry like “he lucky I’m not in the game”

    I can do all thingsI can do all things3 mesi fa
  • The unanimous season highlights alone would’ve trumped all the Curry vs Lillard deep range debates lol

    I can do all thingsI can do all things3 mesi fa
  • dames better overall curry is a better shooter with a better team

    WestSide11WestSide113 mesi fa
  • Both amazing

    reihanreihan3 mesi fa
  • who is better like curry comment lillard

    Nehemiah HNehemiah H3 mesi fa
  • 2:49 The way Klay just stands there and watches is hilarious 🤣🤣

    [] DeeFlashGamer [][] DeeFlashGamer []3 mesi fa
  • Steph is the best, no doubt but Dame is starting to make his name! More respect to steph but more attention on Dame

    [] DeeFlashGamer [][] DeeFlashGamer []3 mesi fa
  • Curry has the volume and the quotes but Same has a little bit deeper threes

    SqazfnbrSqazfnbr3 mesi fa
  • Bro how does trae shoot like that I dont think that looks like any other shooter It looks like throws the ball Curry and dame shootsmthe the

    GenasydeGenasyde3 mesi fa
  • Curry has more range

    Lucas FortnerLucas Fortner3 mesi fa
    • I know they are the best three point shooters in the NBA

      Lucas FortnerLucas FortnerMese fa
    • Both can shoot

      MaestroMaestroMese fa
  • Sorry damn, looks like Curry lost his title

    Ty BuddTy Budd3 mesi fa
  • These two are my favorite sharp shooters! Curry's deep 3s are so effortless while Dame's 3s are just ridiculous. That's why they call him logo Lillard.

    Jesse was hereJesse was here3 mesi fa
  • I think that Damian Lillard is a better shooter but Stephen Curry is a better dribbler

    Tim NBATim NBA3 mesi fa
  • The biggest Difference between Curry and Lillard Deep 3's is that Curry is shooting in front of a defender while contested while Lillard shoots it uncontested

    G 0 A TG 0 A T3 mesi fa
    • and also Lillard is depending on his teammates to shoot deep 3's while Curry shoots it ISO

      G 0 A TG 0 A T3 mesi fa
  • curry is a trash

    Pro Gamer ClubPro Gamer Club3 mesi fa
  • Dead eye sniper~

    anonymousanonymous3 mesi fa
  • steph cant bet dame from the logo

    김한결김한결3 mesi fa
  • Bro there cracked

    Hezekiah OliverHezekiah Oliver3 mesi fa
  • Dame is good, but Curry is the greatest shooter of all time

    Vitor BrdVitor Brd4 mesi fa
  • Lillard

    The Noob SquadThe Noob Squad4 mesi fa
  • there has been no backboard shots dats some omg stuff

    Alfonzo KingAlfonzo King4 mesi fa
  • dame raining money 🤑

    nathan delvanathan delva4 mesi fa
  • Curry is not doing this in 2020 like dame c’mon man🤦🏽‍♂️

    qovzzz- !qovzzz- !4 mesi fa
  • Lillard 54 shots made from 30 to 40 feet this year Curry 61 in 11 seasons.

    Shad TurnerShad Turner4 mesi fa
  • Dame this season had 54 made shots from 30 to 40 feet Steph

    Shad TurnerShad Turner4 mesi fa
  • All I got to stay is who changed the NBA Stephen Currya

    Dashawn CunninghamDashawn Cunningham4 mesi fa
  • We all know Dame>furry

    Jennie KimJennie Kim4 mesi fa
    • 드뎌 한국인중에 제대로 아는 사람이 잇네ㅋ

      Candy CCandy C4 mesi fa
  • Dame a better shooter simple

    Tay KappalotTay Kappalot4 mesi fa
  • Liliard is very easy for steph...

    Jude carl TolefoJude carl Tolefo4 mesi fa
  • Dame is a better deep shooter curry better normal 3 shooter dame more clutch

    Ibrahim SajjadIbrahim Sajjad4 mesi fa
  • Too bad dame will never win anything

    Jack O’BrienJack O’Brien4 mesi fa
  • Curry *gets injured for one season* Everybody: daMe cAn shOoT juSt aS wELL Put some respect on curry's name 3 rings over 4 seasons 😤🤚🏾

    Jaaz OTJaaz OT4 mesi fa
    • Also two time mvp being unamimus as well and he lead the warriors to 73 and 9 and in 2015 he brought golden state there first champiship in 40 years I belive People who think dame is better are ass

      Stephen AbelesStephen Abeles3 mesi fa
  • Forget curry and dame...Simmons from deeeeep.

    Jaaz OTJaaz OT4 mesi fa
  • this is disrespectful trying to compare curry to lillard curry is like 37 years old and hasnt played for like 2 seasons

    JokerJoker4 mesi fa
  • Last two seasons, Dame has hit more shots from 30 to 40 feet than Curry has in his 10 seasons career. At a higher percentage too. If y’all actually appreciate Curry stop posting made up stats or stats to defend him, that’s irrespecutful.

    G O A TG O A T4 mesi fa
    • Damian did that the first 2 times, while curry did that for more than 10 seasons. And the season where Durant was still on the warriors he stole the spotlight so curry couldn’t do much. The next season curry was out for the whole season and you forget curry and what he has done with the three point line? Damian didn’t even get to the NBA finals yet and curry has been there for 5 straight times. So shush you Max Kellerman Jr.

      CringeKidd ProductionsCringeKidd ProductionsMese fa
  • Stop posting fake ass stats in the comments. These are actual stats from : Curry’s whole career’s : 61/167 (36%) from 30 to 40 feet Dame’s last two seasons: 69/172 (40%) from 30 to 40 feet

    G O A TG O A T4 mesi fa
  • Curry is more defended from that distance because coaches know ., look how the big usually steps up of the screen o defense.

    Jevon EvansJevon Evans4 mesi fa
  • When you Shoot 47% beyond the ark then we can debate who the better shorter

    Jacob LuongJacob Luong4 mesi fa
  • At the end of the day curry is the best pg on the league and the best 3 point shooter in history lillard is still learning from curry😎

    Tali.capalotTali.capalot4 mesi fa
  • Lmao I’m seeing a lot of comments saying Dame shoot better than Curry just because he didn’t play for 1 season y’all funny🤦🏽‍♀️😭😂😂 Lmao what’s dame record against curry postseason

    Icey . yecIIcey . yecI4 mesi fa
  • Dame shot more 30 footers last season then currys did in his career, Dame shoots the most 30 footers and has the highest percentage, look at the stats.

    JablonieJablonie4 mesi fa
  • Steph is barely jumping while he shoots beyond the 3 point line😂

    Den zzuuDen zzuu4 mesi fa
  • Not only is Steph clearly the best shooter, but if it wasn't for steph, no one would be taking threes like that

    Tyler WadeTyler Wade4 mesi fa
  • Ain’t no comparison... Steph all day!!

    Kisha LaShawnKisha LaShawn4 mesi fa
  • H

    ᴊᴜsᴛ_ᴀ_ᴡᴇᴇʙシᴊᴜsᴛ_ᴀ_ᴡᴇᴇʙシ4 mesi fa
  • Dame can do the same thing curry does there the only pgs that can shoot at a high percentage from such long distance. There 1A and 1B

    J HinesJ Hines4 mesi fa
  • count the rings

    lil javylil javy4 mesi fa
  • Steph Curyy: I'mma shoot deep 3's hope someone follows the trend Damian Lillard: R u proud of me Curry 👉👈☺ Trae Young: You'll soon Notice me Senpais 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Jodrey MarcosJodrey Marcos4 mesi fa
  • I agree with some of these comments dame is open but he is crossing half court with 1 dribble and shooting steph is tryna create space because he is a pass first guy that’s why he’s contested dame shoots when he’s most open or had to shoot doesn’t matter where he is on the floor and if he wanted he could shoot contested threes like steph, steph shoots nexus’s Nd has confidence and knows he can hit those shots it’s not that dame is using a whole bunch screens he’s just finding ways to get himself as open as he can

    Mr.faygo2xMr.faygo2x4 mesi fa
  • Ok no offense to anyone but most people only like curry because he started the deep shooting and in my opinion, dame is a better deep shooter. Curry is more consistent. Curry still takes deep shots, but dame takes more and deeper 3s. The percentage is lower because he takes more. And curry’s are contested because he’s closer to the rim. Dame pulls from half court and defenders don’t guard him because he can still play inside very well.

    Chrono ShadeChrono Shade4 mesi fa
  • Curry best three point shooters or back court duos with Klay Thompson. I will not question Curry long range shots. Mid-range and close range I go with Lillard. On-court leadership is different

    Alexie CierraAlexie Cierra4 mesi fa
  • Bruh why am I just watching what steph does every day

    LiterallyLiterally4 mesi fa
  • Are you trying to say that Lillard is better than curry cause if so then he's not and u didnt even put curry's deepest threes these were just normal threes from curry.

    Jaalen KingJaalen King4 mesi fa
  • Remember stephs gam winning against OKC....Lillard cant do that lol

    Dandith YansonDandith Yanson4 mesi fa
  • It not just about deep shooting like all the ten year olds want to watch, I dont think you realise that damian lillard gets to the first round to always get blown out in the first round and the only reason they make the playoffs is because its always the five best teams who get the five best seeds, which leaves all the shit teams battling for the bottom seeds like ants which nobody really cares about. But I'll give dame one thing, he has a slightly worse squad. But the team has a decent lineup almost every year and theres this thing called being a team player, like damian lillard has a tendency to take bad shots evry game that can cost them it through his over confidence. And it's not like I'm saying Damian lillards bad or anything hes just in teir 2 of NBA point guards or even 3, while steph is on the mount Rushmore of point guards and even players of all time. Hes the second greatest point guard and revelutionised the game for people like damian lillard. He started pulling from 30ft at an efficiency of 50% or more, while damian can bearly shoot 30% as a career. Stephs a unanimous MVP and has a 50/48/90, he has the biggest impact with the game since Jordan. You could say carrying a team is the reason dame could be more preferable. But damian lillard and steph have a very similar playstyle. So when people are like damian has fo come of so many screens and pullup and drop 50 on so many nights and has to dominate each game. You dont think stepg curry can step up to that challenge, I mean we are talking about a dude who is the greatest shooter we've ever seen with the purest stroke at the greatest volume and efficiency the league has seen. You dont think steph curry can come of a screen and pull from half court and jack up 50 shots to try and wield his team to victory. Keep that in mind. Like dame is averaging 30 points this season, good for him. One of his best seasons yet. But all that talent has been wasted on this season. It it weren't for the bubble, lillard wouldn't even be in the playoffs. So hes basically a better version of devon booker. So dont jump to conclusions when the 2 time mvp, the greatest shooter, the man who revolutionized the nba forever, 3 time nba champion, is gone for one season and you all forget how great he is.

    Rohith RajeshRohith Rajesh4 mesi fa
  • They are both amazing

    jsudnanajsudnana4 mesi fa
  • Look at curry man so inspirational

    Glenn IvoryGlenn Ivory4 mesi fa
  • Curry is a way better shooter and will always be a better shooter than dame. Periodt

    PierceyPlaysPierceyPlays4 mesi fa
  • Four point line

    javier halljavier hall4 mesi fa
  • Man, Curry paved the way for all these players

    samuel ashagriesamuel ashagrie4 mesi fa