NBA "Best Rookie Plays of 2021" MOMENTS

1 apr 2021
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This video features players like: James Wiseman, LeMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, Tyrese Haliburton, Immanuel Quickley and Obadiah Toppin

  • The Simmons clip made me smile.

    Andrea ManfrediAndrea Manfredi20 giorni fa
    • @Sethington L its funny bc the mitchell beef years ago

      Pedro PicapiedraPedro Picapiedra19 giorni fa
    • @Golden Hoops ayo

      ro bloxro blox19 giorni fa
    • @Golden Hoops nice square

      עדי קורציעדי קורצי19 giorni fa
    • Random MCW clip as well 😂

      sugams2ssugams2s19 giorni fa
    • @Project_Dior1 stop commenting just to get subscribers stfu

      EE20 giorni fa
  • we aint gone talk bout the carter williams play huh

    Daniel Liñán MolinaDaniel Liñán Molina8 giorni fa
  • So Ben Simmons is a rook now?😂😂

    Glass2kGlass2k8 giorni fa
  • whos gonna win rookie of the year? 👇

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    Pichael ThompsonPichael Thompson11 giorni fa
  • so we still counting ben simmons as a rookie. might as well put him in the mix for ROY

    Antonio ValdezAntonio Valdez13 giorni fa
  • Anthony Edwards dunk was out of bounds

    Ethan ChangEthan Chang13 giorni fa
  • Michael Carter Williams???

    N.O_DestoyerN.O_Destoyer14 giorni fa
  • you put a clip of Michael Carter Williams

    Jackson ScherferJackson Scherfer14 giorni fa
  • That Ben Simmons' clip 🤣🤣

    Renz JuangcoRenz Juangco15 giorni fa
  • Where is Deni avdija?🇮🇱🇮🇱

    היליי שתיהיליי שתי15 giorni fa
  • bruh how no one mentioning that cole anthony dunk... HOLY FUCK

    Tory LangleyTory Langley15 giorni fa
  • 1:58 aye, where my fellow hawks at?

    Jeremy BrowningJeremy Browning15 giorni fa
  • where is Deni Avdija??

    fadi_gamingfadi_gaming15 giorni fa
  • Simmons still a rookie

    Sean SpenceSean Spence15 giorni fa
  • 0:36 he hit the 2k landing

    Joshua PichonJoshua Pichon15 giorni fa
  • I don’t understand the Simmons clip tbh... 😭

    Chiken NuggyChiken Nuggy15 giorni fa
  • Ben Simmons 😂

    Juego Ivan Benedict LagundinoJuego Ivan Benedict Lagundino16 giorni fa
  • Imagine if there was a full crowd for the magic buzzer beater

    Orbit_ errOrbit_ err17 giorni fa
  • at first I didn't get the simmons clip... now i'm on the floor

    Tyler TuttTyler Tutt17 giorni fa
  • Michael carter-Williams is not a rookie BTW

  • Some of these basketball commentators are awful

    Theo RoachTheo Roach18 giorni fa
  • Ben simmons a mcw jajajajaja

    T H I A G O M A R L I AT H I A G O M A R L I A18 giorni fa
  • Christian wood is not a rookie

    Richie DayananRichie Dayanan18 giorni fa
  • Is ben simmins a rookie

    Richie DayananRichie Dayanan18 giorni fa
  • didn't know Ben Simmons was a rookie. lmaooo

    Ali AhmadAli Ahmad18 giorni fa
  • Patrick willams is the best rookie

    Ronnie RizzoRonnie Rizzo18 giorni fa
  • 1:46 Ben Simmons isn’t a rookie

  • men avdija is not there

    brooklyn boiiibrooklyn boiii19 giorni fa
  • day 17 of asking golden hoops to do best of jimmy butler cos he my fav

    Chef GChef G19 giorni fa
  • LOLLL He put michael carter williams and ben simmons in this love that

    Chef GChef G19 giorni fa
  • Michael Carter Williams is a rookie again?

    Stanky MankeyStanky Mankey19 giorni fa
  • did he really put simmons in it haha

    Corlandis69HDCorlandis69HD19 giorni fa
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    Sai KishoreSai Kishore19 giorni fa
  • So no one gonna talk about the random MIchael-Carter Williams clip in here😂?

    Arp HArp H19 giorni fa
  • Had to rewind to confirm it was ben simmons 🤣🤣

    Mbanefo ArahMbanefo Arah19 giorni fa
  • Where is deni avdija?

    Tarefu DesseTarefu Desse19 giorni fa
  • Tyresse don’t do him like that that step back btl was smooth

    FourSix MusicFourSix Music19 giorni fa
  • Bruh Ben Simmons had me lmao

    Carl MaxCarl Max19 giorni fa
  • It would b fun to c cade coningham

    ro bloxro blox19 giorni fa
  • Video Idea: best lockdown defense

    GreenGoblin05GreenGoblin0519 giorni fa
  • 0:40 This is so BRUTAL!!🔥🔥🔥

    D RoseD Rose19 giorni fa
  • The elegant nancy shortly push because cuticle historically damage athwart a tangy taurus. blue, safe plaster

    Ana PaulaAna Paula19 giorni fa
  • No Payton Pritchard?? Hes crossed a couple guys and even had a game winner

    J ZzJ Zz19 giorni fa
  • I love that Ben Simmons clip thank you for that 🤣

    Ghost CrawlerGhost Crawler19 giorni fa
  • Get this man to 1mil he deserves it

    DONUTZDONUTZ19 giorni fa
  • 1:54 Ben Simmons not a Rookie

    Juan Andrés Florez De La HozJuan Andrés Florez De La Hoz19 giorni fa
  • Why was there a Micheal Carter Williams highlight?

    GhostGamer12GhostGamer1219 giorni fa
  • Why was there a Ben Simmons clip lol he ain’t a rookie

    It’s_jdubb_1650It’s_jdubb_165019 giorni fa
  • Why the hell did you put in a MCW clip

    Ian JeonIan Jeon19 giorni fa
  • We need the nico lebron moment

    Ian JeonIan Jeon19 giorni fa
  • Your making my quarantine quarantine so much better

    Young AveYoung Ave19 giorni fa
  • Didnt know Michael Carter Williams was a rookie again

    EHThreeEHThree19 giorni fa
  • Everyones talking about that Ben Simmons clip but no ones gonna mention how this man put Michael Carter Williams in here too? Lmaoooo

    ESBU_JESBU_J19 giorni fa
    • Ya lmao

      N.O_DestoyerN.O_Destoyer14 giorni fa

    Franco GotiFranco Goti19 giorni fa
  • Simmons is a rookie are you good ??

    Chickn TheWooChickn TheWoo19 giorni fa
  • I swear dat lamelo and that announcer was a Matchup made in heaven .

    VORTEX -VORTEX -19 giorni fa
  • Got Simmons and Carter-Williams in there lmao

    W0OW0O19 giorni fa
  • Tyrese Haliburton is underrated

    Extreme Mario BrosExtreme Mario Bros19 giorni fa
  • I need a part 2! I was hoping to see my guy Deni Avdija in there but that’s fine.

    JVHazardJVHazard19 giorni fa
  • Bro the nuggets announcers are literally half asleep

    Adnan DahirAdnan Dahir19 giorni fa
  • 8:16 Notice the people on the left side. Isn't that a foul?

    KoKonutKoolKoKonutKool19 giorni fa
  • MCW lol bro what😂😂😂😂😂😂

    bhris trapicanbhris trapican19 giorni fa
  • ben simmons 😂😂😂😂😂

    bhris trapicanbhris trapican19 giorni fa
  • Ben simmons im dead 🤣

    Lil' NelisLil' Nelis19 giorni fa
  • He fooled us on April fools by putting a ben Simmons clip

    Saad AymaanSaad Aymaan19 giorni fa
  • Ben Simmons 🤣🤣

    Abdiaziz AdenAbdiaziz Aden19 giorni fa
  • Thank you for the Lamar Stevens love! He’s a dawg, man

    TheEmperorBaconTheEmperorBacon19 giorni fa
  • I’m guessing the Simmons one is a koke

    Jake GregoryJake Gregory19 giorni fa
  • Ben Simmons 😂

    RippFam 215RippFam 21519 giorni fa
  • isnt Capazzo like 43 is he the oldest rookie ever?

    vacefnrvacefnr19 giorni fa
  • Hello guy how do I get this clips and videos

    Princewill GeorgePrincewill George19 giorni fa
  • I am a fan of golden hoops

    Joshua JacksonJoshua Jackson19 giorni fa
  • That put back jam by Lamelo is so overrated. Like it’s a good play but it’s just a matter of him sprinting in trying harder when Sabonis was just casually jumping from standing. Anyone who can dunk could’ve done that.

    Brockolli RobBrockolli Rob19 giorni fa
  • why tf was simmons in this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jr CurryJr Curry19 giorni fa
  • I guess ben's a rook

    EZ-PEE-ZEZ-PEE-Z19 giorni fa
  • Wait but Michael Carter Williams isnt a rookie

    Alejandro MAlejandro M19 giorni fa
  • Not Ben Simmons 💀💀💀

    Lil UziLil Uzi19 giorni fa
  • Why did he put a Ben Simmons play, he’s not a rookie?

    Nicholson MillerNicholson Miller19 giorni fa
  • No Deni Clips 😕

    Brady CollinsBrady Collins20 giorni fa
  • Windmill dunk???

    Baby GoatBaby Goat20 giorni fa
  • You’re goated for throwing that Simmons clip in there

    idek anymoreidek anymore20 giorni fa
  • 7:59 "a windmill dunk"

    DLO Aryan ,DLO Aryan ,20 giorni fa
  • Everyone: talking about the Ben Simmons clip Me: why is there an MCW play?

    Isaac MorrisonIsaac Morrison20 giorni fa
    • That's what I was wondering also

      Alejandro MAlejandro M19 giorni fa
  • Besides simmons theres mcw😂

    lee kian seonhlee kian seonh20 giorni fa

    mustafa bulutmustafa bulut20 giorni fa
  • Look at Reese’s pieces bout to be and should be the ROTY with lemelo out of the way

    Dawson searsDawson sears20 giorni fa
  • 1:44 That was def a joke lmao🤣

    Elisha HowardElisha Howard20 giorni fa
    • @Elisha Howard he was just drafted 🥸

      Kyren Maguire4Kyren Maguire417 giorni fa
    • @Kyren Maguire4 How can you be a rookie for like, 4 years lmao.

      Elisha HowardElisha Howard17 giorni fa
    • Cole Anthony

      Kyren Maguire4Kyren Maguire418 giorni fa
    • ? How is that a joke? ? ?

      Kyren Maguire4Kyren Maguire418 giorni fa
  • Well michael carter williams isn't rookie

    King SimonKing Simon20 giorni fa
  • 1:45 he Fr put Ben Simons

    Kai DeleonKai Deleon20 giorni fa
  • Do a best bench reactions!!

    Kawzzy / Augusto KalaharyKawzzy / Augusto Kalahary20 giorni fa
  • That Simmons clip😂😂

    Oktay TunaOktay Tuna20 giorni fa
  • Where is deni avjia???????? The best roki???

    עידן מלכאןעידן מלכאן20 giorni fa
  • No maxey highlights?

    Nathanael GhezNathanael Ghez20 giorni fa
  • You're mad casual for putting only 3 Tyrese clips in there. Also way to put Wiseman's busty ass on the thumbnail.

    Gordon HoGordon Ho20 giorni fa
  • 5:08 that defender had me weak he just gave up

    Brian BaileyBrian Bailey20 giorni fa
  • LaMelo should win ROTY (imo) and AntMan has shown he has the talent and highlight play capability to be a star in the league. But Tyrese Halliburton has been ball’n fr fr. I think he has the potential to be big time 💪🏽

    Rayne OzierRayne Ozier20 giorni fa
    • edwards is too inconsistent and Hailburton is good but not roty good

      Kile CKile C19 giorni fa
  • Why did you put michael carter jr mans been in the nba for years

    Rishi kidambiRishi kidambi20 giorni fa
  • Ben Simmons ROTY

    T.S.PT.S.P20 giorni fa
  • Does campazzo count ?

    Stop PidStop Pid20 giorni fa